Jaclyn Hill and Becca Cosmetics discontinue unreleased eyeshadow palette?!


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In the latest YouTube gossip, Jaclyn Hill (makeup artist, YouTuber) and Becca Cosmetics recently created the Champagne Collection, a highlight and blush palette as well as an eyeshadow palette. Jaclyn allegedly spent a long time creating the face palette and it seems to have been well received, most people love it and it continues to get good reviews.


The eyeshadow on the other hand was a different story, it was a last minute creation that Jaclyn only actually created one shade out of five. As it was a rushed product Becca decided to have it produced somewhere else. Instead of it being made in the USA it was made in China which was clearly cheaper and more importantly they could make it a lot faster.


From reviews it seems the quality of the shadows were really varied, some people were reporting beautiful creamy eyeshadows where as others shadows were dry, stiff and patchy. In response to the bad reviews Jaclyn Hill made a Snapchat informing everyone the palette was going to be discontinued before it was even released as neither herself or Becca cosmetics were happy with the quality of the Shadows.

Everyone seems to have an opinion on this, me personally I think it was incredibly brave of them to pull the palette. It shows true loyalty to their customers and viewers that they were willing to own up to what happened and explain the situation. If you think about it, it must have been incredibly embarrassing for them to admit they messed up but I think in the long run it’s for the best. Although I don’t own any Becca cosmetics palettes or anything at all from the brand to be honest I have heard amazing things. Their eyeshadow formula is known for being second to none so in the long run this could have really damaged Becca cosmetics and Jaclyn Hill reputation. More so than them comming clean and being honest about the balls up.

They must have also lost quite a bit of money by pulling the eyeshadow palette but if it were to be released with the current inconsistencies in formula, the consequences could have been disastrous for both parties.

I know what your thinking, why did they chose to use a cheaper factory to make the product in the first place? It all seems to come down to the fact that it was rushed through and they took a gamble trying somewhere new to manufactor their product. We all make mistakes in life and I’m pretty sure this won’t be happening again anytime soon. The face palette on the other hand is still available to buy and looks gorgeous!

I’d love to hear in the comments below what you think this whole situation!

Becca xxx

*no hate please this is all meant to be light hearted!

Makeup Revolution ‘Fortune Favours the Brave’ eyeshadow palette by British Beauty Blogger!!


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Well well well hasn’t there been some huge online hype around this palette!!?? I have to say I’m not suprised, it was created by British Beauty Blogger for Makeup Revolution and as you can see it’s beautiful. There were lots of sneek peek preview photos of this palette from Makeup Revolutions birthday party  all over instagram which in my opinion really hyped this product up!! As I own way too many eyeshadow palettes I’m more selective with which ones I buy these days but after seeing the palette for myself at the party I knew it had to be mine.


The packaging is really unique for Makeup Revolution, it’s matte gold with a shiny gold design, it feels and looks more luxury that most of the other palettes within their range. The palette is equipped with a hefty 30 eyeshadows as well as a big mirror and an eyeshadow brush. Not the best brush but by far not the worst, the flat side is perfect for packing colour onto the lids. I used it slightly damp for the swatches and as you can see it really gave the colours even bolder pigmentation.


I think the colour selection is fantastic, there is a bit of everything!! Light to dark neutrals, pinks, mauves, blues, greens, metalics.. it has it all. You can create so many different looks with this palette it’s a great all rounder. There’s a fab selection of mattes and some really pretty shimmers, although the stunning baked marbleised finished eyeshadows in the palette are what really caught my eye, I think it’s what also makes this palette so appealing and different.


To swatch most of the shadows were pigmented and smooth, there were a few stiffer colours that require more work to build up the pigmentation which was slightly disappointing but for less that £10 for 30 eyeshadows you can’t complain. Some of the colours that were more difficult to swatch with my finger applied much better with an eyeshadow brush and we’re lovely and blendable. Because of the fantastic colour selection it’s super easy to create a whole eye look without reaching for any other eyeshadow products. It drives me crazy when I buy a beautiful palette and to complete a look having to reach for other shadows to get either a matte or shimmery cream or even a crease colour. This palette has it all! You definatly need a good primer for these shadows to last but thats something I would use every day anyway. Overall a lovely little palette, again slight shame some colours require more work but this is the case with most affordable palettes. Using them slightly damp really helped with this issue. I will add some photos of the different looks I have achieved with this palette down below. Do you own this palette? What do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts the comments below!

