June monthly favourites Time!

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Here are my June monthly favourites, I love reading about other peoples so thought I’d share mine. Summer is here once again so my makeup has been rotated towards lighter comfy looks that work on those hot sweaty days. These are the products this month I could not have been without, here’s a little run down of what I love about them. 

Starting with my face, this is Loreal Skin Perfection BB blemish balm cream. I’ve been reaching for this more and more, it’s light coverage, blends in nice and quick, it’s my perfect colour and lasts most of the day. It’s moisturising and most importantly has an SPF of 25. I notice my skin texture really improves the more I use this product and it really helps with break outs. 

Freedoms Makeup London Concealer palette. This is a new favourite I have reached for literally every day. I love that you can mix your own colours, it helps cancel out the blue under my eyes and hides spots like a dream. To apply this I have been using….

My Real Technieques Pointed Foundation Brush. As you can see it’s rather dirty!!!! This small brush is perfect for getting right up under my eyes and really blending the concealer in. It doesn’t hold much product so it’s great for fuller coverage as well as a lighter application. 


Freedom Makeup London Fixing Spray. This has been a life saver, I’ve tried a few affordable fixing sprays and so far nothing’s worked. Until now! If I have decided to go more ‘full faced’ with my makeup I have noticed a significant difference in how well it’s lasted as well as it feeling cooling and refreshing to use. 

Here’s how the 3 look all together! 

These 3 lip products have lived in my bag all month. The first on the left is Essence Lipstick in Natural Beauty, I’m also wearing it on the photo above. Perfect pinky nude easy to wear with nearly any look. The same goes for the next colour which is Freedom Makeup London lipstick in Whispers, a slightly darker pink but still in the same rosy family. Both last a good few hours, can be applied without a mirror and feel creamy and moisturising to wear. The last is Mua Cosmetics Sweet Sheen Lipbalm in French Violet. This is a really pigmented lipbalm, as well as feeling nourishing it delivers a lovely pop of colour. I like using this if I’m out and about without makeup wearing my sunnies just to bring some colour to my face. 

Last but not least, Rimmel Scandal Eyes in Nude. I use this a lot, and even more in the summer. It brightens the eyes and really opens them up helping them appear larger and more awake.  

I hope you’ve enjoyed this months favourites I’d love to hear yours in the comments below! 

Real technieques Expert Face Brush Review 


Hello my little buttons!

Here’s a quick review on the Real Technieques Expert Face Brush. This is an ultra firm domed oval head shaped brush. The bristles are synthetic taklon which are hand cut and cruelty free, which is always a nice bonus. I’ll start by saying this brush is a total win for me, I love how my foundations looks after using this. Even the foundations I own that I just can’t get the coverage using my fingers or other brushes, this brush really adds to the coverage as it doesn’t hold much product and applies evenly over the face. I use a ‘dab and down’ motion when applying foundation which also adds to the overall flawless look at the end. It’s soft and easy to clean. It’s only £9.99 which compared to a lot of highend brushes is very affordable. Ive not had any bristles falling out either which is a big annoyance of mine. I feel totally in control of how much product im using and if I want to build up more in certain areas than others it blends seamlessly. Highly recommend this brush! If you’d like to see more reviews like this please subscribe! 


MeMeMe Enchanted Eyes Dual Ended Wand Review


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I received this chunky eyeshadow/eyeliner pencil in a glossy box recently. Love that it’s duel ended and the metallic blues are just gorgeous as you can see. I love colourful make up but if I’m in a rush it can be fairly time consuming so this seemed like a great solution for quick blue eyes. 

I primed my eyes like normal, I used the darker shade under my waterline and the lighter blue on the lids using my finger to blend it out slightly. First impression love it, super quick and easy to apply blends nicely, perfect colours. 

Within 20 minutes this happened….


Seriously, within 20 minutes!!!!  Creased, faided just absolutely awful!! As I had the school run to do I popped on my sun glasses to hide the horror and went on my way. At least with my eyes open it looked fairly ok. 

