£5 dupe for Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow?!

Hello my little buttons!

Recently I purchased Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow in the shade blonde for £15, soon after that I found out Freedom Makeup London also did a blonde brow pomade for £5, naturally I ordered it lol! The past two weeks has been the battle of the brows, to see how these both perform side by side and if Freedom Makeups version could really be a good dupe for me to recommend. I blogged a first impression of the dipbrow and long story short I loved it, so easy to use, great colour, lasts litrally all day. It really does something magic to your brows, if you have used it you know what I mean! It is avaliable in 11 shades, you receive 4g of product and it has a 6 month expiry after opening. I ordered mine through http://beautybay.com and received free delivery (I’m in the UK)


The first thing I noticed about the Freedom Makeup brow pomade in comparison to dipbrow was how similar the packaging is, both are cute little glass pots with sleek black lids. The next thing I noticed, that really shocked me was how similar the colours were!


Freedoms was a hair darker (do you see what I did there haha) but the similarity is impressive. Anyone with blonde hair/brows knows that most drugstore ‘blonde’ products really aren’t blonde, and even if they look blonde in the pan when you apply them they seem far darker. Don’t get me wrong these are still a darker shade of blonde but thats perfect for my brows and I imagine if you had lighter brow hair it would appear lighter on the skin. Getting back to my original point it’s hard to find affordable blonde brow products but the Freedom pomade was spot on. They felt very similar in texture and throughout the day both swatches lasted equally as well on the back of my hand, once they had set they didn’t budge. I also thought it was fab that Freedom also carried 11 shades, which again for drug store is a rarity. There is less product though, you get 2.5g but the product expires after 12 months instead of 6 so if you didn’t use it every day it’s still good for twice as long as the dipbrow and it is £10 cheaper. I ordered mine through http://freedommakeuplondon.com


Next up are the brow swatches, again super impressive! They both acheive a very similar result which I wasn’t expecting. I found the Freedom pomade adhered to the hair slightly more than the skin but after good comb through with my spoolie it evened out nicely. I found the dipbrow adhered to skin and hair more smoothly but I would still brush them through so really it doesn’t matter too much. With both products you can lightly fill in your brows or go full on defined “instabrow” depending on what you prefer.

In conclusion I think the Freedom pomade is a brilliant dupe for the more pricey dipbrow, both are fantastic and get the job done. They both wear well and last all day with no flaking or running all over your face in the rain (nothing worse than loosing your brows!). The shade range in both lines is unbelievable there really is something for everyone, what more could you want for your brows? What’s your fav brow product? I’d love you hear in the comments below!

Becca x

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Mini Naked 3 Dupe! With Swatches! 


Hello my little buttons!

Here is my side by side swatch review of Urban Decays Naked 3 and Freedom Makeup Londons Pro Shade & Brighten Stunning Rose Kit mini eyeshadow palette. My Naked 3 is one of my favourite palettes, I love rosy makeup and what ever combo I choose in this palette I’m always happy with the end result. I was hoping they would do a basics palette but so far it’s not been mentioned. Now I have found this Freedom palette I’m not even sure if I would buy it! As soon as I laid eyes on the Rose kit i recognised the first half of the naked 3 instantly, when I put them side by side I was wowed at how similar they were. Or should I say identical! I feel the only thing that’s missing from the Freedom palette is a darker shade like factory or darkside but for day time looks its perect. When I swatched them side by side I was even more impressed.

 As you can see this is a swatch of the first shades in both palettes, freedoms is slightly more yellow and although both are pigmented urban decays did apply slighter better. This is one of my favourite base colours from urban decay Iv nearly hit pan on it I use it that often. 
 Second shade in both palettes, urban decays really is more of a glitter dust whereas freedoms is more metallic and there’s more colour behind the glitter. You can’t really tell in the photo but in real life I think that’s the only slight difference, although once they are blended out on the eyes they do create the same effect.  Freedoms is more creamy but there is more fall out because of this. 

 Third shade in the palettes, these are the closest match in colour, freedoms is maybe a hair darker but it’s not noticeable at all. Fab dupe!! 


Forth shade in the palettes, there is quite a difference here. Freedoms is darker, more pigmented and leans more towards a brown. Whereas urban decays is more of a smoky purple and is defiantly lighter on the skin.

I love these shades! Fifth colour in the palette, both seriously pigmented although the freedoms is slightly darker. Once on the lids there is no difference. Both shades have fall out but it’s so worth it! 

 Here is the last dupe shades in the palettes, and it really is Freedoms triumph! Look at the pigmentation!!!!! It’s super metallic, there is quite a lot of movement fallout in the pan when I put my finger/brush in where it’s so soft but I really don’t care because that colour is perfection. I’ve always found this shade in the urban decay palette to be quite stiff to work with and freedoms really is the total opposite. 
 Here’s a close up so you can stare a bit longer!  

I would also like to touch on prices and packaging, the naked 3 is £38 and you get 12 shades. The packaging can’t be beat, a pretty sturdy pink tin that snaps shut really securely and a large mirror. There’s also a great selection of darks and lights, mattes and shimmers. It’s really well rounded there is so much you can do with it, the quality of the shadows are also beautiful. Pigmented and long lasting, there is slight fall out but that really doesn’t bother me I just do my eyes before my face, problem solved lol. 

The Rose Kit is £2.50 and you get 6 eyeshadows and a highlight shade. It’s a cute mini sized palette great for touch ups throught the day in you handbag, I like that the lid is clear so if you have a selection of them you can tell which is which. It’s a shame there’s not a small mirror as I would need to carry one separately, but for £2.50 I really can’t moan. The shadows are jammed with pigmentation and with a good primer last really well. As I said earlier it’s a shame there’s not a dark colour but as the fourth shade comes out darker than it looks in the pan it helps even out the final look. 

So overal both palettes are a win for me, I like that I can use my naked 3 at home in the morning and take the Rose kit on the go in my bag for touch ups. They work so well together!  I hope you enjoyed this comparison to see more like it please subscribe! xxx 

Disclaimer: The Rose Kit by Freedom was sent to me but that doesn’t remotely effect the honest review I have given I have not been sponsored or paid to promote this product. The Naked 3 I purchased with my own money.