Becca xxx



For this look I played around with the greens on the palette for a smudgy  olive toned smokey eye. To add some lilac I used Makeup revolution eyeliner in ‘depraved’ on the waterline.



For this look I used the peachy colour with a shimmery white inner corner highlight and to line my eyes I used some of the gorgeous navy shades. To finish the look off I used Makeup revolutions blue eyeliner in the shade ‘baddest blue’.


For the top look I used a damp brush and packed on a metallic pink (very similar to a colour in the urban decay naked 3 palette) with a bronzed gold on the outter corner, a light brown in the crease and a matte cream on my brow bone. I also used a Makeup Revolution lipliner in the shade ‘the one’ in my waterline. To add to this makeup for more of a night time smoked out look, I used the darkest marbleised eyeshadow which is black with metallic red running through it and pressed that into the gold shadow. I also added a shimmery white on my brow bone.

Freedom Makeup London and House Of Glam Dolls eyeshadow palette in ‘Vintage Doll’


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Freedom Makeup recently did a collabe with House of Glam Dolls to create four ‘all in one’ palettes. For those of you who don’t know, House of Glam Dolls is a makeup training academy in London. When Freedom first launched I was invited to a makeup course there using all the new Freedom products. It was run by David Horn it was absolutely fantastic I would highly recommend their courses,  there is a blog about it further down the page! (my blog is getting a revamp soon to make articles easier to find!!)


The palettes are £8 each and avalible in four different colour choices. I chose Vintage Doll as I’m quite pale and thought the blushes would suit my skin tone. On reflection I wish I would of gone for Fairy Doll as I love bright coloured makeup but I did think I would get more day to day use of Vintage Doll.

Each palette contains 4 brow powders, 3 highlight shades, 4 lipglosses, 2 blush and 10 eyeshadows. I don’t normally buy all-in-one palettes as they remind me of kiddie makeup and I just don’t seem to reach for them but as I love the vast majority of Freedom Makeup I really wanted to give them a go, and for £8 it was a bargin.


I really like the brow powders, there is a shade for nearly everyone. They apply smoothly and have great pigmentation. Another bonus is although I would only use one, maybe two shades on my brows these double up as eyeshadows. I liked using the lighter shades in the crease and the darker shades to add demention and smoke things out!


Here are the swatches of the blushes, I feel these steal the show in this palette. They actually remind me of Sleek blushes, which is a big claim to make! They are so creamy and pigmented you only need the tiniest dab on your brush, they blend out beautifully and last really well throughout the day. They leave a slight stain which helps with the staying powder.


One of the issues with having lipglosses next to shadows in a palette like this is that is you know within minutes you will get powder, dust and random bits stuck to the products. I think the only way it works is if there is a separate flap covering the lipglosses. The colours themselves show up lighter than they appear in the pan which is a shame, but it was expected. They’re nice for a light wash of colour and last for maybe an hour or so. I like that you can mix the colours to customise your own shade but I don’t think they are needed in the palette and could of been left out.


The eyeshadow and highlight layout in the palette did confuse me slightly so I’m lumping them into the same category as both products are multi functional. It’s funny because when I saw the palette online I thought ooo pretty, but when it was in front of me it took me a while to think of what do with it! As you’ll see further down the page I managed to create quite a few different eye looks with this palette but it was rather confusing that I didn’t feel inspired straight away. I wasn’t sure how much I was going to like it. There’s a good selction of shimmers and mattes, most shades are pigmented and looked really pretty to me after I swatched them but a couple were quite stiff so required more time and effort. I have found this tends to be in case in most drug store palettes so it wasn’t a deal breaker for me. Infact I’ve even found it in a few high end palettes too!!!

Although this is not my favourite palette in the whole world, it is a decent product. I think it would be great for someone starting out in makeup as it has 5 products for only £8! You can really experiment and practice with different colours and looks while not worrying your money’s being washed down the sink as it’s so reasonably priced. Another thing I think this product would be fabulous for is travel, it’s a small sized palette so even if you bought all 4 you could slip them in your suitcase or carry on and have endless looks at your finger tips. I do think I would take this on holiday it just seems so convenient taking one product, apose to 5. I’ve enjoyed creating different looks and seeing how much I can get out of this palette.

Becca xxx







My July favourites!! 

