My affordable mascara mission.. But who are the winners? 


Hello my little buttons! 

For the past few months i have been on a mission, to find the best super affordable mascaras that nearly anyone can afford! While I have found some total duds I have also found four cracking little beauties I can’t wait to share with you. The high street really is the leader in the mascara fighting ring, some of the most popular being Max Factor, Maybelline and Loreal. With mascaras that meet every requirement (volume, length, separation, curl..the list goes on) there really is no need to spend a fortune anymore. Although most of the highly talked about high street mascaras are around £10, which don’t get me wrong, isn’t bad but I’d still be disappointed if I lost it on a night out!!  So I decided to see if there was anything out there that was more affordable, but still did the job.

So without future adieu here is my run down of my favourite bargin mascaras!

     Essence- Lash Volume Princess £3.50

Available in Wilko or at 

This mascara has everything, it adds length, volumizes, the formulas not too wet, it’s super black, holds the curl and lasts all day. You can wear a few coats for a natural daytime look or really build it up for bigger badder lashes!   Also available in the the lash princess family is the ‘false lash’ version, which I am dying to try. The packaging is also adorable and so eye catching, hard to believe it’s only £3.50! 
Makeup Gallery-Plump Up The Volume          £1 (I know right)

Available at Poundland (seriously)

I wasn’t expecting to like this at all, I’m not a makeup snob but makeup from poundland? Even I was dubious, but I was pleasantly surprised. I like to have in my collection a mascara for light summery natural lashes or if I’m having a ‘no makeup’ day (wink wink nudge nudge) as something to add a touch of colour and length on my blonde invisible lashes. This is it! It separated my lashes beautifuly and I couldn’t believe it lasted all day. I took this photo after 7 hours of wear. For £1? You seriously can’t go wrong. 


 Gosh-Amazing Length’N Build  £5.99

Available at superdrug or at

This mascara is true to its name, it adds lovely length and is so buildable. This photo was using two coats but I easily could of done more. Love the fact it’s super dark, would be great to wear in the evening or for a big night out. I found if you comb your lashes through after application the result is spectacular. 


 Avon-Super Extend Winged Out   £8.50

Avalible through your local Avon rep, or shop online at

This was released around the same time as Benefit Rollar lash, so I decided to give it a try as Avon claims ‘this fibre infused mascara lifts each individual lash for a winged out lifted look that lasts.’ Sounds like a dupe to me! I always curl my lashes, without curling they stick straight out or they curl up a bit and within an hour they’ve flopped back down again lol! In this photo I didn’t curl my lashes at all, the short rubber bristles really did lift my lashes and they stayed up all day. This is so handy in my handbag as I don’t need my curler it’s conviniant and I really like the natural look it gives.

So there you go boys and girls, I hope you enjoyed this mini guide and  I’d love to hear what’s your favourite mascara? 

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