This years hottest summer trend…drawn on freckles?! 

I read a very interesting article on the MailOnline by the witty Annabel Fernwick Elliot. It was on quite a hot topic at the moment, drawn on freckles. This is something I never thought I’d see, drawing on freckles brings back hilarious memories of dressing up as school girls and going to foam parties in my late teens. Cringe. 

I was hoping to insert a photo of beautifully applied fake freckles but on my searches all I could find was either celebrity’s with freckles (real or fake I wasn’t 100% sure) or people joking about and going very over the top. So I decided to insert a photo of my naturally freckley face! 


 Personally I love having freckles, I think they are cute, summery and something to be embraced not covered up. Which is where my love for bb creams and light foundations comes from. Freckles are either loved or hated  and I feel it’s quite a bold statement to atempt to draw them on! In the article celebrity makeup artist Kate Best had some tips on how to apply them for a natural look, no one wants to look like a St Trinian girl on the way to work! Here is a screen shot on what she was quoted saying:

In theory it sounds plausible but in reality I couldn’t do it, as devastated as I would be not to have freckles I don’t think I could handle the upkeep. Rushing around after two children and running my own nail business I get hot, and sweaty, and am constantly wiping or touching my face. They would be smudged within minutes and I’m pretty sure it would take a lot of practice to make them looking natural. But on the other hand it’s nice to try new things and for you freckle-less freckle lovers out there this could be a perfect solution. 

As new as this trend phenomenon is to me apparently it has been around a while, some high end brands have been offering freckle pencils for several years now. It also stated in the article that top shop are releasing a ‘marbleised formula’ freckle pencil. I had a look online and it is available now and although reviews have been very mixed it has sold out on line already. 

I have a feeling this trend might be for the cat walks only, with spritely freckley faces dominating the spring shows. Can I see any of my friends doing this? Maybe one or two but who knows, in 3 months time I might be eating my words time will tell. Is this something you are interested in? Can you see yourself strutting around the office all freckled up? I’d love to hear your thoughts please comment below! Ps I said freckle 15 times! 

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