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Here’s a count down of my favourite products from the month of July 2015. This month for me has all been about trying new things, as well as lightening up my makeup for the summer. I’ve been super busy with work and the kids so I’ve needed practical products that get the job done fast. 

The Pro Decadance Magic eyeshadow palette from Freedom Makeup London has been a staple in collection, I have done an in depth review on this on my blog recently so if you scroll down it should be there! To keep it short and sweet, fantastic quality all shades are pigmented blendable and just stunning I really can’t praise it enough. For £6 I was bowled over.

Blush highlight and contour palette from Makeup Revolution £3.50 I have owned for a while but rediscovered this month. Beautiful shades that are easy to work with, I would say use a light hand with the contour shade (I would use this more as a bronzer or for suble contour) as it’s highly pigmented. The highlight is pretty and also works very well as an eyeshadow, the shimmer is to die for! The blush is a dupe for the sleek blush rose gold, side by side there is very little difference. 

I might have found my Holy Grail liquid eyeliner, again a Freedom Makeup London product, the brush is perfection. It’s a rubber tip that is mainly firm to get your line straight but the end is flexible to get your wing on!! It’s really helped with my eyeliner application  and as you can do very fine lines with ease I can do for a lighter look without it going wrong and ending up super thick, you all know what I’m talking about!!!! 

I will have a review up soon on this product as I have bought a few other colours, this is the Bourjois Color Band eyeshadow and liner 2 in 1 pencil. I LOVE this pencil, the rose gold colour is so metallic and smooth to apply no matter how I wear it im always happy with the result. It’s sets really well and lasts most of the day even on my oily lids. Can’t wait to try more looks with the other colours they are quick and convenient, great for if your in a rush. 


Another Boujois product that I can’t believe I’ve not mentioned sooner in a favourites as it lives in my handbag and this is my second one!! Color Boost Lip crayon in Proudly Naked. Balmy, creamy this glides on the lips with just the right amount of colour. It’s sheer but packs a punch it’s my perfect pinky nude and the best thing is you don’t need a mirror to apply, it also goes with nearly every makeup look so it’s very diverse. 

I have an in depth review on this product too which I wrote recently. The swatch speaks for itself, if I could paint my whole body in this I would. Super affordable, the cream to powder formula feels good on the skin and works well over liquid and powder foundations. 

Last but defiantly not least is House of Glam Dolls lashes, here I’ve used the half strip. I’ve always struggled with applying lashes, mainly getting the glue tackiness correct. The glue that goes with these lashes is the bomb, it applies blue and is ready to be instantly applied. It also holds them in place all day with zero slippage. The lashes are made with natural hairs and are light and comfy to wear there is also a huge range of styles to suit everyone and anyone. At £5 a set these were my deal of the month! 

Avon Eyeshadow Primer Review

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Here’s my quick review on Avons Eyeshadow Primer in the shade Light Beige which I bought for £7 from my local Avon representative. I’m always on the hunt for affordable eyeshadow primers that really work. What I look for in a primer is a product that keeps my shadow put and holds that creasing at bay. Nothing drives me crazier than creasing eyeshadow it makes me look greasy, smudgy and overall a hot mess. So to me primer is essential in my daily makeup routine. 

As you can see the primer is a light creamy consistency, I like that there is a touch of colour to the product which helps even out the skin tone on my lids. It’s easy to apply and blends in beautifully, it dries slightly tacky which really helps my eyeshadows stick. I’ve tested this out with many different quality of shadows from elizabeth Arden and urban decay to makeup revolution and MUA, and each time the results have been the same. My eyeshadow has lasted with minimal fading, zero creasing and overall im really happy with the product it does what it says on the tin. 

The packaging I like, its a cute little glass pot with a black plastic lid, it’s sleek and has a nice weight to it making it feel fairly luxurious. My only moan, is the amount of product you actually get. As you can see when I remove the lid and hold it to the side there is very little product in relation to the size of the glass pot. A little does go a long way, I’ve been using it for several weeks and there’s still loads left but I do find it irritating as it seems like such a waste of space in my makeup bag. Apart from that this product gets a big thumbs up from me!

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My heatwave makeup! 

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Here in the uk, where I live we are experiencing a heatwave. As this is not my usual climate, (as anyone who’s been to the uk knows!) I am sweating, burning and just struggling in general!!! So the thought of putting on makeup was not pleasant to say the least, but I didn’t want to look like a tiered mess as I had plans today. So I decided to really strip it back and just use the bare minimum, here were the Heros from today’s face. 


