Freedom Makeup London-Pro Conceal & Correct Palette (£5!) Review


Hello my little buttons!

I bought this concealer palette with my only money as it looks just like the Mac palettes and the mixture of shades looked perfect for my fair pinky skin. First impressions, cute little compact with a clear lid so if you owned several shades it would be easy to find the one you needed. I bought mine in light but it’s available in 3 other shades as well as one corrector palette with green purple yellow etc. 

Here are the swatches! As you can see there’s a real selection, pinks peaches and yellows even if your colours not here the beauty of a palette like this is that you can create your perfect shade they mix very well together. They all seemed to have a super thin wax type later on the top, once I had wiped this away I was so happy with what was underneath. The formula is smooth and creamy, if your on the go warm some between your fingers and pat on. I found using a brush makes it easier to build up your desired effect for under the eyes, they can be worn sheer or more full coverage. Iv also been using a lighter colour to highlight which has been working lovely. I’m tempted to buy a darker palette to use as contour because they blend really well into the skin. I like the fact these have been coverage my blemishes which I do struggle with if I’m having a break out, they also work great under the eyes. I would recommend setting with a powder, as they are a cream. These concealers have lasted really well thought the day on my skin using my bb creams as well as thicker foundations. Overall a cracking little palette I highly recommend! 

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