Makeup trends – Non-touring?!


Hello my little buttons!

Recently one of my favourite YouTubers Wayne Goss posted a video about “Non-touring” in short, it was hilarious. The past year has all been about contouring, this year it’s strobing, now apparently the new “hot” thing is Non-touring. Which is….drum roll please…. basically doing nothing!!!! I couldn’t tell if this was a joke or not so I got Googleing.


After some research I was astounded to find out that non-touring is a REAL THING. There were an abundance of makeup tutorials on YouTube, articles in magazines and even models raving about this ‘new look.’


Non touring is apparently about summery light ‘no makeup’ makeup, using a light coverage dewy foundation or bb cream with a dust of bronzer, blush and a touch of highlight.

(So basically go back two years before you felt the social pressure to Sculpt out those cheek bones and highlight like a blind woman possessed, you now have permission to use your old simple makeup routine.)

In theory yes I love this look as for years it was my makeup routine as well as everyone else I knew growing up lol. It just really tickled me that someone out there decided this look needed a name, a strong name, something bold that would be the next trend..and that name is “Non-touring”?!!!

It sounds like people have had enough of the many extra steps to a routine that contouring and strobing are weighed down with and are going back to basics. Which is great! It’s such a quick and easy look and as summer is round the corner you don’t wanted to be caked with layer and layers of product melting all over the place in the heat.


Celeb makeup artist Renee Sanagoo spoke Marie Claire describing the look as “spanx for your face” “you know your wearing it, but no-one’s suppost to see it.” Interesting simile, took me a while to get it but I see where she was going with that. Celebrities such as Gigi Hadid and Kendal Jenner seem to agree. Here’s my version of the ‘no makeup’ makeup Non-touring!


I hope this blog made you smile and you can see the humour in Non-touring! I’d love to hear in the comments below what you think of this ‘new’ trend, does it need a name? Do you like the name? What else would you call it?

Becca xxx

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