Bee Good Honey & Camelina Facial Exfoliator Review 

Hello my little buttons! 

I received Bee Good facial exfoliator wash in my November Glossy box and could not have been more pleased. I love the brand Bee Good and have tried a few of their products now, my skin loves honey and reacts really well to this line of skin care. I even wrote a blog on the wonderful properties of honey in skincare, click Here to give it a read. 

After using this exfoliator religiously I am ready to announce I’m in love! It offers a gentle but effective exfoliation leaving the skin feeling smooth soft and hydrated. From using honey products I can tell the ‘honey effect’ is happening as my skin is so nourished after this scrub, which is fantastic as usually after exfoliation my skin can feel rather dry and tight. It also smells beautiful and not too over powering. 

Another reason I’m loving this scrub is it’s helped clear up my skin. I had been neglecting my skincare, which is odd as I normally love the morning and nightly ritual?! But anyway, as I have been neglecting my skincare my chin was attacked with the worst breakout I have had in about 10 years, it was literally a beard of spots!! Every morning another 2 or 3 joining the gross party. Enough was enough!!! There were several products I instinctively reached for that are my secret weapons when my skin needs an extra umph (if you would like a blog post on this please comment below) but I also happily reached for the exfoliator which has been amazing at clearing up my spots, it’s anti bacterial properties have come to the rescue once again. 

After doing some research about the other fantastic skin care ingredient in this exfoliant, Camelina, its benefits sound incredibly similar to those of honey so I am not at all surprised to see how this product has helped transform my skin back to normal. 

What’s your secret skincare weapon? Please comment below! 

Lots of love

Becca xxx 

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