Team TAM know how to party, iamfreedom award finals!!! 

Hello my little buttons! 

Wow what a week! Freedom makeup London threw the party of the year at DSTRKT in Soho London to announce the winner of the long awaited iamfreedom makeup competition. I was tickled pink to have been invited and after attending makeup revolutions birthday party bash previously I knew I was in for a good night. I managed to get my beautiful friend Gemah a ticket so we got our glad rags on and got going!

The venue was classy and beautiful, as well as everyone looking stunning the vibe was super glam with a Halloween twist it was a pleasure to be there. The ‘make off’ was between 5 gorgeous girls from around the globe, fighting for the winning prize of £20,000, a years contract with freedom as well as a years supply of makeup up.

Each girl had created a unique Halloween look for the evening. All the guests had a vote which counted towards the final desision, as well as the judges having their say.

After a tense wait, Adam (the king of makeup) announced that Lorna was the winner! Such a beauuuuutifull take on Halloween makeup it was breath taking. Congratulations to Lorna and all the other girls who entered you all did amazingly well to get to the final. 

I’ll be honest as I always am on my blog, the rest of the night was a bit of a blur lol the excitement and free drinks….(yes u heard me, free drinks) turned this classy affair into a full on rave what a fantastic night!!!! I was a discrace!!  I met some adorable blogger girls throughout the night which was so much fun, it also turned out some of us already followed each other on instragram which was such a sweet coniceidence and really felt like we were in a little makeup Revolution family lol. I just hope I didn’t make too much of a prat out of myself as I was knocking back the vodka red bulls! I also felt rather guilty the next day for my poor sober darling Gemah having to drag me home! I love u Gemah I’m sorry!!! Towards the end of the night there was a free for all on the makeup goodies dotted around the room, as I was rather tiddly Gemah was on it like a shot managing to grab herself some lip products as well as a huge eyeshadow palette, she even grabbed me these gift sets which I will be playing with this week!! 

Overall it was a brilliant night and I can’t wait for the next one. Sadly I didn’t get photos of everyone I met but on my Instagram there are a few from the night up there if you’d like to have a nosy! On instragram I’m buttonnailslovesmakeup and if you’d like to follow me on twitter I’m @button_nails 

Lots of love 

Becca xxx 

Why does everyone hate Sanders Kennedy?! 

Hello my little buttons!! 
I am a YouTube junkie, and I can admit that. I watch YouTube while making the kids lunch boxes, while I’m doing my house work, cooking dinner, and pretty much every other sneaky moment I can. I watch a wide variety of channels but one of my favourites channel genre’s …as controversial as it is….is YouTube gossip/drama channels. 

One rather large gossip channel is Sander Kennedy, recently his subscriber count has blow up but I’ve been watching him from back in the day before he came really popular and I’ve gotta say I love him! 

As well as gossip videos Sanders has made some really heart wrenching personal videos about his life and his past which must have been incredibly difficult to talk about but his intention was to help other people. I really admired him for this as putting yourself out there online can leave you very vulnerable and exposed.

I watch pretty much every video he posts as I love to hear what he has to say, I think he’s hilarious and so entertaining. Even if there are 100 other YouTubers with the same gossip video I always go to Sanders first. He’s the kind of guy that as I’m watching I feel like we’re having a coffee and a good old catch up, which is exactly what I want from a gossip channel!!! 

People are complaining he’s made too many videos on Jeffree Star, personally I would disagree. JS is a huge topic of conversation right now and the people that follow that drama want to know every little detail and as JS keeps f*cking up and as more issues are coming to light, there’s more gossip all the time!! 

There seems to be quite a lot of bitchiness going on between quite a few of the gossip channel creator’s, but to be honest I don’t take it all too seriously. YouTube is there for your entertainment, I get that some people don’t enjoy watching conflict, which is fine as they’re a million other videos to watch. At the end of the day everyone is trying to grow their channels and as much as people deny it conflict and gossip gets views, I don’t meant that maliciously it’s the truth lol.

