The BEST affordable eyeshadow palette brands!


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I’m always saying you don’t need to spend a fortune for good quality eyeshadow palettes, so I thought I’d write a quick post about a few brands I would recommend that are highly affordable and that I reach for over some of my highend palettes.

1. MUA Cosmetics


These eyeshadows are the bomb, in moat palettes you get 12 colours and they only cost £4. They have some fall out but they are highly pigmented and easy to blend. I actually depotted all of mine and put them in a z palette! I love it as I can create hundreds of of looks and in the z palette they look gorgeous. The pans are fairly small but for the price I’m not moaning. There are loads of other eyeshadow palettes in the line still only costing between £5 and £8 and with new releases happening all the time there’s always something new. Here are some swatches from the Luxe metalic cream palette in Elemental.


2. Makeup Revolution .


This is no suprise as makeup revolution are ruling the affordable eyeshadow palette market. The really do have every shade imaginable from neutrals to shimmers to neons they have covered all bases. The prices range from £4 for 12 shades and  £8 for 32 shades, with a few £10 palettes. They are highly addictive and collectible! Most of the colours are fantastic, creamy and pigmented,  you do get the odd ‘dud’ colour but this is to be expected as again the price is so affordable. They have tons of dupes for higher end palettes so of you can’t afford that urban decay palette at least you can create a similar look!


3. Freedom Makeup London


I have singles from this brand as well as palettes and they are always a win. They have mini palettes at £2.50 which you can create a full look with as well as pop in your handbag. They have 12 shades for £4 but my favourites are the Decadence range, 20 shades for £6 the quality is unbeatable. I can also recommend their pro 32 shades for £8, the pans are small but as there are so many in each palette it would still be hard to get through them all. Here’s some random swatches, so soft and buttery really easy to use.


4. Sleek


Sleek are know for their crazy pigmented blushes, the eyeshadow palettes have followed in suit!! Priced between £7.99 and £9.99 they look similar to the MUA Cosmetics palettes. I would say the quality is a tad higher in these shadows as they’re less powdery. Even the matte neon shades are pigmented amd very blendable which is incredibly rare in more affordable palettes. Same as the MUA palettes i depotted the eyeshadows to put in a z palette so I could access all the colours at the same time. Huge choice on shades there is something for everyone. As I know your eyeing those brights up here’s some swatches!


I hope this was an interesting read and has given you a few ideas on where to buy some bargin eyeshadow palettes! Have I missed any brands out? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

Becca xxx

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