Within another hour even the blue underneath was smearing everywhere, it was like food dye trying to cover every inch of my face. It was getting in my eyes and overall if im totally honest… Looked like crap. I literally had to remove it all, it couldn’t be saved and by this point my eyes were stinging. More joy of joys it STAINED MY EYES. I was in the middle of tesco toilets with baby wipes scrubbing like a crazy person. The blue tinge would not budge, I looked like I had been punched in the face. Not a great look while doing the weekly food shop. Thankfully when I got home, with makeup remover I managed to get most of it but there was defiantly a light tinge still left. 

I will never use this product again, so disappointing as I really thought it would be a staple in my collection. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this product, please subscribe for more reviews like this! 

What I love about being a Gelish Nail Technician + lots of pics! 


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As you can tell by the title I’m a Gelish nail technician, my nail business is called Button Nails and I work from home in my colourful crazy kitchen. I am qualified in other nail services but now exclusively offer Gelish. I never thought I’d be a nail tech due to the fact I used to bite my nails. Shock horror I know. It had never been on list of ‘jobs I want to do’ so when I decided to train in nails every one was more than a bit surprised.   After the birth of my second child I decided it was time to stop biting my nails, it was embarrassing and I hated people looking at my hands, even handing money over in a shop made me cring. I had heard Gelish was great for growing your nails out, it contained keratin to make them grow faster, it protected them and I thought if they were pretty enough i might resist the urge to nibble. Thankfully it worked and pretty soon I had long strong nails. After having two sets of nails and being fascinated by the whole process I decided to train in Gelish myself. I’m very impulsive as you may have guessed!! I chose to do my training with Catherine who worked for NailHarmony, the creators of Gelish, as I had decided this was the brand for me so wanted to train specifically with them. Training was amazing I learnt so much she was a wonderful teacher.  2 and a half years on and here I am. I LOVE MY JOB. It doesn’t even feel like work, more a fun hobby that I’m paid for. I’ve always been very creative but never had a job where I can really express that. The only thing that’s changed is the size of my canvas! I got into nail art very quickly and soon was testing nail art tools and designs on anyone that would let me. Nothing makes me happier than a customer requesting truly bespoke nails or even better, giving me free reign!  To a lot of my customers having their nails done is their one treat to themselves and they really look forward to it. When they leave relaxed and happy it honestly makes my day. Total job satisfaction. I also have so much fun, not just with painting and creating, but with my ladies! We always have a giggle and it’s been lovely overtime building up relationships  and friendships, hearing the good news and the bad and giving them an hour away from ‘the real world’ I can’t think of a job I would like to do more!  Another plus side is, as I’m lucky enough to be self employed and work from home I get to choose my own hours and work around my family. I love being able to drop my daughter off at school and pick her up again, getting to go to all her assembly’s and sports days. In my eyes it really doesn’t get better! Here’s are a few more examples of my work below, if you want to keep up to date go to http://www.facebook.com/buttonnails or follow me on Instagram at buttonnailslovesmakeup !! 









I can’t get enough of coloured eyeliners, here are some of the ones I can’t live without!

Hello my little buttons!

I just love coloured liners! I really can’t have too many, I put myself on a ban a while ago which im pretty sure needs to be broken. My favourite black and nude liners are Rimmel Scandal eyes, i embarrassingly  don’t own any of the coloured ones. It literally feels like a crime so that’s what I’ll be getting on payday! I love how versatile coloured liners are, you can go all out colourful and crazy or if your more of a neutral person use your Browns and creams and just have a pop of colour in the waterline, or just underneath with a nude liner in the waterline to really open up the eyes. 

Here are a few of my favourites.

Most affordable! 

MakeupRevolution Hypocrisy eyeliners/lip liners £1 each available at http://www.makeuprevolution.com or in some superdrugs. 

