Freedom Makeup London ‘Far Away’ Lipstick Collection-not to be missed!


Hello my little buttons!

I was sent these amazing Star Wars themed lipsticks by Freedom Makeup London who launched on June 5th this year (2015) the colours are crazy! When I swatched them I was hypnotised by the uniqueness of the shades, the grey/silver both have different coloured shimmers which sadly my cameras not picking up that well! The purple almost glows and the gold was so opaque it blew my mind. I realise how dramatic I am being but they really were eye catching! Today I tested them all out on my lips:

The first white shade is called ‘storm trooper’ I used a white eyeliner to line my lips and fill them in before applying the lipstick. The formula is so smooth and creamy and applied beautifully. It looks loads better with the White liner underneath to smooth it all over. The gold shade is called ‘space luxe’ this was a joy to use feels like a lip balm rather than a lipstick yet it’s so opaque and metallic in the light it looks awesome! The next shade is ‘sky walker’ same formula as the gold easy and smooth to apply with a beautiful blue/purple tone to it. Next we have ‘the sith’ a dark metallic grey also with blue/purple undertones, I used a black eyeliner to line my lips before applying which really gave it some more dimension. Needed a few layers but built up beautifully. The last shade we have ‘far away’ a metallic purple which I feel speaks for it’s it’s just gorgeous! 

Over all I’m amazed these are only £1 each, as well as feeling comfy on the lips they apply beautiful and I’ve never seen colours like it. If this is your thing or you feel like experimenting, go check out