Elf HD Under Eye Setting Powder Review


Hello my little buttons!

I’ve been meaning to blog about this product for some time, it’s the Elf Cosmetics HD under eye setting powder. Usually when I do my makeup I use what ever setting powder I’m using that day under my eyes too. I’ve not tried a specific under eye powder before and to be honest, I couldn’t see what was so special bout it! Until now….

This powder is amazing! It sets my concealer all day long, it massively reduces creasing and also smooths out and brightens my under eye area. The pot in teeny tiny but I think it’s going to last for ages as you only need a small amount. It is a loose powder but comes with a sifter so it’s not as messy as it could be, it also comes with a tiny brush but I prefer using the Elf Flawless Concealer brush as it’s still small but nice and fluffy. It’s priced at £4.50 which I think is very affordable as it really makes your skin look beautiful I was so happy with it. I’m fully converted and now use it every time I wear makeup!

What under eye setting powders do you use? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

Becca xxx