The world scariest mascara ever???

Hello my little buttons!

Welcome to the frightening world of Avons Mega Effects Mascara. I have been literally itching to try this for the longest time. The cute little brush and novelty of this mascara had me intrigued, I wanted to see how it would apply and if it was as fun as it looked. A good friend didn’t use hers to offered it to me, I bit her hand off!! 

I was surprised how small it was for some reason I thought it would of been bigger, which is a bit daft really as it goes near your eyes lol. After removing the grey lid it reminded me of a brush in a pot of paint, you give the brush a wiggle and out come the bristles with a flexible handle so you can get at the right angle. I thought this was awesome, in the same way you might like looking at a pointless little ornament or miniature dolls house furniture. 

I went straight the the mirror to try it out, it was then I realised how impractical this mascara is!! It felt as unnatural as pushing a new born baby back up yourself. From a young age you train you hand and eye coordination to use a mascara wand a certain way, it takes time, dedication and a lot of messy black dots on your face. Using this mascara felt like someone else was waving the wand near my eyes, I had to move super slow and couldn’t take my gaze off the mirror for even a second. Another thing that was irritating is there was no where to wipe the excess off so I was worried about big clumps but it was fairly easy to brush them through. I do have to say I did kinda like the end result, my lashes looked longer and the mascara itself was super black which is something I love in a mascara. I will definitely keep trying this crazy contraption out to see if I can get used to it but as it stands today im just baffled lol. 

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Avon Eyeshadow Primer Review

Hello my little buttons!

Here’s my quick review on Avons Eyeshadow Primer in the shade Light Beige which I bought for £7 from my local Avon representative. I’m always on the hunt for affordable eyeshadow primers that really work. What I look for in a primer is a product that keeps my shadow put and holds that creasing at bay. Nothing drives me crazier than creasing eyeshadow it makes me look greasy, smudgy and overall a hot mess. So to me primer is essential in my daily makeup routine. 

As you can see the primer is a light creamy consistency, I like that there is a touch of colour to the product which helps even out the skin tone on my lids. It’s easy to apply and blends in beautifully, it dries slightly tacky which really helps my eyeshadows stick. I’ve tested this out with many different quality of shadows from elizabeth Arden and urban decay to makeup revolution and MUA, and each time the results have been the same. My eyeshadow has lasted with minimal fading, zero creasing and overall im really happy with the product it does what it says on the tin. 

The packaging I like, its a cute little glass pot with a black plastic lid, it’s sleek and has a nice weight to it making it feel fairly luxurious. My only moan, is the amount of product you actually get. As you can see when I remove the lid and hold it to the side there is very little product in relation to the size of the glass pot. A little does go a long way, I’ve been using it for several weeks and there’s still loads left but I do find it irritating as it seems like such a waste of space in my makeup bag. Apart from that this product gets a big thumbs up from me!

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