Sleek blushes- there is nothing more pigmented! 

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Heres a quick review on sleek blushes, if you don’t own any of these YOU NEED THEM IN YOUR LIFE. There is a huge colour selection in the 3 pan or single powder/cream individual pans. There really is a shade for everyone from pinks, oranges, reds, browns every skin tone is catered for. In my opinion sleek rule the high street blush market. The pigmentation is insane, you will never go through a whole one. Here are some swatches of a few I own, these are done with one swipe. 

From top to bottom:

  • Rose gold
  • Pink mint
  • Macaroon
  • Icing powder

The 3 pan palette is called ‘pink lemonade’ and the individual is called ‘Rose gold’

Have you ever seen blush swatches like it?! The powders are really long lasting, go on smooth and blend beautifully. The cream lasts even longer and also applies the same. The shimmery shades can work great as a highlight and eyeshadow as well as blush. You can use fingers or brushes it always looks lovely. The only think I would advise is use the tiniest bit of product it’s very easy to look like a 5 year old playing with mummy’s makeup if your not careful, better to slowly build it up and be cautious. The 3 pan is £10 and the single pan is £4.49 so super affordable and u get a lot of product for your money. I love that the palette has a cream as well as two powders it’s great for travel I always take it on my holidays. The packaging is matte black with shiny  black lettering, theres also a mirror which is always handy. These are defiantly a win in my book! Which ones your favourite! Please comment below! 

Freedom Makeup London-Pro Conceal & Correct Palette (£5!) Review


Hello my little buttons!

I bought this concealer palette with my only money as it looks just like the Mac palettes and the mixture of shades looked perfect for my fair pinky skin. First impressions, cute little compact with a clear lid so if you owned several shades it would be easy to find the one you needed. I bought mine in light but it’s available in 3 other shades as well as one corrector palette with green purple yellow etc. 

Here are the swatches! As you can see there’s a real selection, pinks peaches and yellows even if your colours not here the beauty of a palette like this is that you can create your perfect shade they mix very well together. They all seemed to have a super thin wax type later on the top, once I had wiped this away I was so happy with what was underneath. The formula is smooth and creamy, if your on the go warm some between your fingers and pat on. I found using a brush makes it easier to build up your desired effect for under the eyes, they can be worn sheer or more full coverage. Iv also been using a lighter colour to highlight which has been working lovely. I’m tempted to buy a darker palette to use as contour because they blend really well into the skin. I like the fact these have been coverage my blemishes which I do struggle with if I’m having a break out, they also work great under the eyes. I would recommend setting with a powder, as they are a cream. These concealers have lasted really well thought the day on my skin using my bb creams as well as thicker foundations. Overall a cracking little palette I highly recommend! 

Freedom Makeup London-Pro 32 Innocent Collection Eyeshadow Palette Review (only £8!!!) 


Hello my little buttons!

First impression of this palette was wow, it’s the perfect neutral palette. There’s a selection of warm and cool tones, mattes and shimmers. I love that there’s lots of matte creams pinks and peaches, as well as endless crease colours. To me this covers the basics; browns, purples, silvers, bronzes and charcoal greys blacks.

The packing is sleek and sturdy with a nice big mirror. I was happy to seeing it’s not huge either, it’s roughly 4inches by 7inches so easy to store and perfect for travel. The powders themself are pigmented, even the light mattes are lovely ,which sometimes in large palettes can be a bit of a let down. They blend beautifully and you can really build the colour up for a really dark smokey eye. For a change I decided not to finger swatch these and jump straight in to using them with my brushes and create a few looks instead. There was very little fall out and they were a pleasure to use.                                          

I know the big question floating around is are they the same as Makeup Revolution palettes? Both brands are made by the same people and the packaging is identical. I love makeup revolution and have always raved about their eyeshadow palettes, but I have to say I do think this palette is of a better quality in comparison to the Makeup Revolution large palettes. They are easier to blend, creamier, less powdery and the pigmentation is spot on. 

Here are a few looks I created using nothing but this palette:


For this look I used the silvers and dark greys, it gave my eyes dimension and really brought out the blue in my eyes. 


Here I used the more bronzey shades which is one of my favourite go to looks, next time I think I’ll use the lighter bronze shade with a damp brush to really intensify the colour and make it pop. 


