TooFaced Better Than Sex waterproof mascara Review 

Hello my little buttons!!!  
I was tickled pink to see in a recent Glossy Box one of the items was the waterproof version of Toofaced Better Than Sex Mascara. I have seen this everywhere online and was so excited that I finally had it!

The packaging is gorgeous, a beautiful teal colour with waterdrops embossed all over giving it a wet look. I though that was really clever. 

The brush was bristled with an hourglass shape, fully loaded with product. I love mascara that creates length and separation with a bit of volume. I used to love big chunly thick lashes but as I’m getting older my tastes are changing. I still like crazy lashes on a night out as I tend to wear dramatic eye makeup but day to day, not so much! 

My lashes are fairly short and thin so I don’t have much to work with but with the right mascara they can look great. On first impression I really wasn’t sure I liked this mascara, it did add great volume but it did make my lashes look clumpy and brittle if that makes sense?! I was also disappointed that it didn’t hold the curl very well, within an hour or so my lashes looked pretty straight. 
Although I did get many complimets throughout the day on how good my lashes looked which did surprise me lol. I do have to say this mascara literally lasted alllllllll day. Even when it came to removing it my normal micellar water did nothing so I had to use an oil, which would be fantastic if I had a long day or night out and wanted to it last.

On reflection, looking at the photos a few days later my lashes actually looked better than I thought they did on the day. The mascara isn’t on my ‘ride or die’ list, but I think it really does add huge volume and the formula is super black and long lasting overall it’s not a bad mascara to own. I’m not sure I’d pay the £19 price tag but as a deluxe sample it will definitely get used.

I’d love to hear what you think about this product in the comments below! 

Lots of love 

Becca xxx 

Revlon Ultra Volume Mascara Review


Hello my little buttons!

I received this mascara is my glossy box, I love big dramatic lashes so was really pleased I was given the Volume mascara as there were several in the line that other people had received. The mascara is worth £9.99 and as I paid £10 for the glossy box and received 5 other items I felt it was a good deal.



The packaging is sleek, simple but pretty. The wand itself is a big chunky bristle brush, it doesnt seem to be over loaded with product either which is a nice change as most new mascaras with big brushes can have way too much on causing your lashes to really clump up.


As you can see in this photo I have mascara on my right eye and nothing on my left eye. WOW this mascara is amazing! Separated my lashes beautifully and was so easy to layer up. The formula is a super dark black and it held my curl up all day long which on my straight lashes is impressive. It did add some volume but what I found most impressive is the crazy length it’s given me, the wand fanned out my lashes really opening my eyes up making me look bright eyed and awake.

Highly recommend this mascara it’s worked wonders for me, for £9.99 you really can’t go wrong. What’s your favourite mascara? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

Becca xxx