I really hope I don’t get a lot of hate for this post as it’s meant to be light hearted but I just don’t get why he’s so hated!!? Sanders is one of my favourite YouTubers  I love his sass and I don’t think he’s a bad person at all. I want to say that I do love other drama channels, some of which seem to be “anti Sanders” and this isn’t me taking any kind of side I just think it’s quite an interesting topic going on right now in the YouTube world. 

What do you think about Sanders?! 

Lots of love

Becca xxx 

buttonnailslovesmakeup is back!! (life update)

Hello my little buttons! 

I hope your all doing well, it’s been quite a while since I posted. I am not under any illusion that I have a big audience nor that I have been missed but I decided to blog on my summer, what I’ve been up to and where I have been for the odd person that might be curious. 

I want to start by saying I love writing, this blog has been so much fun and I have really missed it. It is a fun hobby that gives me joy and watching it grow is so exciting. Every like or comment I receive makes my day, I love chatting with you all about products and hearing what you have to say. The fact someone took time out of their day to comment still blows my mind.

It also happens to be pretty time consuming, finding the time to do my makeup every day, take photos, notes on products, writing up drafts then edit upon edit to make sure I’ve got it just right. At times it can really take over! 

For those of you that don’t know I have a pretty busy life in the ‘real world’ I have two beautiful children, ellie who is nearly 9 and Stanley who is 4. I have a wonderful other half called Dave who I have been with for nearly 10 years. We have a beautiful but mental cat called kitty.

I have my own business from home called button nails where I offer gelish nails (an insane amount of nail art) as well as individual eyelash extentions. I also work one morning a week for my dad’s company as well as a few house cleaning jobs. My hands are pretty full most of the time and sometimes life feels like a juggling act, between school runs, kids clubs, work, vets, doctors/dentist appointments, meetings, work, house work….this list goes on. It can be hard to find time for anything else. But since starting this blog I have always found time as it is a huge passion of mine. 

This summer was the last summer before Stanley started full time school and I was determined to make the most of it, so I decided to put the blog on hold for the holidays and have fun with my family. I don’t want this blog to become something I felt forced to do. I have been crazy busy with work too so it was put on the back burner. Im happy to say the blogging itch is back and so am I.
Please don’t think I’m complaining about my life because I’m really not, I love my crazy odd little family and rushing about all the time. I winge n moan but I wouldn’t want it any other way. 

If you are also in the UK you will have notice how crazy hot it’s been, when the weather is sweltering I don’t tend to wear makeup. I’m a sweaty kinda gal and it drives me crazy having makeup on when it’s boiling hot. But I’ve really missed it. I love choosing what products to wear, getting creative with colours and styles and the process of applying my makeup which I find so relaxing. 

On the other hand, not wearing makeup for 2 months has been so liberating. I’ve been loving my skincare products and have appreciated good skin days more than before. I didn’t even take makeup on holiday!!!! Which was definitely a new thing for me lol.

I have boxes of beauty products ready to be used and tried and tested so watch this space you’ll be reading a lot more from me this month!!! 

I hope you all had a great summer!

Lots of love 

Becca xxx 

20 facts about me!!!


Hello my little buttons!

I have seen a few bloggers recently posting more about their personal lives and I thought as my blog is getting more traffic now you might like to know a bit more about me. If not then there’s lots of other blogs on my that you can read lol so here we go:

1. I am 28 years old (29 in July boooo)

2. My other half is called dave and     we’ve been together for nearly 10 years, which is pretty impressive and if you met him you would agree too haha he really does means the world to me.

3. We have two beautiful children, Ellie who is 8 and Stanley who is 3, they are everything.

4. We have a pure white cat called Kitty who has one blue eye and one green eye. Ellie named her Kitty as she looks like Hello kitty. What can I say it’s true.

