Wayne Goss in The Body Shop + mini haul + new products! 

Hello my little buttons!! 

I haven’t been to The Body Shop for a while so I popped in today to pick up a few bits and have a nosy. The first thing I noticed was this fabulous display #daretomask full of fancy new face masks!!! Face masks are one of my favourite things in the whole wide world. The two I was drawn to was the Himalayan Charcoal mask and the Ethiopian Honey Mask. As the were £15 each I decided to get samples to try at home first, one thing I love about the body shop is the samples to try before you buy. I also loved the variety, they really have covered all skin types and mask requirements, the packaging looks really smart too. 

The main reason I went in was to buy a few bits from the seaweed skin care range, which if you have followed me for a while you’ll know it’s my all time favourite skin care line. The two best products in the line, in my opinion, are the oil balancing clay mask and the oil control over night gel. Usually these are £23 together. Today I found a cute little pre packed box with both these products in for £16. Bargain!!! I also noticed all the skin care had been repackaged which I think really adds to the luxurious feel of the products. 

The big surprise for me was seeing Wayne Goss posters and leaflets all over the shop promoting The Body Shops eyeshadows! I’m not sure if they have reformulated the eyeshadows as last time I used them I wasn’t overly impressed. I really value goss’s opinion so I am tempted to try the new palettes they had in store. 

Over all a fun little trip out! What body shop product can you not live without?! 

Lots of love 

Becca xxx 

Starskin, my first sheet mask experience

Hello my little buttons!

In 2015 sheet masks were everywhere, amusing photos of people ‘masked up’ flooded the beauty community as well as discussions of the benefits.
I love a good face mask, and without regular use I can really tell the different in my skins texture so for me it’s an important step in my skin care routine.

Recently I received a Skinstar sheet mask worth £8.50 in my glossy box so thought it was a great opportunity to have a play! I really liked the packaging, as well as being a cute pink colour it looked like a movie poster. In place of the star filled cast was all the things the mask boasts to do to do your skin, such as hydrating and firming. So far so good!

I ran myself a bath, and lit my woodwork candle to get the full ‘spa at home’ experience, I then cleansed my face and patted it dry. I moved the serum around the packet so it was evenly spread, I then opened the packed and tried placing the gigantic mask on my face. I thought I was going crazy, it kept slipping down my face and I couldn’t get it to stick all over. I kept thinking this doesn’t look right what is wrong with this mask how could anyone find this a pleasant experience?! How on earth will it stay on for 20 whole minutes?! I was then invaded by my other half and our 2 children, everyone got a lovely shock as I looked like I was wearing a hockey mask. I explained the dilemma to my other half, who then very sensibly asked “did you read the instructions?” to which I quietly replied…. “no” on further inspection turns out I haven’t removed the plastic around the mask!!! Once the plastic was removed it made a lot more sense lol it easily stuck to my face including the nooks and crannies around my nose. It did feel more like a second skin, made of jelly lol. After around 5 minutes my face started to feel freezing, I was also couldn’t relax as I was very aware how close the product was to my eyes and mouth. I managed to keep it on the whole 20 minutes was it was such a receive to take it off and try and heat my chilly face up. As instructed I rubbed the rest of the serum into my face and neck.

Once the product had sunk in I noticed my skin was very nourished and quite bouncy actually, it defiantly had a glow to it. After a few hours i did start getting very greasy,  I have combo skin but think this mask would be great for really dry skin as I do think it was a bit heavy for mine. One benefit I really did notice and enjoy was that my pores around my the next day seemed to have shrunk making them less noticeable.
Overall I don’t think sheet masks are for me, I didn’t like the cold slimy feeling as I suspected I wouldn’t and I didn’t feel the mask benefits were worth it, for my skin anyway. I can think of a few people that would love this mask it’s just a shame it made me so greasy!!! I’d love to hear what you think, have you tried this mask? What’s your favourite sheet mask?