L’oreal Infallible Matte Foundation – is it worth the hype?


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I was in the market for a matte medium to full coverage fondation, I mainly use bb creams or lighter foundations but I do like to have something with a bit more coverage for events and bad skin days. One of the first products that came to mind was L’Oréal Infallible Matte liquid Foundation, I’ve read amazing reviews and from what I’d seen in photos it looks gorgeous on the skin. I ordered mine online so took a bit of a gamble on the shade, I went for ‘natural rose’ as I’m fairly pale and have a lot of pink tones. As I’m getting older instead of covering up the pink I’m just going with it! Turns out the shade was perfect, it blended in lovely with my skin tone. I love the packaging, it comes in a tube with a small nozzle so you have full control over how much product comes out and you can see how much you have left as it’s mainly clear packaging. The black and red writing/detail looks awesome together as well.

Ive been using the foundation for a few weeks now and I have to say I absolutely love it. I’ve been buffing it in with a foundation brush, no I don’t have a beauty blender I realise I’m the only person alive who doesn’t lol. That a side even with the brush it blends in beautifully with my skin and layers up really well so I can take it from medium coverage to full coverage. It doesn’t cake up and still looks surprisingly natural for such high coverage. Even though it’s matte it’s not drying on my skin at all and even after a whole day of wear still looks fantastic. I have been using a primer as I always do and a light powder to set the foundation and my concealer. I’ve not needed to powder through the day what so ever which is a new thing for me!!! It mainly stays matte throughout the day but what I actually do like is as it settles you can see a natural glow through it which I think is what makes it look so subtle and real-skin like. I would definitely agree it’s water proof and steam proof as even when I’ve been out in the hammering rain it’s all still been in place when I’ve got back.


In the photo I had been wearing the foundation for around 6 hours and had been rushing round sweating getting all my jobs done, it still looks great! I highly recommend this foundation and at £8.99 it’s easily replaceable when you run out.

Here’s a few more photos of the foundation:


What’s your favourite affordable matte foundation? Comment below!

Becca xxx

£5 dupe for Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow?!

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Recently I purchased Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow in the shade blonde for £15, soon after that I found out Freedom Makeup London also did a blonde brow pomade for £5, naturally I ordered it lol! The past two weeks has been the battle of the brows, to see how these both perform side by side and if Freedom Makeups version could really be a good dupe for me to recommend. I blogged a first impression of the dipbrow and long story short I loved it, so easy to use, great colour, lasts litrally all day. It really does something magic to your brows, if you have used it you know what I mean! It is avaliable in 11 shades, you receive 4g of product and it has a 6 month expiry after opening. I ordered mine through http://beautybay.com and received free delivery (I’m in the UK)


The first thing I noticed about the Freedom Makeup brow pomade in comparison to dipbrow was how similar the packaging is, both are cute little glass pots with sleek black lids. The next thing I noticed, that really shocked me was how similar the colours were!


Freedoms was a hair darker (do you see what I did there haha) but the similarity is impressive. Anyone with blonde hair/brows knows that most drugstore ‘blonde’ products really aren’t blonde, and even if they look blonde in the pan when you apply them they seem far darker. Don’t get me wrong these are still a darker shade of blonde but thats perfect for my brows and I imagine if you had lighter brow hair it would appear lighter on the skin. Getting back to my original point it’s hard to find affordable blonde brow products but the Freedom pomade was spot on. They felt very similar in texture and throughout the day both swatches lasted equally as well on the back of my hand, once they had set they didn’t budge. I also thought it was fab that Freedom also carried 11 shades, which again for drug store is a rarity. There is less product though, you get 2.5g but the product expires after 12 months instead of 6 so if you didn’t use it every day it’s still good for twice as long as the dipbrow and it is £10 cheaper. I ordered mine through http://freedommakeuplondon.com


Next up are the brow swatches, again super impressive! They both acheive a very similar result which I wasn’t expecting. I found the Freedom pomade adhered to the hair slightly more than the skin but after good comb through with my spoolie it evened out nicely. I found the dipbrow adhered to skin and hair more smoothly but I would still brush them through so really it doesn’t matter too much. With both products you can lightly fill in your brows or go full on defined “instabrow” depending on what you prefer.

In conclusion I think the Freedom pomade is a brilliant dupe for the more pricey dipbrow, both are fantastic and get the job done. They both wear well and last all day with no flaking or running all over your face in the rain (nothing worse than loosing your brows!). The shade range in both lines is unbelievable there really is something for everyone, what more could you want for your brows? What’s your fav brow product? I’d love you hear in the comments below!

Becca x

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I can’t get enough of coloured eyeliners, here are some of the ones I can’t live without!

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I just love coloured liners! I really can’t have too many, I put myself on a ban a while ago which im pretty sure needs to be broken. My favourite black and nude liners are Rimmel Scandal eyes, i embarrassingly  don’t own any of the coloured ones. It literally feels like a crime so that’s what I’ll be getting on payday! I love how versatile coloured liners are, you can go all out colourful and crazy or if your more of a neutral person use your Browns and creams and just have a pop of colour in the waterline, or just underneath with a nude liner in the waterline to really open up the eyes. 

Here are a few of my favourites.

Most affordable! 

MakeupRevolution Hypocrisy eyeliners/lip liners £1 each available at http://www.makeuprevolution.com or in some superdrugs. 

These are multi purpose super affordable liners, some of these colours are crazy. I was so impressed with these, smooth and cramy they last really well on the waterline as well as just underneath. Which is hard to find in a coloured liner. You can have some real fun with these colours, my favourites by far are the blue and lilac. I wasn’t a huge fan of the red, it really stained my eyes and made me look ill. Although it would love fabulous just above some winged out black liquid liner, which in hinds sight I should of tried lol.  Here are some looks I have done with them.