These are multi purpose super affordable liners, some of these colours are crazy. I was so impressed with these, smooth and cramy they last really well on the waterline as well as just underneath. Which is hard to find in a coloured liner. You can have some real fun with these colours, my favourites by far are the blue and lilac. I wasn’t a huge fan of the red, it really stained my eyes and made me look ill. Although it would love fabulous just above some winged out black liquid liner, which in hinds sight I should of tried lol.  Here are some looks I have done with them.


 Most metallic!

Next up we have Gosh velvet touch liners £4.99 each available at superdrug in store or online. 

The name Velvet Touch is spot on, these liners are super creamy and glide on like a cooling gel. They are available in a whopping 19 colours so there is a vast colour choice I can’t wait to explore. I own ‘renaissance gold’ and ‘purple stain’, both really metallic and pigmented. Even on the eyes you can see the true colour and the iridescence in the purple. I tend to use the gold at least twice a week it’s such a great way to make a simple look more exciting. You get a good few hours lasting in the waterline, they last beautifully just under it, so even when it’s moved off the waterline it’s still surrounding it looking gorgeous. 

As you can see it looks lovely with pinks, Browns golds and bronzes,  just adds a little something that was missing before.

This purple gets me everything, I love using it with turquoises, blues and greens to add some depth and how metallic it is just gets people’s attention!  

 Most expensive! 

Elizabeth Arden. £14.45. This colour is called Sapphire 04.

Ok this is a bit of a weird one, this is not the best liner I have ever owned, which for the price I kinda would of wanted it to be…. But just look at the colour! I was hypnotised and just had to have it in my life and I’m pleased I did. I was on the lookout for a dark blue metallic liner to go with my maybelline colour tattoo in everlasting navy. I love dark navy eyes all smoked out it just look so pretty. This was a really good match! It also looks nice with bronzes and golds. I have found with these stick formulas the liner tends to be a bit more waxy than creamy, I think this is so it holds it shape in the tube. Which is great for lining under the waterline but you do have to go over several times on the waterline to really build up that colour. It also needed a touch up through the day but it was worth it for the shade of blue it’s exactly what I wanted. 

I hope this has helped you in some way and given you a few ideas of what to pick up if you feel like experimenting with colour. If you have any coloured liners you think I would like or would like me to review please comment below! xxx 

Mini Naked 3 Dupe! With Swatches! 


Hello my little buttons!

Here is my side by side swatch review of Urban Decays Naked 3 and Freedom Makeup Londons Pro Shade & Brighten Stunning Rose Kit mini eyeshadow palette. My Naked 3 is one of my favourite palettes, I love rosy makeup and what ever combo I choose in this palette I’m always happy with the end result. I was hoping they would do a basics palette but so far it’s not been mentioned. Now I have found this Freedom palette I’m not even sure if I would buy it! As soon as I laid eyes on the Rose kit i recognised the first half of the naked 3 instantly, when I put them side by side I was wowed at how similar they were. Or should I say identical! I feel the only thing that’s missing from the Freedom palette is a darker shade like factory or darkside but for day time looks its perect. When I swatched them side by side I was even more impressed.

 As you can see this is a swatch of the first shades in both palettes, freedoms is slightly more yellow and although both are pigmented urban decays did apply slighter better. This is one of my favourite base colours from urban decay Iv nearly hit pan on it I use it that often. 
 Second shade in both palettes, urban decays really is more of a glitter dust whereas freedoms is more metallic and there’s more colour behind the glitter. You can’t really tell in the photo but in real life I think that’s the only slight difference, although once they are blended out on the eyes they do create the same effect.  Freedoms is more creamy but there is more fall out because of this. 

 Third shade in the palettes, these are the closest match in colour, freedoms is maybe a hair darker but it’s not noticeable at all. Fab dupe!! 


Forth shade in the palettes, there is quite a difference here. Freedoms is darker, more pigmented and leans more towards a brown. Whereas urban decays is more of a smoky purple and is defiantly lighter on the skin.

I love these shades! Fifth colour in the palette, both seriously pigmented although the freedoms is slightly darker. Once on the lids there is no difference. Both shades have fall out but it’s so worth it! 