I noticed some of the pinky shades are very similar to my naked 3 urban decay palette so I decided to do a natural pinky look which is one I also wear often and the end result is incredibly similar. (Blog on naked 3 dupes coming soon)

And last but not least is a really simple eye using creams and Browns I normally pair this with red stained lips and flawless skin (well I try) for a 50s look. It’s quick and easy but so effective, here is the overall look and yes i used the chrome filter!!! 

So there are my thoughts on the pro 32 innocent collection palette. I’m looking forward to reviewing more of products as so far I’ve loved every single one! Please comment below if you like this palette or if there is anything you would like me to review! 

Disclaimer: This was sent to me to review but that doesn’t remotely effect the honest review I have given I have not been sponsored or paid to promote this product. 

My Top Ten Makeup Essentials I Can’t Live Without! 

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I love reading about other peoples holy grail products they can’t live without so I thought I would share mine! This required a lot of thought and consideration. There’re so many products I just love, narrowing it down to 10 was hard. In the end I chose items that if I lost or ran out of if be straight down the high street buying them again! As well as makeup products I added several tools that I feel are just as important as the makeup itself.

Here are my top 10! Granted it might not look super exciting but each item brings me so much joy and really does the job. The last item is not photographed but will be revealed at the end. 

1. So simple yet so essential, a spoolie. My brows are fairly sparse from over plucking In my youth but the hairs are so unruly I literally can not do my brows without one! I think this one came in a brush set from eBay but they are very easily available. 


2. Elf eyelash curler. Quite self explanatory, it curls your lashes. My lashes are straight and stick right out, without one of these bad boys to help they just look flat and odd. It also really opens up the eyes making you look more awake and ready for the day. 

3. Real techniques powder brush. This is my favourite powder brush ever! I literally use it every day. It picks up the perfect amount of product, you can either lightly dust your face or build it up. It helps distribute the product to avoid cake face! 

4. Makeup Revolution Ultra Brow. Since buying this I’ve not use any other brow palette which I find amazing lol. There are 4 powders, 2 waxes, a cream highlight and a powder highlight. As well as mini tweezers that actually work, a brow pencil and two little brushes. I love the colour selection I can go light or dark or mix up my own to suit what ever look im going for that day. 

5 & 6. Rimmel scandal eyes eyeliner pencil in black and nude. I couldn’t choose just one. The black is super dark, soft and creamy and lasts so well on the waterline. No matter which eyeliners I try I always come back to this because nothing compares! It’s the same with the nude it lasts better than anything else ive tried and really brightens up the eyes. Really want to try the other colours in the range they look fab. 

7. Bourjois color boost in proudly naked. This lives in my handbag, it’s the perfect nudie pink which suits nearly any look. It’s a chunky balmy pencil that is easy to apply on the go and feels so comfy on the lips. 

8. The Body Shop honey bronzer in light matte. I never thought I could find a bronzer that wasn’t too dark or orange. Until I found this! It blends beautifully on the skin I love dusting it all over or concentrating it on the cheeks as a gentle contour. I also have to mention the packaging, it’s stunning!! Love the honey comb effect as well as the pattern on the powder itself, such a nice touch. 


9. Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hr nude foundation with spf 20 medium coverage. Available in 8 shades. I’ve found myself reaching for this more and more. I love how it makes my skin look and how light weight it feels on. I tend to use my fingers or a buffing brush to apply, it’s nice and easy to build up, you can defiantly get full coverage with two light layers of the foundation and after using concealer and setting it with powder. You can matte this foundation or glow it up with highlight and bronze. When ever I wear it I always have people telling me how good my skin looks, I just love it! 


10. Ok this was a total cheat, but I couldn’t pick just one eyeshadow palette. I’m a total eyeshadow junkie I love every single one and use every single one. So I decided my number 10 is eyeshadow palettes in general! I love having colours already put together for me, only having to grab one item to do a whole look and playing with different colours I otherwise wouldn’t of bought on their own. I think they’re the best invention ever and I don’t think I’ll ever have enough!                        I’d love to hear some of your top products please do comment below and subscribe if you’ve enjoyed this article and would like to read others like it. 

This years hottest summer trend…drawn on freckles?! 