 Most metallic!

Next up we have Gosh velvet touch liners £4.99 each available at superdrug in store or online. 

The name Velvet Touch is spot on, these liners are super creamy and glide on like a cooling gel. They are available in a whopping 19 colours so there is a vast colour choice I can’t wait to explore. I own ‘renaissance gold’ and ‘purple stain’, both really metallic and pigmented. Even on the eyes you can see the true colour and the iridescence in the purple. I tend to use the gold at least twice a week it’s such a great way to make a simple look more exciting. You get a good few hours lasting in the waterline, they last beautifully just under it, so even when it’s moved off the waterline it’s still surrounding it looking gorgeous. 

As you can see it looks lovely with pinks, Browns golds and bronzes,  just adds a little something that was missing before.

This purple gets me everything, I love using it with turquoises, blues and greens to add some depth and how metallic it is just gets people’s attention!  

 Most expensive! 

Elizabeth Arden. £14.45. This colour is called Sapphire 04.

Ok this is a bit of a weird one, this is not the best liner I have ever owned, which for the price I kinda would of wanted it to be…. But just look at the colour! I was hypnotised and just had to have it in my life and I’m pleased I did. I was on the lookout for a dark blue metallic liner to go with my maybelline colour tattoo in everlasting navy. I love dark navy eyes all smoked out it just look so pretty. This was a really good match! It also looks nice with bronzes and golds. I have found with these stick formulas the liner tends to be a bit more waxy than creamy, I think this is so it holds it shape in the tube. Which is great for lining under the waterline but you do have to go over several times on the waterline to really build up that colour. It also needed a touch up through the day but it was worth it for the shade of blue it’s exactly what I wanted. 

I hope this has helped you in some way and given you a few ideas of what to pick up if you feel like experimenting with colour. If you have any coloured liners you think I would like or would like me to review please comment below! xxx 

Sleek blushes- there is nothing more pigmented! 

Hello my little buttons! 

Heres a quick review on sleek blushes, if you don’t own any of these YOU NEED THEM IN YOUR LIFE. There is a huge colour selection in the 3 pan or single powder/cream individual pans. There really is a shade for everyone from pinks, oranges, reds, browns every skin tone is catered for. In my opinion sleek rule the high street blush market. The pigmentation is insane, you will never go through a whole one. Here are some swatches of a few I own, these are done with one swipe. 

From top to bottom:

  • Rose gold
  • Pink mint
  • Macaroon
  • Icing powder

The 3 pan palette is called ‘pink lemonade’ and the individual is called ‘Rose gold’

Have you ever seen blush swatches like it?! The powders are really long lasting, go on smooth and blend beautifully. The cream lasts even longer and also applies the same. The shimmery shades can work great as a highlight and eyeshadow as well as blush. You can use fingers or brushes it always looks lovely. The only think I would advise is use the tiniest bit of product it’s very easy to look like a 5 year old playing with mummy’s makeup if your not careful, better to slowly build it up and be cautious. The 3 pan is £10 and the single pan is £4.49 so super affordable and u get a lot of product for your money. I love that the palette has a cream as well as two powders it’s great for travel I always take it on my holidays. The packaging is matte black with shiny  black lettering, theres also a mirror which is always handy. These are defiantly a win in my book! Which ones your favourite! Please comment below! 

Freedom Makeup London-Pro 32 Innocent Collection Eyeshadow Palette Review (only £8!!!) 


Hello my little buttons!

First impression of this palette was wow, it’s the perfect neutral palette. There’s a selection of warm and cool tones, mattes and shimmers. I love that there’s lots of matte creams pinks and peaches, as well as endless crease colours. To me this covers the basics; browns, purples, silvers, bronzes and charcoal greys blacks.

The packing is sleek and sturdy with a nice big mirror. I was happy to seeing it’s not huge either, it’s roughly 4inches by 7inches so easy to store and perfect for travel. The powders themself are pigmented, even the light mattes are lovely ,which sometimes in large palettes can be a bit of a let down. They blend beautifully and you can really build the colour up for a really dark smokey eye. For a change I decided not to finger swatch these and jump straight in to using them with my brushes and create a few looks instead. There was very little fall out and they were a pleasure to use.                                          

I know the big question floating around is are they the same as Makeup Revolution palettes? Both brands are made by the same people and the packaging is identical. I love makeup revolution and have always raved about their eyeshadow palettes, but I have to say I do think this palette is of a better quality in comparison to the Makeup Revolution large palettes. They are easier to blend, creamier, less powdery and the pigmentation is spot on. 

Here are a few looks I created using nothing but this palette:


For this look I used the silvers and dark greys, it gave my eyes dimension and really brought out the blue in my eyes. 


Here I used the more bronzey shades which is one of my favourite go to looks, next time I think I’ll use the lighter bronze shade with a damp brush to really intensify the colour and make it pop. 


I noticed some of the pinky shades are very similar to my naked 3 urban decay palette so I decided to do a natural pinky look which is one I also wear often and the end result is incredibly similar. (Blog on naked 3 dupes coming soon)

And last but not least is a really simple eye using creams and Browns I normally pair this with red stained lips and flawless skin (well I try) for a 50s look. It’s quick and easy but so effective, here is the overall look and yes i used the chrome filter!!! 

So there are my thoughts on the pro 32 innocent collection palette. I’m looking forward to reviewing more of http://www.freedommakeuplondon.com products as so far I’ve loved every single one! Please comment below if you like this palette or if there is anything you would like me to review! 

Disclaimer: This was sent to me to review but that doesn’t remotely effect the honest review I have given I have not been sponsored or paid to promote this product.