MeMeMe Enchanted Eyes Dual Ended Wand Review


Hello my little buttons! 

I received this chunky eyeshadow/eyeliner pencil in a glossy box recently. Love that it’s duel ended and the metallic blues are just gorgeous as you can see. I love colourful make up but if I’m in a rush it can be fairly time consuming so this seemed like a great solution for quick blue eyes. 

I primed my eyes like normal, I used the darker shade under my waterline and the lighter blue on the lids using my finger to blend it out slightly. First impression love it, super quick and easy to apply blends nicely, perfect colours. 

Within 20 minutes this happened….


Seriously, within 20 minutes!!!!  Creased, faided just absolutely awful!! As I had the school run to do I popped on my sun glasses to hide the horror and went on my way. At least with my eyes open it looked fairly ok. 

Within another hour even the blue underneath was smearing everywhere, it was like food dye trying to cover every inch of my face. It was getting in my eyes and overall if im totally honest… Looked like crap. I literally had to remove it all, it couldn’t be saved and by this point my eyes were stinging. More joy of joys it STAINED MY EYES. I was in the middle of tesco toilets with baby wipes scrubbing like a crazy person. The blue tinge would not budge, I looked like I had been punched in the face. Not a great look while doing the weekly food shop. Thankfully when I got home, with makeup remover I managed to get most of it but there was defiantly a light tinge still left. 

I will never use this product again, so disappointing as I really thought it would be a staple in my collection. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this product, please subscribe for more reviews like this! 

Essence Kajal Eyeliner Review

Hello my little buttons! 

So far everything I have tried from Essence I’ve liked, so I had high hopes for this liner. At only £1 it would of been so affordable I could of bought one for every handbag!  Swatching it on my hand is was super dark and really creamy, but not so soft it squished everywhere. On first application I was really happy with the pigmentation and how easily it clung to the waterline.

As you can see, super dark and neat. I felt like I was on to a winner. I really wish I would of taken a photo 2 hours after, something in this liner really made my eyes water. So after my eyes chilled out a had a quick clean up and carried on with my day. Until I caught a glimpse in the mirror, it had all merged into my tear ducts! So much so it gave the illusion my eyes were really close together!!!! It had also smudged under my eyes i looked like a panda. Sadly none had lasted on my lower or upper water line at all. So disappointed! I recently looked online at where I bought my Essence cosmetics before and they now do a long lasting gel eyeliner which I am keen to try! So sorry boys and girls this really didn’t work for me but I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below! Have a great weekend! Xxx 

My Top Ten Makeup Essentials I Can’t Live Without! 

Hello my little buttons!

I love reading about other peoples holy grail products they can’t live without so I thought I would share mine! This required a lot of thought and consideration. There’re so many products I just love, narrowing it down to 10 was hard. In the end I chose items that if I lost or ran out of if be straight down the high street buying them again! As well as makeup products I added several tools that I feel are just as important as the makeup itself.

Here are my top 10! Granted it might not look super exciting but each item brings me so much joy and really does the job. The last item is not photographed but will be revealed at the end. 

1. So simple yet so essential, a spoolie. My brows are fairly sparse from over plucking In my youth but the hairs are so unruly I literally can not do my brows without one! I think this one came in a brush set from eBay but they are very easily available. 


2. Elf eyelash curler. Quite self explanatory, it curls your lashes. My lashes are straight and stick right out, without one of these bad boys to help they just look flat and odd. It also really opens up the eyes making you look more awake and ready for the day. 

3. Real techniques powder brush. This is my favourite powder brush ever! I literally use it every day. It picks up the perfect amount of product, you can either lightly dust your face or build it up. It helps distribute the product to avoid cake face! 

4. Makeup Revolution Ultra Brow. Since buying this I’ve not use any other brow palette which I find amazing lol. There are 4 powders, 2 waxes, a cream highlight and a powder highlight. As well as mini tweezers that actually work, a brow pencil and two little brushes. I love the colour selection I can go light or dark or mix up my own to suit what ever look im going for that day. 

5 & 6. Rimmel scandal eyes eyeliner pencil in black and nude. I couldn’t choose just one. The black is super dark, soft and creamy and lasts so well on the waterline. No matter which eyeliners I try I always come back to this because nothing compares! It’s the same with the nude it lasts better than anything else ive tried and really brightens up the eyes. Really want to try the other colours in the range they look fab. 

7. Bourjois color boost in proudly naked. This lives in my handbag, it’s the perfect nudie pink which suits nearly any look. It’s a chunky balmy pencil that is easy to apply on the go and feels so comfy on the lips. 

8. The Body Shop honey bronzer in light matte. I never thought I could find a bronzer that wasn’t too dark or orange. Until I found this! It blends beautifully on the skin I love dusting it all over or concentrating it on the cheeks as a gentle contour. I also have to mention the packaging, it’s stunning!! Love the honey comb effect as well as the pattern on the powder itself, such a nice touch. 


9. Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hr nude foundation with spf 20 medium coverage. Available in 8 shades. I’ve found myself reaching for this more and more. I love how it makes my skin look and how light weight it feels on. I tend to use my fingers or a buffing brush to apply, it’s nice and easy to build up, you can defiantly get full coverage with two light layers of the foundation and after using concealer and setting it with powder. You can matte this foundation or glow it up with highlight and bronze. When ever I wear it I always have people telling me how good my skin looks, I just love it! 


10. Ok this was a total cheat, but I couldn’t pick just one eyeshadow palette. I’m a total eyeshadow junkie I love every single one and use every single one. So I decided my number 10 is eyeshadow palettes in general! I love having colours already put together for me, only having to grab one item to do a whole look and playing with different colours I otherwise wouldn’t of bought on their own. I think they’re the best invention ever and I don’t think I’ll ever have enough!                        I’d love to hear some of your top products please do comment below and subscribe if you’ve enjoyed this article and would like to read others like it. 

A Whole Face of Makeup for £13? Makeup Gallery at Poundland

Hello my little buttons!

Over the past few weeks I have been on a hunt at my local poundlands to test out their new ‘Makeup Gallery’ range. This blog will be a quick over view of the products I’ve tried and what I think of them! 


Here is everything I managed to find, this line already seems popular as for the life of me couldn’t find any black eyeliner or brow pencils! This was bought over several trips as every shop I went in the shelves were half empty. Let’s start with the packaging, for £1 an item it’s clearly not bad. It look sleek and simple. I think the cheapest feeling packaging is definatly the lipstick. 


There wasn’t a primer so I used my Elf Mineral  Primer as nothing lasts on me without some sort of base. The Flawless Long Lasting foundation was surprisingly a good colour match and is available in 8 shades. I have combo skin and found it did cling slightly to my dry patches so this wouldn’t be suitable for dry skin. It’s super light coverage, I ended up using my fingers to apply it. It evened out my skin tone and did apply smoothly. Wouldn’t say it’s long lasting, after 5 hours it had definitly moved about. Not the worst foundation I’ve ever used but think you need quite good skin to use this as there’s not much coverage. Next the concealer, think I’ll be passing this on. It didn’t cover my blemishes just make them crispy and dry (gross!!) it did slightly cover my bags but not enough for my liking, it did work as a nice highlight though! Lastly the powder, worked nicely to set my make up, I did need to touch up throughout the day but for £1 that’s usually expected. 


Really like this cute little blush! Pretty colour selection, I chose quite a neutral pinky colour. What I liked about this is it goes on quite sheer and you can really build up the colour for your desisted effect. This would be a great blush for a makeup beginner as I think it would be very hard to over do it. It lasted about 4/5 hours before I needed a touch up. 

Colour story eyeshadows available in 20 shimmery/matte shades I gotta say there was a beautiful neutral colour selection lots of good crease colours and shimmery lid colours. I chose a matte cream, a matte taupe brown and a purpley moave shimmer with fine glitter. The same as the blush they are blendable but you need to build them up to get the full colour kick. The shimmery shadow on the other hand was pigmented and applied very nicely to the lids. The only disappointing thing was the glitter managed to get into my eyes which irritated them for ages!!!!! I would highly recommend using a primer as after 4/5 hours my eyeshadow had drastically faded. 

This mascara was awesome!!! I’ve already mentioned it in my affordable mascara review it adds volume, length, you can really build it up and it holds the curl. So surprised and impressed! As I said before I couldn’t find black so I bought navy blue, wasn’t that wowed by the liner it didn’t last on my water line at all and wasn’t as pigmented as I would of hoped. The liquid liner though was fab, liked the brush and the formula was dark opaque and very easy to work with.

Last but not least lip products, there was a great colour selection from nudes to reds to pinks. The lipgloss has a nice sheer colour to it that looks great on its own as well as over lipstick. It’s rather thick and sticky so if you like more balmy products this might not be for you. The lipstick is lovely, creamy pigmented but not opaque and it didn’t cling to the dry bits on my lips. Lasted an hour or so which I didn’t mind as left a very slight stain so there was still colour there. 

Here is the overall look I achieved with these products. I use the brown eyeshadow for my brows as well as eyes. As you can see the concealer really didn’t cover my spots but did reduce the redness around them. I think this range would be great for someone just starting out in makeup as everything was fairly sheer but buildable. As its so inexpensive it would be perfect to get playing with colours and getting used to how to use product and what suits you. I highly recommend the mascara, blush and lipstick. These items would be great to have in your bag on a night out as if they got lost (it happens to us all!!) they’re easily replaceable. I hope you enjoyed this overview, comment below I’d love to hear your thought on this range and if you have any other products in mind you like reviewing!