Spa To You – Deep Pore Cleansing Facial Brush 

Hello my little buttons! 

I received this facial cleansing brush in a Glossy Box a few months ago and have been thoroughly testing it out to give you wonderful people a full review!  I adore skin care, it’s something I really enjoy using and reviewing. I know my skin pretty well and any little gadgets that can help me along the way I am always more than happy to play with. This brush is priced £6.99 and claims to have silky soft bristles and silicone cushions to gentle cleanse and massage the skin to improve microcirculation. 

On first impressions the brush looked like it was going to be a winner, clean design, nice handle and the bristles felt lovely and soft on my hand and face. On first use I applied my nivia face wash in the shower, leaving it on I then started rubbing the brush on my cheek in small circular motions. But instead of feeling a gentle yet effective scrub I felt a Brillo pad scratch across my face. Holy hell this was actually painful! I still used the brush over my whole face to see if the pain subdued, I’m sure your not surprised to hear it didn’t. As soon as this brush got wet it took on another life form, brought to us to inflict agongy and sore red skin. Like the overly positive sole I am I decided to keep trying this brush in hope it might soften up. I tried it with more face washes than I care to list but the result was the same every time, it was far too harsh on my skin and although I do enjoy a brutal exfoliation from time to time this was way too much and not worth the pain. 

Over all very disappointing! I also found that, apart from the searing agony, the bristles were a tad too long making it difficult to get into the areas around my nose as well as keeping up a good circular momentum. I’d love to hear in the comments below what you think of this brush?! 

Lots of love 

Becca xxx 

Bee Good Honey & Camelina Facial Exfoliator Review 

Hello my little buttons! 

I received Bee Good facial exfoliator wash in my November Glossy box and could not have been more pleased. I love the brand Bee Good and have tried a few of their products now, my skin loves honey and reacts really well to this line of skin care. I even wrote a blog on the wonderful properties of honey in skincare, click Here to give it a read. 

After using this exfoliator religiously I am ready to announce I’m in love! It offers a gentle but effective exfoliation leaving the skin feeling smooth soft and hydrated. From using honey products I can tell the ‘honey effect’ is happening as my skin is so nourished after this scrub, which is fantastic as usually after exfoliation my skin can feel rather dry and tight. It also smells beautiful and not too over powering. 

Another reason I’m loving this scrub is it’s helped clear up my skin. I had been neglecting my skincare, which is odd as I normally love the morning and nightly ritual?! But anyway, as I have been neglecting my skincare my chin was attacked with the worst breakout I have had in about 10 years, it was literally a beard of spots!! Every morning another 2 or 3 joining the gross party. Enough was enough!!! There were several products I instinctively reached for that are my secret weapons when my skin needs an extra umph (if you would like a blog post on this please comment below) but I also happily reached for the exfoliator which has been amazing at clearing up my spots, it’s anti bacterial properties have come to the rescue once again. 

After doing some research about the other fantastic skin care ingredient in this exfoliant, Camelina, its benefits sound incredibly similar to those of honey so I am not at all surprised to see how this product has helped transform my skin back to normal. 

What’s your secret skincare weapon? Please comment below! 

Lots of love

Becca xxx 

Team TAM know how to party, iamfreedom award finals!!! 

Hello my little buttons! 

Wow what a week! Freedom makeup London threw the party of the year at DSTRKT in Soho London to announce the winner of the long awaited iamfreedom makeup competition. I was tickled pink to have been invited and after attending makeup revolutions birthday party bash previously I knew I was in for a good night. I managed to get my beautiful friend Gemah a ticket so we got our glad rags on and got going!

The venue was classy and beautiful, as well as everyone looking stunning the vibe was super glam with a Halloween twist it was a pleasure to be there. The ‘make off’ was between 5 gorgeous girls from around the globe, fighting for the winning prize of £20,000, a years contract with freedom as well as a years supply of makeup up.

Each girl had created a unique Halloween look for the evening. All the guests had a vote which counted towards the final desision, as well as the judges having their say.

