Spa To You – Deep Pore Cleansing Facial Brush 

Hello my little buttons! 

I received this facial cleansing brush in a Glossy Box a few months ago and have been thoroughly testing it out to give you wonderful people a full review!  I adore skin care, it’s something I really enjoy using and reviewing. I know my skin pretty well and any little gadgets that can help me along the way I am always more than happy to play with. This brush is priced £6.99 and claims to have silky soft bristles and silicone cushions to gentle cleanse and massage the skin to improve microcirculation. 

On first impressions the brush looked like it was going to be a winner, clean design, nice handle and the bristles felt lovely and soft on my hand and face. On first use I applied my nivia face wash in the shower, leaving it on I then started rubbing the brush on my cheek in small circular motions. But instead of feeling a gentle yet effective scrub I felt a Brillo pad scratch across my face. Holy hell this was actually painful! I still used the brush over my whole face to see if the pain subdued, I’m sure your not surprised to hear it didn’t. As soon as this brush got wet it took on another life form, brought to us to inflict agongy and sore red skin. Like the overly positive sole I am I decided to keep trying this brush in hope it might soften up. I tried it with more face washes than I care to list but the result was the same every time, it was far too harsh on my skin and although I do enjoy a brutal exfoliation from time to time this was way too much and not worth the pain. 

Over all very disappointing! I also found that, apart from the searing agony, the bristles were a tad too long making it difficult to get into the areas around my nose as well as keeping up a good circular momentum. I’d love to hear in the comments below what you think of this brush?! 

Lots of love 

Becca xxx 

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