Freedom Makeup London has finally launched!! 

Nothing is more exciting than new makeup being released, so when I heard a whole new BRAND was being released I couldn’t contain my joy! To add the that joy they are also the creators of the wonderful Makeup Revolution, including Adam Minto who presence on Instagram is refreshing, he comes across very down to earth and thankful to all users of his brand. Today launched at 3pm, the launch had been kept very hush hush. I was aware of the launch date so It was a relief I could finally share the news on my Instagram page!!!! My wish list is gigantic, you really need to check out the website for yourselves. They boast over 200 new products, which is crazy! As well as individual items there are also ‘sets’ of every item you need to acheive certain looks, special priced whole collection deals, the list goes on! If I was to list everything I would be here all day. Something truly unique to this brand is they are offering makeup courses at House Of Glam Dolls in London. For a short time only as well as the 2 hour course for a reasonably priced £50 you receive £50 worth of makeup!!! Each course is teaching you the skills to achieve a certain look:

  • Rose goddess
  • Sculpted beauty
  • Foxy vamp
  • Sultry metals

My most exciting news is I am being sent on one of these courses to review, as well as being sent some of the line to review! I’m honered to have even been considered and can’t wait to share my experiences with the products as well as what I learn at House Of Glam Dolls.

Overall this brand looks fonominal and I am bursting at the seams to get testing, playing and reviewing! The hashtag #macforthemasses has been thrown around which I just love! So many unique products at ridiculously affordable prices, I have a feeling this brand is going to be HUGE. Go check them out im sure you will be as excited as I am!

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