After a tense wait, Adam (the king of makeup) announced that Lorna was the winner! Such a beauuuuutifull take on Halloween makeup it was breath taking. Congratulations to Lorna and all the other girls who entered you all did amazingly well to get to the final. 

I’ll be honest as I always am on my blog, the rest of the night was a bit of a blur lol the excitement and free drinks….(yes u heard me, free drinks) turned this classy affair into a full on rave what a fantastic night!!!! I was a discrace!!  I met some adorable blogger girls throughout the night which was so much fun, it also turned out some of us already followed each other on instragram which was such a sweet coniceidence and really felt like we were in a little makeup Revolution family lol. I just hope I didn’t make too much of a prat out of myself as I was knocking back the vodka red bulls! I also felt rather guilty the next day for my poor sober darling Gemah having to drag me home! I love u Gemah I’m sorry!!! Towards the end of the night there was a free for all on the makeup goodies dotted around the room, as I was rather tiddly Gemah was on it like a shot managing to grab herself some lip products as well as a huge eyeshadow palette, she even grabbed me these gift sets which I will be playing with this week!! 

Overall it was a brilliant night and I can’t wait for the next one. Sadly I didn’t get photos of everyone I met but on my Instagram there are a few from the night up there if you’d like to have a nosy! On instragram I’m buttonnailslovesmakeup and if you’d like to follow me on twitter I’m @button_nails 

Lots of love 

Becca xxx 

Is this the worst foundation ever!!??? 

Hello my little buttons!! 

Just a super quick blog to announce I have found the worst foundation in the world! Ever! I have tried many a foundation in my time but this one really deserves it’s own blog post lol. The brand Collection I find can be very hit or miss so wasn’t sure what to expect.

I bought this online, as there was a 3 from 2 offer I chose this product as my freebie, thank God I didn’t pay for it! 

The product promises an ultimate fix, foundation concealer and powder all in one with spf 15. On first touch the formula very thick and wet, I decided to use a mixture of fingers and a face brush to buff the product in. Here is my before photo. 

As you can see I’ve been in the sun a lot this summer which has left me with a slight tan (I realise I’m pretty red but to me that’s as tanned as I get lol) and freckles. Here is my photo after applying the foundation. 

I think you can tell how seriously unimpressed I am with my chalky patchy white face. The product sunk into every pore line and wrinkle. It looks awful!!!! The product didn’t dry whatsoever and to touch was a very bizarre combination of a liquid powder, it also did not conceal what I wanted it too. 

Overall this product was crap! I can usually see the good in everything, even if something doesn’t work for me it could work for others. But this foundation? Just no lol save your money. I’d love to hear in the comments below your worst foundation experience!  

Lots of love Becca xxx 

TooFaced Better Than Sex waterproof mascara Review 

Hello my little buttons!!!  
I was tickled pink to see in a recent Glossy Box one of the items was the waterproof version of Toofaced Better Than Sex Mascara. I have seen this everywhere online and was so excited that I finally had it!

The packaging is gorgeous, a beautiful teal colour with waterdrops embossed all over giving it a wet look. I though that was really clever. 

The brush was bristled with an hourglass shape, fully loaded with product. I love mascara that creates length and separation with a bit of volume. I used to love big chunly thick lashes but as I’m getting older my tastes are changing. I still like crazy lashes on a night out as I tend to wear dramatic eye makeup but day to day, not so much! 

My lashes are fairly short and thin so I don’t have much to work with but with the right mascara they can look great. On first impression I really wasn’t sure I liked this mascara, it did add great volume but it did make my lashes look clumpy and brittle if that makes sense?! I was also disappointed that it didn’t hold the curl very well, within an hour or so my lashes looked pretty straight. 
Although I did get many complimets throughout the day on how good my lashes looked which did surprise me lol. I do have to say this mascara literally lasted alllllllll day. Even when it came to removing it my normal micellar water did nothing so I had to use an oil, which would be fantastic if I had a long day or night out and wanted to it last.

