My HONEST review on Younique Moodstruck 3d fibre lashes + mascara! 

Hello my little buttons! 

I was sent the brand spanking new Moodstruck 3d fiber lashes + mascara from a lovely presenter called Asia I met on Instagram, her account is @asiamwh. Asia started selling younique so she could stay at home with her 7 month old gorgeous baby, she has been selling since May 2015 and lives in the USA. 

I was really intrigued to see how this mascara would perform as like most people on the online beauty community I have seen it EVERYWHERE!! I was also rather sceptical as some presenters (please do understand I do only mean some) are incredibly pushy, and flood my page with ‘check out my new mascara!’ I almost didn’t want to like it!!! But as the open minded person I am I didn’t want to punish presenters such as Asia and the product itself because the actions of others. I also loved that the new formula is gluten, soy, paraben and sulphate free and is 100% hypoallergenic. The wand is now cone shaped to reduce clumping and it’s made in the USA.  

I really liked the packaging, the product was presented in a lovely black box and the two mascara tubes came in a soft black bag which is great for storage to keep them together and for travel. It’s a nice added little luxury that made it feel very high end. There was one tube of transplanting gel and another tube of fibres. The tubes had a rubberised feel and were matte black which looks awesome. There is also windows on both tubes to show what was inside and how much you have left. There was a handy instruction sheet of how to apply the mascara step by step with pictures. 


I had heard from several people that ‘at first it can be tricky to apply’ and ‘you’ll need a bit of practice’ but first impressions I was surprised how easy it was!! The transplantation gel even on its own looked great it felt like applying any other normal mascara and really lengthened my lashes. I then applied the fibres, which I was fairly nervous about as I didn’t want to get any in my eyes and wasn’t sure how they would adhere to the gel. Again I was surprised as they stuck perfectly on the gel, they were scattered all over my lashes with zero in the eyes. I then used the gel again to smooth the fibres over and to stick to my lashes and seal them in. I repeated the process again and was really impressed with the final result. They didn’t look like big chunky spider legs, it’s looked gorgeous! Adding volume and length and really lifting the lashes up. I didn’t use the fibres on the bottom, I added a touch of gel and I felt that was enough. 

The next time I used it I tried out one coat and was pleased with the natural look the mascara achieved. On lot of photos on Instagram I had seen huge built up lashes which for a dramatic or night time look is great but for day to day I prefere something lighter and wasn’t sure this mascara was up to the job but I was pleasantly surprised at how diverse this product is. 


For this smokey eye I wanted to added lots of volume to my lashes so I added 3 coats of the mascara. It layered up great with very little fiddling and playing about. The most time consuming thing is chopping and changing tubes but even then I think it is well worth the added few minutes. 

Now for some pros and cons, I liked the finished look it was better than I expected and I really liked that you have control on how big you want your lashes to go. Several times I was asked if I was wearing falsies and that’s a big thumbs up in my book. I didn’t notice very much eye irritation, although after maybe 10 hours or so I did have some fall out and my eyes did get a bit itchy but then again even with normal mascara my eyes get sore and tiered by the night time. On the odd occasion I did get a fibre in my eye it’s wasn’t painful and was easy to remove so this wasn’t an issue for me. I did notice that during the day I had to keep my hands off my eyes, if I accidentally knocked my lashes I was at risk of loosing the extention of fibres that were on the end!! 

Overal I think this mascara is a big win, I’m not sure if I’d wear it every day but for an event, big day out or night on the town I’ll definitely be using this when I don’t fancy wearing lashes. It was comfy to wear and you really can get the look you want with this product it’s not just for big crazy lashes, although it’s very good at that too!! I can see why it’s so popular and how several of my friends (in real life) swear by it. Such a clever idea that doesn’t take long to master. I can also see how it wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea as it does take longer to use than regular mascara but as I said before the final look far out weights the additional effort! 

If you’d like to give this mascara a go for yourself you can order it from:  
Disclaimer: This was sent to me to review but that doesn’t remotely effect the honest review I have given I have not been sponsored or paid to promote this product. I would not sell my soul for makeup. 

My review on Freedom Makeup London ‘Rose Goddess’ makeup course @ House Of Glam Dolls!!!! 

Hello my little buttons! 

The wonderful Freedom Makeup London offered me the chance to attend one of their makeup courses at House of Glam Dolls in London. Naturally I jumped at the chance. There were four courses to choose from, each offering step by step training on different makeup looks. I went for ‘Rose goddess’ as I love rosy makeup and was drawn to the face chart, who wouldn’t want to look like that?!

As well as the course I also got a nice big bag of goodies with key items for the Rose goddess look as well as other bits and pieces, which was very well received and a nice touch to the already amazing afternoon. I am not a makeup artist, nor have I had any makeup training so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Would it be a ‘sit and listen’ kind of thing? Would it be interactive? Would I be so nervous i’d shake and couldn’t do my liquid liner? All these thoughts crossed my mind on the train journey up to London, but I really shouldn’t of worried. The building itself was fresh and modern and very easy to find using my trusted Google maps, and a phone call to the creative director, Chinyee Chu. Who, before I even entered the building made me feel so welcome and at ease. When I entered the space I thought I had died and gone to heaven, the room was STUNNING. Colourful, eclectic, vintage, modern, creative, imaginative… Incredibly well put together. 

Every nook and cranny was filled with beautiful interesting pieces, I could of spent all afternoon exploring and admiring, from the furniture to the wall art to the large cabinet of vintage and beautifully packaged special edition makeup, there was even a gorgeous unique shed/cabin! The space was designed and created by chinyee chu which to me made it even more personal to the brand.