SPF is super important to me, and the product I used combined light coverage as well as protecting my skin from the sun. Loreal Skin Perfection bb cream. Comfy to wear, once it’s soaked in feels like there’s nothing on and with an SPF of 25 that me sorted! 


To set the BBcream and to mattify I used The Body Shop 3 in 1 powder foundation which alone provides medium coverage. I used a big fluffy powder brush and lightly dusted it all over, then using a smaller brush went over any problem areas like under my eyes and a few little spots. I wasn’t trying to fully cover anything I just wanted to tone it all down and even it out. 


I decided to go with my Bourjois Color Band eyeshadow & liner pencil. I wanted something quick and easy that I could take with me and top up if needed. I own the shade 04 Rose Fauviste which is a gorgeous metallic pinky rose gold colour. It sets really well and I get a good 5/6 hours out of this before it needs topping up, even in this hot weather. There’s still a pretty sheen to the lids and minimal creasing. 


WATERPROOF ALL THE WAY!!! Is normally my mantra, I love it’s staying power as I tend to wipe my eyes thought the day and can get panda eyes if I’m not careful with other mascaras. I have been using Gosh Length ‘n’ build which doesn’t say it’s waterproof on the packaging but I’ve found it lasts the same as my waterproof mascaras. I’ve had it on all day and it still in its place looking pretty. 


I wanted something fairly neutral, that I could apply through the day without a mirror and felt balmy and comfy to wear. I went for my Bourjois Colour Boost lip crayon in 07 Proudly Naked, its one of my favourite lip products for being so pretty, silky smooth to apply and easy to wear it also contains SPF 15. What more could I want?! 

Here is the finished look. Don’t you just love ‘no makeup makeup?’ So pretty and flattering on anyone, letting your natural skin do all the talking with just a touch colour to the lips and lids. I didn’t go for blush as I’m really rosy anyway. The only products I didn’t mention was my Rimmel eyebrow pencil in hazel and The Body Shop Honey Bronzer in shade 01 which I very lightly dusted all over. 

I hope you enjoyed today’s blog! What have you been wearing in the heat wave? Comment below and subscribe! 

Mini Naked 3 Dupe! With Swatches! 


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Here is my side by side swatch review of Urban Decays Naked 3 and Freedom Makeup Londons Pro Shade & Brighten Stunning Rose Kit mini eyeshadow palette. My Naked 3 is one of my favourite palettes, I love rosy makeup and what ever combo I choose in this palette I’m always happy with the end result. I was hoping they would do a basics palette but so far it’s not been mentioned. Now I have found this Freedom palette I’m not even sure if I would buy it! As soon as I laid eyes on the Rose kit i recognised the first half of the naked 3 instantly, when I put them side by side I was wowed at how similar they were. Or should I say identical! I feel the only thing that’s missing from the Freedom palette is a darker shade like factory or darkside but for day time looks its perect. When I swatched them side by side I was even more impressed.

 As you can see this is a swatch of the first shades in both palettes, freedoms is slightly more yellow and although both are pigmented urban decays did apply slighter better. This is one of my favourite base colours from urban decay Iv nearly hit pan on it I use it that often. 
 Second shade in both palettes, urban decays really is more of a glitter dust whereas freedoms is more metallic and there’s more colour behind the glitter. You can’t really tell in the photo but in real life I think that’s the only slight difference, although once they are blended out on the eyes they do create the same effect.  Freedoms is more creamy but there is more fall out because of this. 

 Third shade in the palettes, these are the closest match in colour, freedoms is maybe a hair darker but it’s not noticeable at all. Fab dupe!! 


Forth shade in the palettes, there is quite a difference here. Freedoms is darker, more pigmented and leans more towards a brown. Whereas urban decays is more of a smoky purple and is defiantly lighter on the skin.

I love these shades! Fifth colour in the palette, both seriously pigmented although the freedoms is slightly darker. Once on the lids there is no difference. Both shades have fall out but it’s so worth it! 

 Here is the last dupe shades in the palettes, and it really is Freedoms triumph! Look at the pigmentation!!!!! It’s super metallic, there is quite a lot of movement fallout in the pan when I put my finger/brush in where it’s so soft but I really don’t care because that colour is perfection. I’ve always found this shade in the urban decay palette to be quite stiff to work with and freedoms really is the total opposite. 
 Here’s a close up so you can stare a bit longer!  