On reflection, looking at the photos a few days later my lashes actually looked better than I thought they did on the day. The mascara isn’t on my ‘ride or die’ list, but I think it really does add huge volume and the formula is super black and long lasting overall it’s not a bad mascara to own. I’m not sure I’d pay the £19 price tag but as a deluxe sample it will definitely get used.

I’d love to hear what you think about this product in the comments below! 

Lots of love 

Becca xxx 

buttonnailslovesmakeup is back!! (life update)

Hello my little buttons! 

I hope your all doing well, it’s been quite a while since I posted. I am not under any illusion that I have a big audience nor that I have been missed but I decided to blog on my summer, what I’ve been up to and where I have been for the odd person that might be curious. 

I want to start by saying I love writing, this blog has been so much fun and I have really missed it. It is a fun hobby that gives me joy and watching it grow is so exciting. Every like or comment I receive makes my day, I love chatting with you all about products and hearing what you have to say. The fact someone took time out of their day to comment still blows my mind.

It also happens to be pretty time consuming, finding the time to do my makeup every day, take photos, notes on products, writing up drafts then edit upon edit to make sure I’ve got it just right. At times it can really take over! 

For those of you that don’t know I have a pretty busy life in the ‘real world’ I have two beautiful children, ellie who is nearly 9 and Stanley who is 4. I have a wonderful other half called Dave who I have been with for nearly 10 years. We have a beautiful but mental cat called kitty.

I have my own business from home called button nails where I offer gelish nails (an insane amount of nail art) as well as individual eyelash extentions. I also work one morning a week for my dad’s company as well as a few house cleaning jobs. My hands are pretty full most of the time and sometimes life feels like a juggling act, between school runs, kids clubs, work, vets, doctors/dentist appointments, meetings, work, house work….this list goes on. It can be hard to find time for anything else. But since starting this blog I have always found time as it is a huge passion of mine. 

This summer was the last summer before Stanley started full time school and I was determined to make the most of it, so I decided to put the blog on hold for the holidays and have fun with my family. I don’t want this blog to become something I felt forced to do. I have been crazy busy with work too so it was put on the back burner. Im happy to say the blogging itch is back and so am I.
Please don’t think I’m complaining about my life because I’m really not, I love my crazy odd little family and rushing about all the time. I winge n moan but I wouldn’t want it any other way. 

If you are also in the UK you will have notice how crazy hot it’s been, when the weather is sweltering I don’t tend to wear makeup. I’m a sweaty kinda gal and it drives me crazy having makeup on when it’s boiling hot. But I’ve really missed it. I love choosing what products to wear, getting creative with colours and styles and the process of applying my makeup which I find so relaxing. 

On the other hand, not wearing makeup for 2 months has been so liberating. I’ve been loving my skincare products and have appreciated good skin days more than before. I didn’t even take makeup on holiday!!!! Which was definitely a new thing for me lol.

I have boxes of beauty products ready to be used and tried and tested so watch this space you’ll be reading a lot more from me this month!!! 

I hope you all had a great summer!

Lots of love 

Becca xxx 

Glossy Box July 2016 First Impressions! 

Hello my little buttons! 

Yay another Glossy Box, I’m so happy with this one as I’m pretty sure I will use every product. So let’s jump right in.

1. Hawaiian Tropic island berry lipgloss £6.99 

Lovely little lipgloss, spf 25 which is fantastic for a gloss. It claims to be a non sticky formula that provides 12 hours hydration. It’s smells great I hope it lives up to my expectations. 

2. Icona Milano Emotion Allowed Mascara £13.04

Love the name of this Mascara, it’s a really clever take on waterproof Mascara. The brush looks pretty good too so hoping it adds length, volume and is buildable. Its also from a brand I’ve never heard of before which is exciting.

3. Hairon De-tangle Brush £6.99 

I was more pleased for my daughter than myself on this one! Her hair is down to her bum so this will definitely get used lol. My hair is shorter and curly but when it’s hot the curls get so tight it’s really hard to brush though so hopefully this brush will live up to the challenge.