Just being in the space inspired me, it made me want to get stuck in and be creative. I later found out this was Glam Dolls goal with the studio design, they well and truly hit the nail on the head. The space was spot on for learning and really pushing your creative boundaries. For a classroom it was freaking awesome!!! For those of you that don’t know im a nail technician who specialises in nail art, I was not expecting to come away from this course with a million nail art ideas but I’m already attacking my customers! This place is something special and a wonderful environment to learn in. 

The course was being run by David Horne, the other creator of House Of Glam Dolls. I’m actually going to insert a link here:   Which has all the back ground info on the super impressive chinyee chu and David Horne, as I could write a blog purely on what these amazing people have achieved in their careers. After hearing more from David about their history I knew I was in some of the best hands in the industry, and after seeing a framed article of him in VOGUE alongside Lisa Eldridge less than a year from opening their studio I knew I was in the presence of a legend! Have to say I was a tad star struck, which come to think of it I said out loud lol cring. 


The training itself was casual but informative. Sadly there was a group cancelation which took the group of four down to just me. Not that I was complaining! It was a relaxed yet professional atmosphere, my nerves melted away and I was comfy asking questions no matter how daft I thought they seemed. A real highlight was when David advised me how to create a wing that was flattering to my eye shape, something I had always struggled with. For someone that really is royalty in the beauty world and has achieved so much (honestly read the link!) he was down to earth and not at all a ‘makeup snob’ he was honest about the freedom products and very quickly I felt I could trust his opinions and guidance.

As David demonstrated on his beautiful model Dan Fitzpatrick, who was a student at the school and is now being mentored by David to co host the freedom makeup courses (jealous much?) I was applying my own makeup step by step with lots of tips, tricks and advice on how best to apply the products as well as how to get the most out of them. There were lots of options to really personalise the look too, for example I chose half lashes instead of full (house of glam dolls own brand, they were beautiful and easy to apply!) , I also had white liner on the waterline instead of black and with David’s recommendation I didn’t use mascara on the lower lashes. It really opened my eyes up making me look bright and awake!   

I was impressed with the quality of the Freedom products I used and received. Some of which are already staples in my collection others I had been itching to try. One favourite  product from the day has to be the eyeshadow palette, the colours were pigmented, smooth and easily blended. The range of shades work so well together I will get a lot of use out of this bad boy. The eyeshadow primer was already a favourite of mine as well as the concealer palette. The only item I didn’t think much of was the foundation as I like a really matte finish whereas it was more dewy, so I ended up using a Mac foundation instead. I also loved the blush and lippie, which for the price you really can’t go wrong. Another exciting thing I learned was that glam dolls will be working with freedom makeup to help develop more products in the future. I will be purchasing these as soon as physically possible!!!!

Overal it was a fantastic experience I would recommend to everyone and anyone, you can never learn too much about makeup! As well as being wowed with the quality of the Freedom products I was 100% charmed by House of Glam Dolls and am seriously thinking about signing up to one of their MANY courses they have on offer. If you would like to know more about House of Glam Dolls check out their page: 

If you would like to have a look at what Freedom Makeup London has to offer or to book onto a course similar to mine, check out their page: 
Disclaimer: I attended the course to review curtesy of Freedom Makeup London but that does not remotely effect the honest review I have given. I have not been sponsored or paid to promote this product, I would not sell my soul for makeup. 

My heatwave makeup! 

Hello my little buttons!

Here in the uk, where I live we are experiencing a heatwave. As this is not my usual climate, (as anyone who’s been to the uk knows!) I am sweating, burning and just struggling in general!!! So the thought of putting on makeup was not pleasant to say the least, but I didn’t want to look like a tiered mess as I had plans today. So I decided to really strip it back and just use the bare minimum, here were the Heros from today’s face. 


SPF is super important to me, and the product I used combined light coverage as well as protecting my skin from the sun. Loreal Skin Perfection bb cream. Comfy to wear, once it’s soaked in feels like there’s nothing on and with an SPF of 25 that me sorted! 


To set the BBcream and to mattify I used The Body Shop 3 in 1 powder foundation which alone provides medium coverage. I used a big fluffy powder brush and lightly dusted it all over, then using a smaller brush went over any problem areas like under my eyes and a few little spots. I wasn’t trying to fully cover anything I just wanted to tone it all down and even it out. 


I decided to go with my Bourjois Color Band eyeshadow & liner pencil. I wanted something quick and easy that I could take with me and top up if needed. I own the shade 04 Rose Fauviste which is a gorgeous metallic pinky rose gold colour. It sets really well and I get a good 5/6 hours out of this before it needs topping up, even in this hot weather. There’s still a pretty sheen to the lids and minimal creasing. 


WATERPROOF ALL THE WAY!!! Is normally my mantra, I love it’s staying power as I tend to wipe my eyes thought the day and can get panda eyes if I’m not careful with other mascaras. I have been using Gosh Length ‘n’ build which doesn’t say it’s waterproof on the packaging but I’ve found it lasts the same as my waterproof mascaras. I’ve had it on all day and it still in its place looking pretty. 


I wanted something fairly neutral, that I could apply through the day without a mirror and felt balmy and comfy to wear. I went for my Bourjois Colour Boost lip crayon in 07 Proudly Naked, its one of my favourite lip products for being so pretty, silky smooth to apply and easy to wear it also contains SPF 15. What more could I want?! 

Here is the finished look. Don’t you just love ‘no makeup makeup?’ So pretty and flattering on anyone, letting your natural skin do all the talking with just a touch colour to the lips and lids. I didn’t go for blush as I’m really rosy anyway. The only products I didn’t mention was my Rimmel eyebrow pencil in hazel and The Body Shop Honey Bronzer in shade 01 which I very lightly dusted all over. 

I hope you enjoyed today’s blog! What have you been wearing in the heat wave? Comment below and subscribe!