Burtsbees Tinted Lip Balm Review


Hello my little buttons!

As summer is approaching I’m all about tinted lip balms and lipstains. I found this little beauty at my mums house, she a wonderful, yet fussy lady and if she likes something it tends to be good. So of course I ‘borrowed’ it. Here’s my quick little review of what I thought!


This tinted lip balm contains shea butter and botanical waxes making it super hydrating for the lips. It is priced at £5.99 and is avalible in 6 shades promising 8 hour moisturisation. The sheer wash of colour is beautiful, you can see it’s there but it’s not so over powering that you worry it’s slipping about your face. I have the shade Red Delilah which is a browny red toned colour.


It feels lovely on the lips and lasts longer than many other balms I’ve tried. Although it looks like a chap stick you can tell straight away it is far more nourishing and my lips feel softer after it has soaked in and faded away. I would definitely recommend this product and think I might have to buy some more shades!!! I have to say I becoming more and more impressed with Burts Bees every product I have tried so far I have loved, they never disappoint.

I’d love to hear in the comments below whats your favourite Burts Bees product?

Becca xxx

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