4. Blank Canvas f20 Flat Brush £11.95 

One of my favourite things to get in my Glossy Box is a makeup brush! This is another brand I haven’t heard of, but from the looks of the brush I think I’ll be investigating further as it feels super soft and is rather pretty to look at! 

5. Utan and Tone Nourishing Night Creme £12.50 

Hmmmm debating whether to try this or not lol. It’s a combo of night cream and gradual fake tan, it could go fantastically well or I could be stained orange for days lol. Might read some reviews on this before having a play! 
Overall a fantastic box this month really happy with all the items! We’re you happy with your box? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

Becca xxx 

Beauty Bay makeup haul! 

Hello my little buttons!! 

I’m so sorry, I’ve not posted in about two weeks, it feels like forever!! I’m still alive, I have been crazy busy with work and other commitments which has had to take priority over my blog. I’m hoping to get back in the swing of things asap, so to kick it off I thought I’d share with you my recent beauty bay haul! I only bought a couple of bits but thought I’d share them with you. I will be reviewing all these items so if you’d like to read more please subscribe to my blog for email updates when I post something new! 

1 Mango Face Wash

I’ve been in the market for a new face wash for a while, the last product I tried broke my skin out so I’ve been pretty choosy about what to try next. I saw this and thought what the heck, I love eating mangos so why not put them on my face! 

2. La girl eyeshadow palettes 

As a palette junkie i’ve been eyeing these up for while. Apart from them being a metallic master piece they were only £3 each. Here in the UK we don’t have la girl cosmetics so when I saw that beauty bay were stocking some of their products I had to give them a go. 

3. La girl Pro Conceal 

Last but not least is this little beauty. This is for sure a ‘youtube made me buy it’ product as I’ve seen it everywhere. For £5 it’s worth a go! I’m just hoping the colours right for my skin as although it’s the shade light ivory it still looks pretty orange to me. 

So that’s everything! I have another haul blog post coming up from superdrug, damn their 3 for 2 lol. Hope you all have a fantastic day!

Becca xxx 

Burtsbees Tinted Lip Balm Review


Hello my little buttons!

As summer is approaching I’m all about tinted lip balms and lipstains. I found this little beauty at my mums house, she a wonderful, yet fussy lady and if she likes something it tends to be good. So of course I ‘borrowed’ it. Here’s my quick little review of what I thought!


This tinted lip balm contains shea butter and botanical waxes making it super hydrating for the lips. It is priced at £5.99 and is avalible in 6 shades promising 8 hour moisturisation. The sheer wash of colour is beautiful, you can see it’s there but it’s not so over powering that you worry it’s slipping about your face. I have the shade Red Delilah which is a browny red toned colour.


It feels lovely on the lips and lasts longer than many other balms I’ve tried. Although it looks like a chap stick you can tell straight away it is far more nourishing and my lips feel softer after it has soaked in and faded away. I would definitely recommend this product and think I might have to buy some more shades!!! I have to say I becoming more and more impressed with Burts Bees every product I have tried so far I have loved, they never disappoint.

I’d love to hear in the comments below whats your favourite Burts Bees product?

Becca xxx

Elf HD Under Eye Setting Powder Review


Hello my little buttons!

I’ve been meaning to blog about this product for some time, it’s the Elf Cosmetics HD under eye setting powder. Usually when I do my makeup I use what ever setting powder I’m using that day under my eyes too. I’ve not tried a specific under eye powder before and to be honest, I couldn’t see what was so special bout it! Until now….

This powder is amazing! It sets my concealer all day long, it massively reduces creasing and also smooths out and brightens my under eye area. The pot in teeny tiny but I think it’s going to last for ages as you only need a small amount. It is a loose powder but comes with a sifter so it’s not as messy as it could be, it also comes with a tiny brush but I prefer using the Elf Flawless Concealer brush as it’s still small but nice and fluffy. It’s priced at £4.50 which I think is very affordable as it really makes your skin look beautiful I was so happy with it. I’m fully converted and now use it every time I wear makeup!

What under eye setting powders do you use? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

Becca xxx