 Here is the last dupe shades in the palettes, and it really is Freedoms triumph! Look at the pigmentation!!!!! It’s super metallic, there is quite a lot of movement fallout in the pan when I put my finger/brush in where it’s so soft but I really don’t care because that colour is perfection. I’ve always found this shade in the urban decay palette to be quite stiff to work with and freedoms really is the total opposite. 
 Here’s a close up so you can stare a bit longer!  

I would also like to touch on prices and packaging, the naked 3 is £38 and you get 12 shades. The packaging can’t be beat, a pretty sturdy pink tin that snaps shut really securely and a large mirror. There’s also a great selection of darks and lights, mattes and shimmers. It’s really well rounded there is so much you can do with it, the quality of the shadows are also beautiful. Pigmented and long lasting, there is slight fall out but that really doesn’t bother me I just do my eyes before my face, problem solved lol. 

The Rose Kit is £2.50 and you get 6 eyeshadows and a highlight shade. It’s a cute mini sized palette great for touch ups throught the day in you handbag, I like that the lid is clear so if you have a selection of them you can tell which is which. It’s a shame there’s not a small mirror as I would need to carry one separately, but for £2.50 I really can’t moan. The shadows are jammed with pigmentation and with a good primer last really well. As I said earlier it’s a shame there’s not a dark colour but as the fourth shade comes out darker than it looks in the pan it helps even out the final look. 

So overal both palettes are a win for me, I like that I can use my naked 3 at home in the morning and take the Rose kit on the go in my bag for touch ups. They work so well together!  I hope you enjoyed this comparison to see more like it please subscribe! xxx 

Disclaimer: The Rose Kit by Freedom was sent to me but that doesn’t remotely effect the honest review I have given I have not been sponsored or paid to promote this product. The Naked 3 I purchased with my own money. 


Essence Kajal Eyeliner Review

Hello my little buttons! 

So far everything I have tried from Essence I’ve liked, so I had high hopes for this liner. At only £1 it would of been so affordable I could of bought one for every handbag!  Swatching it on my hand is was super dark and really creamy, but not so soft it squished everywhere. On first application I was really happy with the pigmentation and how easily it clung to the waterline.

As you can see, super dark and neat. I felt like I was on to a winner. I really wish I would of taken a photo 2 hours after, something in this liner really made my eyes water. So after my eyes chilled out a had a quick clean up and carried on with my day. Until I caught a glimpse in the mirror, it had all merged into my tear ducts! So much so it gave the illusion my eyes were really close together!!!! It had also smudged under my eyes i looked like a panda. Sadly none had lasted on my lower or upper water line at all. So disappointed! I recently looked online at http://www.wilko.com where I bought my Essence cosmetics before and they now do a long lasting gel eyeliner which I am keen to try! So sorry boys and girls this really didn’t work for me but I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below! Have a great weekend! Xxx 

Some of my favourite lip products, only £1 each! 

Hello my little buttons!

Thought I’d share with you some of my favourite cheapy lip products! Firstly my favourite lipliners!

They’re by a company called Essence! Available in Wilko Stores or at http://www.wilko.com these babies are £1 each and come in a bunch of colours. Here are a couple I love! They are sooo creamy and smooth they feel lovely on the lips. They’re long lasting and fairly smudge proof. I tend to wear them all over the lips as the colours are so pretty and they last so well. Best lip liners ever.


I’ve mentioned this little lippie before, Makeup Gallery at Poundland.i have colour 06 natural pink. I can’t vouch for the whole range but this colour in particular is gorgeous, a real pretty nudie pink. Lasts a good couple of hours and leaves a light stain which I love in lipsticks. Feels similar to a tinted balm but a bit creamier.


A recent find, Freedom Makeup London http://www.freedommakeuplondon.com these are also only £1! Really nice formula glides on the lips, doesn’t stick to my dry bits so started carrying them in my bag as they’re just so convenient!  The top shade is pink lust the bottom is whispers. They last well and again leave a slight stain. A new summer fave for sure. They also come in tonnes of colours there’s one for everyone! 