I would also like to touch on prices and packaging, the naked 3 is £38 and you get 12 shades. The packaging can’t be beat, a pretty sturdy pink tin that snaps shut really securely and a large mirror. There’s also a great selection of darks and lights, mattes and shimmers. It’s really well rounded there is so much you can do with it, the quality of the shadows are also beautiful. Pigmented and long lasting, there is slight fall out but that really doesn’t bother me I just do my eyes before my face, problem solved lol. 

The Rose Kit is £2.50 and you get 6 eyeshadows and a highlight shade. It’s a cute mini sized palette great for touch ups throught the day in you handbag, I like that the lid is clear so if you have a selection of them you can tell which is which. It’s a shame there’s not a small mirror as I would need to carry one separately, but for £2.50 I really can’t moan. The shadows are jammed with pigmentation and with a good primer last really well. As I said earlier it’s a shame there’s not a dark colour but as the fourth shade comes out darker than it looks in the pan it helps even out the final look. 

So overal both palettes are a win for me, I like that I can use my naked 3 at home in the morning and take the Rose kit on the go in my bag for touch ups. They work so well together!  I hope you enjoyed this comparison to see more like it please subscribe! xxx 

Disclaimer: The Rose Kit by Freedom was sent to me but that doesn’t remotely effect the honest review I have given I have not been sponsored or paid to promote this product. The Naked 3 I purchased with my own money. 


Freedom Makeup London-Pro 32 Innocent Collection Eyeshadow Palette Review (only £8!!!) 


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First impression of this palette was wow, it’s the perfect neutral palette. There’s a selection of warm and cool tones, mattes and shimmers. I love that there’s lots of matte creams pinks and peaches, as well as endless crease colours. To me this covers the basics; browns, purples, silvers, bronzes and charcoal greys blacks.

The packing is sleek and sturdy with a nice big mirror. I was happy to seeing it’s not huge either, it’s roughly 4inches by 7inches so easy to store and perfect for travel. The powders themself are pigmented, even the light mattes are lovely ,which sometimes in large palettes can be a bit of a let down. They blend beautifully and you can really build the colour up for a really dark smokey eye. For a change I decided not to finger swatch these and jump straight in to using them with my brushes and create a few looks instead. There was very little fall out and they were a pleasure to use.                                          

I know the big question floating around is are they the same as Makeup Revolution palettes? Both brands are made by the same people and the packaging is identical. I love makeup revolution and have always raved about their eyeshadow palettes, but I have to say I do think this palette is of a better quality in comparison to the Makeup Revolution large palettes. They are easier to blend, creamier, less powdery and the pigmentation is spot on. 

Here are a few looks I created using nothing but this palette:


For this look I used the silvers and dark greys, it gave my eyes dimension and really brought out the blue in my eyes. 


Here I used the more bronzey shades which is one of my favourite go to looks, next time I think I’ll use the lighter bronze shade with a damp brush to really intensify the colour and make it pop. 


I noticed some of the pinky shades are very similar to my naked 3 urban decay palette so I decided to do a natural pinky look which is one I also wear often and the end result is incredibly similar. (Blog on naked 3 dupes coming soon)

And last but not least is a really simple eye using creams and Browns I normally pair this with red stained lips and flawless skin (well I try) for a 50s look. It’s quick and easy but so effective, here is the overall look and yes i used the chrome filter!!! 

So there are my thoughts on the pro 32 innocent collection palette. I’m looking forward to reviewing more of http://www.freedommakeuplondon.com products as so far I’ve loved every single one! Please comment below if you like this palette or if there is anything you would like me to review! 

Disclaimer: This was sent to me to review but that doesn’t remotely effect the honest review I have given I have not been sponsored or paid to promote this product. 

A Whole Face of Makeup for £13? Makeup Gallery at Poundland

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Over the past few weeks I have been on a hunt at my local poundlands to test out their new ‘Makeup Gallery’ range. This blog will be a quick over view of the products I’ve tried and what I think of them! 


Here is everything I managed to find, this line already seems popular as for the life of me couldn’t find any black eyeliner or brow pencils! This was bought over several trips as every shop I went in the shelves were half empty. Let’s start with the packaging, for £1 an item it’s clearly not bad. It look sleek and simple. I think the cheapest feeling packaging is definatly the lipstick. 