I read a very interesting article on the MailOnline by the witty Annabel Fernwick Elliot. It was on quite a hot topic at the moment, drawn on freckles. This is something I never thought I’d see, drawing on freckles brings back hilarious memories of dressing up as school girls and going to foam parties in my late teens. Cringe. 

I was hoping to insert a photo of beautifully applied fake freckles but on my searches all I could find was either celebrity’s with freckles (real or fake I wasn’t 100% sure) or people joking about and going very over the top. So I decided to insert a photo of my naturally freckley face! 


 Personally I love having freckles, I think they are cute, summery and something to be embraced not covered up. Which is where my love for bb creams and light foundations comes from. Freckles are either loved or hated  and I feel it’s quite a bold statement to atempt to draw them on! In the article celebrity makeup artist Kate Best had some tips on how to apply them for a natural look, no one wants to look like a St Trinian girl on the way to work! Here is a screen shot on what she was quoted saying:

In theory it sounds plausible but in reality I couldn’t do it, as devastated as I would be not to have freckles I don’t think I could handle the upkeep. Rushing around after two children and running my own nail business I get hot, and sweaty, and am constantly wiping or touching my face. They would be smudged within minutes and I’m pretty sure it would take a lot of practice to make them looking natural. But on the other hand it’s nice to try new things and for you freckle-less freckle lovers out there this could be a perfect solution. 

As new as this trend phenomenon is to me apparently it has been around a while, some high end brands have been offering freckle pencils for several years now. It also stated in the article that top shop are releasing a ‘marbleised formula’ freckle pencil. I had a look online and it is available now and although reviews have been very mixed it has sold out on line already. 

I have a feeling this trend might be for the cat walks only, with spritely freckley faces dominating the spring shows. Can I see any of my friends doing this? Maybe one or two but who knows, in 3 months time I might be eating my words time will tell. Is this something you are interested in? Can you see yourself strutting around the office all freckled up? I’d love to hear your thoughts please comment below! Ps I said freckle 15 times! 

Freedom Makeup London ‘Far Away’ Lipstick Collection-not to be missed!


Hello my little buttons!

I was sent these amazing Star Wars themed lipsticks by Freedom Makeup London who launched on June 5th this year (2015) the colours are crazy! When I swatched them I was hypnotised by the uniqueness of the shades, the grey/silver both have different coloured shimmers which sadly my cameras not picking up that well! The purple almost glows and the gold was so opaque it blew my mind. I realise how dramatic I am being but they really were eye catching! Today I tested them all out on my lips:

The first white shade is called ‘storm trooper’ I used a white eyeliner to line my lips and fill them in before applying the lipstick. The formula is so smooth and creamy and applied beautifully. It looks loads better with the White liner underneath to smooth it all over. The gold shade is called ‘space luxe’ this was a joy to use feels like a lip balm rather than a lipstick yet it’s so opaque and metallic in the light it looks awesome! The next shade is ‘sky walker’ same formula as the gold easy and smooth to apply with a beautiful blue/purple tone to it. Next we have ‘the sith’ a dark metallic grey also with blue/purple undertones, I used a black eyeliner to line my lips before applying which really gave it some more dimension. Needed a few layers but built up beautifully. The last shade we have ‘far away’ a metallic purple which I feel speaks for it’s it’s just gorgeous! 

Over all I’m amazed these are only £1 each, as well as feeling comfy on the lips they apply beautiful and I’ve never seen colours like it. If this is your thing or you feel like experimenting, go check out 

A Whole Face of Makeup for £13? Makeup Gallery at Poundland

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Over the past few weeks I have been on a hunt at my local poundlands to test out their new ‘Makeup Gallery’ range. This blog will be a quick over view of the products I’ve tried and what I think of them! 


Here is everything I managed to find, this line already seems popular as for the life of me couldn’t find any black eyeliner or brow pencils! This was bought over several trips as every shop I went in the shelves were half empty. Let’s start with the packaging, for £1 an item it’s clearly not bad. It look sleek and simple. I think the cheapest feeling packaging is definatly the lipstick. 