Hope you liked this post, follow me for loads more like it! xxx 

Nail tutorial- leopard print nails

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You may not know but I’m actually a nail technician, mainly offering Gelish, which is a gel polish that lasts for up to 3 weeks. A huge passion of mine is nail art, it’s part of the reason I love my job so much. Getting to be creative and coming up with really bespoke nails for my customers. It’s also where the name buttonnailslovesmakeup comes from as my business is called Button Nails! http://www.facebook.com/buttonnails 

One design that is incredibly popular, and a lot easier than it looks, is leopard print nails. Sure you can buy nail wraps but nothing feels better than saying your nail art was hand painted. Achieving this yourself is also something to be proud of, so here are my tips and tricks on painting leopard print. I have used Gelish in these photos but it can be done with polish too you just might need to work a bit quicker. I will explain this a bit later on.


  1.  Gently push back your cuticles and shape your nails.
  2. Choose your colours! For this demonstration I chose these particular colours to make it easier to see what I’ve done but u can use nearly any colours.
  3. Base coat.
  4. Paint your nails like normal, I chose white to make the brighter colours really pop. 
  5. Cure in your light or leave to dry.
  6. Pour out a small blob of a darker colour gel/polish onto a plate or plastic lid. Something you can clean away the excess off after. For gel polish your in no rush as it won’t cure without an uv/led light but if your using polish it drys fairly quick so your better off pouring out a small amount at a time rather than wasting large amounts. Also don’t use anything fast drying at this stage as it will make this harder!
  7. Using a dotting tool (mine are £2 from eBay and came in 6 different sizes) use the tiny ball on the end to dab into the polish/gel and place on your nail making small semi circles, bearing in mind you will be adding a dot of colour inbetween. Don’t try and cram to many in, place small dots in between to add to the effect. 
  8. Cure in your light or leave to dry
  9. With your final colour add small dots in-between the semi circles then leave to dry or cure.
  10. Top coat.

Tadaaa your done! This might take some practice but once you get into the swing of it it’s easy and fun! Here are some other examples of how I have used leopard print with different colours and designs. 

Here I used beiges and browns but to mix it up painted a ribbon and bow. 

Here I used dark and light grey with white and a matte top coat.

Here I used yellow with grey to soften the look.

  Pale pink with soft greys is also very popular.  

Last but not least to add a pop of colour you can have a glittery colourful feature nail, create what you want to create and have fun doing it! xxx 

Maybelline Matte Lipsticks

hello my little buttons!

Here’s a quick review on some of my all time favourite lipsticks. These were sent to me by my lovely American friend after I told her I couldn’t find a comfy matte formula lipstick. Matte lips are everywhere, with every brand creating their own matte/velvet lip products. I have tried sooo many this year I had nearly given up. I tend to be fairly lazy with lip products, I enjoy tinted balms, stains and nudes that are fairly easy to top up through the day. The ones I have tried are either super drying, as in I could be lost in the saharah and have more hydration in my lips, or when they fade, which granted does take ages, just look patchy and awful. For some people this is not a problem and will happily touch up for that bold beautiful lip. Me however, it’s just not realistic. Until I tried these, I have never in my life found such a wonderful formula. It’s smooth and creamy, not so creamy it slides everywhere but just enough to make application easy and it to feel gorgeous on the lips, as well as gliding over any dry patches. They smell divine, and last for hours even after eating and drinking. I didn’t believe it till I tried it, every colour is on my makeup list for the next time I go to the USA. 

I love the packaging it’s pretty to look at and sturdy I’ve never lost a lid on my handbag. The colours she chose for me are also beautiful, the purple is rich and a great pop of colour. The pink in bright but not so bright I feel daft wearing it day to day, it’s made me braver with pinks, it’s so comfy on and I know it’s not going anywhere I can enjoy the colour without worrying.  If you can get your hands on these you won’t regret it. xxx