5. I am a gelish nail technician who works from home, I love what I do and it’s great being my own boss as I get a lot of time with my little monsters.

6. I have a seat leon cupra and love driving around pretending to be a rude girl….with the kids in the back.

7. I have a weird fetish for planners/diaries and spend a strange amount of time researching which one to buy next.

8. I’m obsessed with YouTube.

9. I feel like I’m constantly washing and drying clothes #housewifeproblems

10. I love writing and blogging, it has become a wonderful part of my already busy life.

11. I love makeup, buying it, touching it, looking at it, wearing it…you get the gist.

12. I love anything with zombies.

13. I watch movies more than TV programmes.

14. I drink far too much coffee.

15. My favourite shop is hobby craft (sad I know!) I genuinely get super excited about going and can spend hours just walking round.

16. I’m an “all or nothing” kind of person which can be a good and bad thing.

17. My memory can be horrendous I drive everyone around me crazy.

18. I’m training in individual eyelash extentions soon which I’m really excited about.

19. I sing all day long, not very well but it’s still classed as singing.

20.  I love surprising people in what I can achieve if I put my mind to it.

I hope you enjoyed this random little blog, if you have any questions I’d love to hear in the comments below!

Becca xxx

Why is honey good for your skin?


Hello my little buttons!

Honey is everywhere right now in skincare, little indie homemade brands are popping up left right and centre. These companies are so important right now to “support the bees” but what is so great about honey and why is it so good for your skin?

Honey is actually antibacterial! It’s great for helping spots disappear as well as keeping them away. I personally noticed this myself after a recent break out, my skin recoverd a lot faster than normal and my spots looked less angry.

Honey is clarify for the skin, by opening up and unclogging pores, which in turn helps keeps spots away leaving your face clean and fresh.

Honey is also highly moisturising, it sooths irritated skin and give your skin a glowy look to it. Since using a honey based serum and moisturiser I’ve not had any dry patches and my skin is looking healthy and bright.

The last main property in honey is it’s packed full of antioxidants which makes honey a natural wrinkle cream!! Antioxidants are great to prevent wrinkles as they promote cellular repair and healing.


Thankfully if you don’t like the idea of rubbing pure honey all over your face there are many creams and concoctions on the market right now to boost your skins honey intake without the sticky mess. Two companies I can highly recommend are hey honey and bee good I’ve been using several of their products and they’re wonderful.

If you did like the idea of using pure honey there are hundreds of home made facemasks you can make to keep your skin looking beautiful!

Becca xxx



Hello my little buttons!

Tess Holiday is one of the most famous plus size models right now, she was recently signed by  Milk Model Management making her the first plus model of her size to be signed by a main stream model agency. Its amazing! I think she is absolutely stunning and her confidence is something to be admired. She also started the #effyourbeautystandards movement on instagram

Recently Tess modeled for Cherchez la femme to promote a feminist body positivity event called ‘feminism amd fat’. She really is the perfect face for this kind of event as Tess herself is a body positive activist. Said company applied to have an advert which included this photo (shown above) on Facebook ads. There response was awful, in fact I’ll add the whole Facebook reply down below.


Wow I really could go on about this all-day long! Firstly, health and fitness policy?! The ad is to promote a body positivity event!!!!!! Big, small, short or tall everyone has a body and this event is to promote self positivity and loving yourself regardless of your “so called” flaws. Showing an image of someone who hasen’t got the “perfect” body but is still beautiful and happy within herself is inspirational, not something that could make someone “feel bad about them selves” as quoted from the letter.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and to refere to ANYONE as “extremely undesirable” is nothing more than nasty and narrow minded. Sorry, Jenny from Facebook but it’s true. The fact Facebook won’t run ads with “close up of muffin tops, where the over hanging fat is visible” is also mind boggling and hugely implies that there is something wrong with muffin tops. I know many women who are a healthy weight, even under a healthy weight and they have muffin tops, from child birth or weight changes muffin tops are pretty common to women over 21!