There wasn’t a primer so I used my Elf Mineral  Primer as nothing lasts on me without some sort of base. The Flawless Long Lasting foundation was surprisingly a good colour match and is available in 8 shades. I have combo skin and found it did cling slightly to my dry patches so this wouldn’t be suitable for dry skin. It’s super light coverage, I ended up using my fingers to apply it. It evened out my skin tone and did apply smoothly. Wouldn’t say it’s long lasting, after 5 hours it had definitly moved about. Not the worst foundation I’ve ever used but think you need quite good skin to use this as there’s not much coverage. Next the concealer, think I’ll be passing this on. It didn’t cover my blemishes just make them crispy and dry (gross!!) it did slightly cover my bags but not enough for my liking, it did work as a nice highlight though! Lastly the powder, worked nicely to set my make up, I did need to touch up throughout the day but for £1 that’s usually expected. 


Really like this cute little blush! Pretty colour selection, I chose quite a neutral pinky colour. What I liked about this is it goes on quite sheer and you can really build up the colour for your desisted effect. This would be a great blush for a makeup beginner as I think it would be very hard to over do it. It lasted about 4/5 hours before I needed a touch up. 

Colour story eyeshadows available in 20 shimmery/matte shades I gotta say there was a beautiful neutral colour selection lots of good crease colours and shimmery lid colours. I chose a matte cream, a matte taupe brown and a purpley moave shimmer with fine glitter. The same as the blush they are blendable but you need to build them up to get the full colour kick. The shimmery shadow on the other hand was pigmented and applied very nicely to the lids. The only disappointing thing was the glitter managed to get into my eyes which irritated them for ages!!!!! I would highly recommend using a primer as after 4/5 hours my eyeshadow had drastically faded. 

This mascara was awesome!!! I’ve already mentioned it in my affordable mascara review it adds volume, length, you can really build it up and it holds the curl. So surprised and impressed! As I said before I couldn’t find black so I bought navy blue, wasn’t that wowed by the liner it didn’t last on my water line at all and wasn’t as pigmented as I would of hoped. The liquid liner though was fab, liked the brush and the formula was dark opaque and very easy to work with.

Last but not least lip products, there was a great colour selection from nudes to reds to pinks. The lipgloss has a nice sheer colour to it that looks great on its own as well as over lipstick. It’s rather thick and sticky so if you like more balmy products this might not be for you. The lipstick is lovely, creamy pigmented but not opaque and it didn’t cling to the dry bits on my lips. Lasted an hour or so which I didn’t mind as left a very slight stain so there was still colour there. 

Here is the overall look I achieved with these products. I use the brown eyeshadow for my brows as well as eyes. As you can see the concealer really didn’t cover my spots but did reduce the redness around them. I think this range would be great for someone just starting out in makeup as everything was fairly sheer but buildable. As its so inexpensive it would be perfect to get playing with colours and getting used to how to use product and what suits you. I highly recommend the mascara, blush and lipstick. These items would be great to have in your bag on a night out as if they got lost (it happens to us all!!) they’re easily replaceable. I hope you enjoyed this overview, comment below I’d love to hear your thought on this range and if you have any other products in mind you like reviewing! 

My affordable mascara mission.. But who are the winners? 


Hello my little buttons! 

For the past few months i have been on a mission, to find the best super affordable mascaras that nearly anyone can afford! While I have found some total duds I have also found four cracking little beauties I can’t wait to share with you. The high street really is the leader in the mascara fighting ring, some of the most popular being Max Factor, Maybelline and Loreal. With mascaras that meet every requirement (volume, length, separation, curl..the list goes on) there really is no need to spend a fortune anymore. Although most of the highly talked about high street mascaras are around £10, which don’t get me wrong, isn’t bad but I’d still be disappointed if I lost it on a night out!!  So I decided to see if there was anything out there that was more affordable, but still did the job.

So without future adieu here is my run down of my favourite bargin mascaras!

