My July favourites!! 

Hello my little buttons!!

Here’s a count down of my favourite products from the month of July 2015. This month for me has all been about trying new things, as well as lightening up my makeup for the summer. I’ve been super busy with work and the kids so I’ve needed practical products that get the job done fast. 

The Pro Decadance Magic eyeshadow palette from Freedom Makeup London has been a staple in collection, I have done an in depth review on this on my blog recently so if you scroll down it should be there! To keep it short and sweet, fantastic quality all shades are pigmented blendable and just stunning I really can’t praise it enough. For £6 I was bowled over.

Blush highlight and contour palette from Makeup Revolution £3.50 I have owned for a while but rediscovered this month. Beautiful shades that are easy to work with, I would say use a light hand with the contour shade (I would use this more as a bronzer or for suble contour) as it’s highly pigmented. The highlight is pretty and also works very well as an eyeshadow, the shimmer is to die for! The blush is a dupe for the sleek blush rose gold, side by side there is very little difference. 

I might have found my Holy Grail liquid eyeliner, again a Freedom Makeup London product, the brush is perfection. It’s a rubber tip that is mainly firm to get your line straight but the end is flexible to get your wing on!! It’s really helped with my eyeliner application  and as you can do very fine lines with ease I can do for a lighter look without it going wrong and ending up super thick, you all know what I’m talking about!!!! 

I will have a review up soon on this product as I have bought a few other colours, this is the Bourjois Color Band eyeshadow and liner 2 in 1 pencil. I LOVE this pencil, the rose gold colour is so metallic and smooth to apply no matter how I wear it im always happy with the result. It’s sets really well and lasts most of the day even on my oily lids. Can’t wait to try more looks with the other colours they are quick and convenient, great for if your in a rush. 


Another Boujois product that I can’t believe I’ve not mentioned sooner in a favourites as it lives in my handbag and this is my second one!! Color Boost Lip crayon in Proudly Naked. Balmy, creamy this glides on the lips with just the right amount of colour. It’s sheer but packs a punch it’s my perfect pinky nude and the best thing is you don’t need a mirror to apply, it also goes with nearly every makeup look so it’s very diverse. 

I have an in depth review on this product too which I wrote recently. The swatch speaks for itself, if I could paint my whole body in this I would. Super affordable, the cream to powder formula feels good on the skin and works well over liquid and powder foundations. 

Last but defiantly not least is House of Glam Dolls lashes, here I’ve used the half strip. I’ve always struggled with applying lashes, mainly getting the glue tackiness correct. The glue that goes with these lashes is the bomb, it applies blue and is ready to be instantly applied. It also holds them in place all day with zero slippage. The lashes are made with natural hairs and are light and comfy to wear there is also a huge range of styles to suit everyone and anyone. At £5 a set these were my deal of the month! 

Freedome London Makeup Curl Mascara Review

Hello my little buttons!

Here’s a quick review on Freedom Makeup Londons ‘Curl Mascara’ £2. There is also a volume mascara and lengthen mascara in the range. The first thing I noticed was the gigantic size of the wand, I photographed it next to a lipstick so you could see how long this thing is! I have big eyes but even on my peepers it wasn’t the most comfy mascara to apply, I really had to watch what I was doing so not to ruin the rest of my makeup. I do have to say though true to its name it did curl my lashes, really lifting them up and holding them up for most of the day. It’s super black and the end result was soft fluttery lashes that did look fairly natural. This would defiantly be a ‘no makeup day mascara’ as it opens up the eyes and isn’t chunky or clumpy.  This was a good few coats and as you can see its layered up nicely. Think I’m going to get the other two mascaras and review them all side by side. Might even try them all together for crazy huge lashes! Overal like this mascara for natural days and light summer looks, great price for £2 and oddly enough it smells gorgeous, just annoying the wand is so huge. Please subscribe for me reviews like this! 

Disclaimer: I received this mascara while on a Freedom Makeup London makeup course, curtesy of Freedom Makeup London but that doesn’t remotely effect the honest review I have given I have not been sponsored or paid to promote this product. I would not sell my soul for makeup. 

Makeup Revolution Pro Hygiene Anti Bacterial Brush Cleaner Review 

Hello my little buttons!

For years I have used the Bare Minerals brush cleaner paying about £10 for 110ml, a friend recommended it and it seemed to be doing the job just fine. I then noticed one day on the Makeup Revolution website they sold brush cleaner, which was £5 for 200ml. I love Makeup Revolution so thought it was worth a try! I let my brushes get nice and dirty to really  test out this product. 

The first thing I noticed was the smell, it was lovely! Really sweet and pleasant I couldn’t smell the alcohol at all, nothing worse than a boozy smelling brush cleaner lol. The next thing I noticed was the spray, it was a fine wet mist which was great for covering all of the bristles. It also had a special top that made it possible to spray from all angles which was really handy. The first time I used it I could not believe how much product came off the brush , way more that would of come off with my bare minerals cleaner. As I went through all the brushes and more and more product came off it really got me thinking, how much was left on my brushes before finding this cleaner?! So gross the thought of rubbing half clean dirty brushes all over my face. I’ve had the bottle for about 2 months now and there’s still product left. Favourite brush cleaner ever, I just love it! 

Here’s the link to super drugs site of your interested in this product:

Essence ‘soo glow!’ Highlight review!

Hello my little buttons!

I bought this lovely little highlighter for £2.80 from the wilkos website, I’ll put a link in at the bottom of the review! Let’s start with the shade, I own number 10 ‘look on the bright side’ which is a beautiful gold shimmery light reflective colour. The formula is soft and creamy that once rubbed into the skin turns into a soft powder. It can be used with a brush or fingers it’s very easy to work with. You can either go lightly in for a real subtle shimmer or go to town layering it up. I love that there isn’t any glitter in this at all, but it is super shimmery so if you prefers matte highlighters this might not be for u!!  

Here’s a photo of the highlight in natural light over a bb cream. Ignore my weird eye lol! But had to use this pic as it shows off the highlight perfectly! I think this highlight is a bargin, for £2.80 you get 4g of product which is a nice big pan. I’ve been using it for weeks now and I’ve still hardly made a dent, whenever I wear this every time I catch a glimps in the mirror I do think ‘Ooo look at that highlight!!!’ It’s also a really pretty inner corner and brow bone highlight so it’s multi purpose, which is great for travel when you have limited space. 

To me this product is a big win! What are your favourite highlighters I’d love to hear below! 

If your interested to buy this product online heres a link to the Wilko website: