Beauty Bay makeup haul! 

Hello my little buttons!! 

I’m so sorry, I’ve not posted in about two weeks, it feels like forever!! I’m still alive, I have been crazy busy with work and other commitments which has had to take priority over my blog. I’m hoping to get back in the swing of things asap, so to kick it off I thought I’d share with you my recent beauty bay haul! I only bought a couple of bits but thought I’d share them with you. I will be reviewing all these items so if you’d like to read more please subscribe to my blog for email updates when I post something new! 

1 Mango Face Wash

I’ve been in the market for a new face wash for a while, the last product I tried broke my skin out so I’ve been pretty choosy about what to try next. I saw this and thought what the heck, I love eating mangos so why not put them on my face! 

2. La girl eyeshadow palettes 

As a palette junkie i’ve been eyeing these up for while. Apart from them being a metallic master piece they were only £3 each. Here in the UK we don’t have la girl cosmetics so when I saw that beauty bay were stocking some of their products I had to give them a go. 

3. La girl Pro Conceal 

Last but not least is this little beauty. This is for sure a ‘youtube made me buy it’ product as I’ve seen it everywhere. For £5 it’s worth a go! I’m just hoping the colours right for my skin as although it’s the shade light ivory it still looks pretty orange to me. 

So that’s everything! I have another haul blog post coming up from superdrug, damn their 3 for 2 lol. Hope you all have a fantastic day!

Becca xxx 

Korean makeup haul!


Hello my little buttons!

I’m very excited to share with you my recent Korean makeup haul from yesstyle. I bought these products with my own money and have been waiting, for what feels like an eternity, for them to arrive! I will be reviewing each product individually so this is just a quick blog on what exactually I have ordered.


This item was the only item I actually intended to buy lol. I have watched and read so many people try out the new “peel off lipstain” i couldnt help but jump on board to lol. This pack is the “my lip tint pack” and comes with 6 shades.


I love a good eyeliner so was drawn to these super waterproof liners in black and bronze. I swatched them on my arm and within seconds they set, I have a video up on my Instagram showing me rubbing over them with zero smudging. Think these will be fantastic hoping to test them out at the weekend. The packaging is also adorable, there’s a really cute snow white with attitude on the lids!


Simple liquid liner, the formula looks super black and the brush is perfect  for winging out.


Black head nose strips are sooo much fun, I love seeing all the gunk come out! I know it’s discusting but you have to admit it’s really rewarding and anyone who says it isn’t is lying.


This adorable little panda is an under eye brighter. I’ll be honest with you, it could of been any product and I think I would of still bought it!!! This packaging is just too cute. The product itself looks pretty white so am curious to see how it looks under makeup.

Tomorrow morning I’ll be testing lots of these little monsters out amd will be posting pics on instagram! I already started testing the lipstains, I’m planning on using one each day and reviewing them next weekend. It’s going to be an interesting read, if you are curious do subscribe to my blog and you’ll receive an email notification when it’s up!

Becca xxx