Real technieques Expert Face Brush Review 


Hello my little buttons!

Here’s a quick review on the Real Technieques Expert Face Brush. This is an ultra firm domed oval head shaped brush. The bristles are synthetic taklon which are hand cut and cruelty free, which is always a nice bonus. I’ll start by saying this brush is a total win for me, I love how my foundations looks after using this. Even the foundations I own that I just can’t get the coverage using my fingers or other brushes, this brush really adds to the coverage as it doesn’t hold much product and applies evenly over the face. I use a ‘dab and down’ motion when applying foundation which also adds to the overall flawless look at the end. It’s soft and easy to clean. It’s only £9.99 which compared to a lot of highend brushes is very affordable. Ive not had any bristles falling out either which is a big annoyance of mine. I feel totally in control of how much product im using and if I want to build up more in certain areas than others it blends seamlessly. Highly recommend this brush! If you’d like to see more reviews like this please subscribe! 


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