Essence Kajal Eyeliner Review

Hello my little buttons! 

So far everything I have tried from Essence I’ve liked, so I had high hopes for this liner. At only £1 it would of been so affordable I could of bought one for every handbag!  Swatching it on my hand is was super dark and really creamy, but not so soft it squished everywhere. On first application I was really happy with the pigmentation and how easily it clung to the waterline.

As you can see, super dark and neat. I felt like I was on to a winner. I really wish I would of taken a photo 2 hours after, something in this liner really made my eyes water. So after my eyes chilled out a had a quick clean up and carried on with my day. Until I caught a glimpse in the mirror, it had all merged into my tear ducts! So much so it gave the illusion my eyes were really close together!!!! It had also smudged under my eyes i looked like a panda. Sadly none had lasted on my lower or upper water line at all. So disappointed! I recently looked online at where I bought my Essence cosmetics before and they now do a long lasting gel eyeliner which I am keen to try! So sorry boys and girls this really didn’t work for me but I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below! Have a great weekend! Xxx 

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