There wasn’t a primer so I used my Elf Mineral  Primer as nothing lasts on me without some sort of base. The Flawless Long Lasting foundation was surprisingly a good colour match and is available in 8 shades. I have combo skin and found it did cling slightly to my dry patches so this wouldn’t be suitable for dry skin. It’s super light coverage, I ended up using my fingers to apply it. It evened out my skin tone and did apply smoothly. Wouldn’t say it’s long lasting, after 5 hours it had definitly moved about. Not the worst foundation I’ve ever used but think you need quite good skin to use this as there’s not much coverage. Next the concealer, think I’ll be passing this on. It didn’t cover my blemishes just make them crispy and dry (gross!!) it did slightly cover my bags but not enough for my liking, it did work as a nice highlight though! Lastly the powder, worked nicely to set my make up, I did need to touch up throughout the day but for £1 that’s usually expected. 


Really like this cute little blush! Pretty colour selection, I chose quite a neutral pinky colour. What I liked about this is it goes on quite sheer and you can really build up the colour for your desisted effect. This would be a great blush for a makeup beginner as I think it would be very hard to over do it. It lasted about 4/5 hours before I needed a touch up. 

Colour story eyeshadows available in 20 shimmery/matte shades I gotta say there was a beautiful neutral colour selection lots of good crease colours and shimmery lid colours. I chose a matte cream, a matte taupe brown and a purpley moave shimmer with fine glitter. The same as the blush they are blendable but you need to build them up to get the full colour kick. The shimmery shadow on the other hand was pigmented and applied very nicely to the lids. The only disappointing thing was the glitter managed to get into my eyes which irritated them for ages!!!!! I would highly recommend using a primer as after 4/5 hours my eyeshadow had drastically faded. 

This mascara was awesome!!! I’ve already mentioned it in my affordable mascara review it adds volume, length, you can really build it up and it holds the curl. So surprised and impressed! As I said before I couldn’t find black so I bought navy blue, wasn’t that wowed by the liner it didn’t last on my water line at all and wasn’t as pigmented as I would of hoped. The liquid liner though was fab, liked the brush and the formula was dark opaque and very easy to work with.

Last but not least lip products, there was a great colour selection from nudes to reds to pinks. The lipgloss has a nice sheer colour to it that looks great on its own as well as over lipstick. It’s rather thick and sticky so if you like more balmy products this might not be for you. The lipstick is lovely, creamy pigmented but not opaque and it didn’t cling to the dry bits on my lips. Lasted an hour or so which I didn’t mind as left a very slight stain so there was still colour there. 

Here is the overall look I achieved with these products. I use the brown eyeshadow for my brows as well as eyes. As you can see the concealer really didn’t cover my spots but did reduce the redness around them. I think this range would be great for someone just starting out in makeup as everything was fairly sheer but buildable. As its so inexpensive it would be perfect to get playing with colours and getting used to how to use product and what suits you. I highly recommend the mascara, blush and lipstick. These items would be great to have in your bag on a night out as if they got lost (it happens to us all!!) they’re easily replaceable. I hope you enjoyed this overview, comment below I’d love to hear your thought on this range and if you have any other products in mind you like reviewing! 

Makeup Revolution Mermaids Vs Unicorns Eyeshadow Palette 


Here is the Makeup Revolution, Mermaids vs Unicorns eyeshadow palette which costs £4…yes you read right, £4!!! I love colourful makeup, the greens pink purples and blues really gets my heart racing! This palette has been well thought out, you can use a combination of nearly anything in this palette and it’ll look stunning. The shadows are bright, pigmented and blend well, amazing quality for the price. What nice as well is you can go in light for a gentle wash of colour or pack it on with your finger or a damp brush for a vibrant more full on look. There’s metalics and shimmers, there are a couple of matte shades with a fine glitter running through them that actually shows up on the skin. I like the fact the lid of the palette is clear so while I’m rumaging in my draws its easy to find, it would of been nice if it was maybe half clear half mirror but that’s not the end of the world. I also think it’s a shame there isn’t a cream or a brown to neutralise some of the colours on application but then again I love every shade in this palette i wouldn’t want to sacrifice any of them! I adore this palette so if you love colour or feel like being brave, give it a try! Here are some looks I achieved with this palette xxx