Makeup Revolution Mermaids Vs Unicorns Eyeshadow Palette 


Here is the Makeup Revolution, Mermaids vs Unicorns eyeshadow palette which costs £4…yes you read right, £4!!! I love colourful makeup, the greens pink purples and blues really gets my heart racing! This palette has been well thought out, you can use a combination of nearly anything in this palette and it’ll look stunning. The shadows are bright, pigmented and blend well, amazing quality for the price. What nice as well is you can go in light for a gentle wash of colour or pack it on with your finger or a damp brush for a vibrant more full on look. There’s metalics and shimmers, there are a couple of matte shades with a fine glitter running through them that actually shows up on the skin. I like the fact the lid of the palette is clear so while I’m rumaging in my draws its easy to find, it would of been nice if it was maybe half clear half mirror but that’s not the end of the world. I also think it’s a shame there isn’t a cream or a brown to neutralise some of the colours on application but then again I love every shade in this palette i wouldn’t want to sacrifice any of them! I adore this palette so if you love colour or feel like being brave, give it a try! Here are some looks I achieved with this palette xxx 



Jaclyn Hill Favourites Palette by Morphe Brushes


Let’s just take a minute to look at this beauty!! As soon as I heard this palette was coming round again I jumped on the chance, after hearing all the reviews last time I couldn’t let this slip away. Even if I did have to pay nearly the price of the palette to get it shipped here! It was so worth it, the colour selection is perfection there are so many different looks you can do with this just looking at it makes me feel so inspired! Here are the swatches:

The shadows are soft, smooth, pigmented, they blend beautifully and there are several shades I’ve not seen anything like before. I’ve really enjoyed playing around with different colours and looks, it’s a super fun palette, you can go natural to smokey to colourful it has a bit of everything. As much as this palette is now a staple in my collection I have a few small criticisms. Firstly there’s a lot of fall out, which doesn’t massively bother me as even my urban decay shadows have fall out but I know it would bother a lot of people. I just make sure I do my eyes first before doing my foundation etc. Secondly, the packaging is rather flimsy, I actually keep it in its box just incase!! It’s also a shame it’s not got Jaclyn Hill on the front, even just her name would of been good! Last moan is, it’s not got a matte white, cream or light pink so I usually have to reach for another palette too. Mini moan over lol!! Apart from these little niggly things it’s still in my top 3 favourite palettes of all time! If you can get your hands on it, do it you will not regret it! To finish off here are some photos of the looks I have created with it so far. Lots of love xxx #lovethebutton