     Essence- Lash Volume Princess £3.50

Available in Wilko or at 

This mascara has everything, it adds length, volumizes, the formulas not too wet, it’s super black, holds the curl and lasts all day. You can wear a few coats for a natural daytime look or really build it up for bigger badder lashes!   Also available in the the lash princess family is the ‘false lash’ version, which I am dying to try. The packaging is also adorable and so eye catching, hard to believe it’s only £3.50! 
Makeup Gallery-Plump Up The Volume          £1 (I know right)

Available at Poundland (seriously)

I wasn’t expecting to like this at all, I’m not a makeup snob but makeup from poundland? Even I was dubious, but I was pleasantly surprised. I like to have in my collection a mascara for light summery natural lashes or if I’m having a ‘no makeup’ day (wink wink nudge nudge) as something to add a touch of colour and length on my blonde invisible lashes. This is it! It separated my lashes beautifuly and I couldn’t believe it lasted all day. I took this photo after 7 hours of wear. For £1? You seriously can’t go wrong. 


 Gosh-Amazing Length’N Build  £5.99

Available at superdrug or at

This mascara is true to its name, it adds lovely length and is so buildable. This photo was using two coats but I easily could of done more. Love the fact it’s super dark, would be great to wear in the evening or for a big night out. I found if you comb your lashes through after application the result is spectacular. 


 Avon-Super Extend Winged Out   £8.50

Avalible through your local Avon rep, or shop online at

This was released around the same time as Benefit Rollar lash, so I decided to give it a try as Avon claims ‘this fibre infused mascara lifts each individual lash for a winged out lifted look that lasts.’ Sounds like a dupe to me! I always curl my lashes, without curling they stick straight out or they curl up a bit and within an hour they’ve flopped back down again lol! In this photo I didn’t curl my lashes at all, the short rubber bristles really did lift my lashes and they stayed up all day. This is so handy in my handbag as I don’t need my curler it’s conviniant and I really like the natural look it gives.

So there you go boys and girls, I hope you enjoyed this mini guide and  I’d love to hear what’s your favourite mascara? 

Freedom Makeup London has finally launched!! 

Nothing is more exciting than new makeup being released, so when I heard a whole new BRAND was being released I couldn’t contain my joy! To add the that joy they are also the creators of the wonderful Makeup Revolution, including Adam Minto who presence on Instagram is refreshing, he comes across very down to earth and thankful to all users of his brand. Today launched at 3pm, the launch had been kept very hush hush. I was aware of the launch date so It was a relief I could finally share the news on my Instagram page!!!! My wish list is gigantic, you really need to check out the website for yourselves. They boast over 200 new products, which is crazy! As well as individual items there are also ‘sets’ of every item you need to acheive certain looks, special priced whole collection deals, the list goes on! If I was to list everything I would be here all day. Something truly unique to this brand is they are offering makeup courses at House Of Glam Dolls in London. For a short time only as well as the 2 hour course for a reasonably priced £50 you receive £50 worth of makeup!!! Each course is teaching you the skills to achieve a certain look:

  • Rose goddess
  • Sculpted beauty
  • Foxy vamp
  • Sultry metals

My most exciting news is I am being sent on one of these courses to review, as well as being sent some of the line to review! I’m honered to have even been considered and can’t wait to share my experiences with the products as well as what I learn at House Of Glam Dolls.

Overall this brand looks fonominal and I am bursting at the seams to get testing, playing and reviewing! The hashtag #macforthemasses has been thrown around which I just love! So many unique products at ridiculously affordable prices, I have a feeling this brand is going to be HUGE. Go check them out im sure you will be as excited as I am!

Makeup Revolution Mermaids Vs Unicorns Eyeshadow Palette 


Here is the Makeup Revolution, Mermaids vs Unicorns eyeshadow palette which costs £4…yes you read right, £4!!! I love colourful makeup, the greens pink purples and blues really gets my heart racing! This palette has been well thought out, you can use a combination of nearly anything in this palette and it’ll look stunning. The shadows are bright, pigmented and blend well, amazing quality for the price. What nice as well is you can go in light for a gentle wash of colour or pack it on with your finger or a damp brush for a vibrant more full on look. There’s metalics and shimmers, there are a couple of matte shades with a fine glitter running through them that actually shows up on the skin. I like the fact the lid of the palette is clear so while I’m rumaging in my draws its easy to find, it would of been nice if it was maybe half clear half mirror but that’s not the end of the world. I also think it’s a shame there isn’t a cream or a brown to neutralise some of the colours on application but then again I love every shade in this palette i wouldn’t want to sacrifice any of them! I adore this palette so if you love colour or feel like being brave, give it a try! Here are some looks I achieved with this palette xxx