I think the reply from Facebook is so sad, it really is a disgrace. No one is saying “go put loads of weight on its super healthy” but everyone has the right to feel comfy in their own skin and this photo screams that right and who are Facebook to decided whether people should see this or not? She’s not naked, she’s not having Sex with an animal, she’s not molesting children so really how could this photo possible offend?

Facebook later did apologise, after the reply went public might I add, that this was an error and that the photo could be publishes as an ad. Too little too late Facebook.

It’s no secret that I am a bigger girl and have had my struggles. There is no point in hating yourself until your “perfect” as that day will never come. Life is about excepting who you are inside and out and these sorts of events are so important in the world right now. There is pressure everywhere to be a certain weight, do your make up a certain way, dress a certain way, the falsness of a virtual reality has taken over real life and showing photos of real people, no matter what their size, is cruital. I’m going to stop here as honestly I could go on and on. I’d love to hear your comments down below on what you think of this whole issue.

Becca xxx

May 2016 favourites!


Hello my little buttons!

It’s that time of the month again when I think back to my favourite products I’ve been using this month and what I would recommend, here’s my quick round up of what I’ve been loving!

Purse perfumes

I love these little guys, they fit in any size bag I choose to use that day to freshen up while I’m out an about. I’m currently using the scent “cherish” from Avon in a spray bottle priced at £3.50 and “modern muse” from Estee Lauder in a roller ball priced at £20.



L’oreal cushion foundation

I wrote a big old blog about this little gem, it’s converted me to glowy foundation! It’s so quick amd easy to apply, it has good coverage while still looking natural. There really is something magic about the formula I highly recommend it. If you would like to read more about what I think of this foundation, click here!


Honey serum and moisturiser

Honey is huge in the skincare world right now, I’ll soon be blogging about all the benefits honey has, as I think you’ll be suprised just how good it is for the skin! I’m loving Hey Honey good morning honey silk serum, even though its travel size I’ve been using it for weeks and still have product left. A little goes a long way and it feels gorgeous on the skin. Using the serum with beegood Plump And Firm Moisturiser has been my secret weapon. The moisturiser keeps my skin hydrated throughout day and feeling super soft. My skin has been looking great since using these products (apart from a recent break out caused by a new face wash, the review for that is here!) my pores look smaller, my skin texture is looking much more even and less red, and my breakout is disappearing noticeably quicker than normal. Go team honey.


Younique eyeshadow palette

No one could be more suprised than me for liking this one!!! (detailed review here) The palette has a beautiful selection of mattes and shimmers, I love the shade range as I didn’t have to reach for any other palette to complete my look. They blend beautifully, super pigmented and were honestly a delight to use.

I’d love to hear in the comments below what your monthly favourites have been. Did you like any of the products I mentioned?

Becca xxx

4 ways to save money when buying makeup!!


Hello my little buttons!

As a makeup junkie and makeup blogger, let’s face it, I buy a lot of makeup! Over time i have learnt a few tips and tricks how to save money when buying beauty products which I thought I’d share with you, some of them might b quite obvious but I like reading money saving blogs so hopefully you will too.


1. Sign up for news letters

This is my biggest tip which over time has saved me a lot of pennies, the vast majority of companies will have somewhere on their website to sign up for newsletter, offers and new product emails. If you keep on top of your emails you can get a real bargin. I love being in the loop for new product releases as well as sales and free shipping! Some companies do free gifts if you spend over a certain amount which is a fab way to double your order, Elf Cosmetics do some fantastic free gifts worth up to £25 so keep ur eye out.


2. Shop “membership” cards

Boots and Superdrug have their own store cards which as you spend money you collect points, over time these will really add up which equals free makeup. Another way I get free makeup is through doing my weekly food shop, tesco and sainsburies also have their own cards to collect points. There might not be as big of a makeup selection but they always stock at least a couple of brands as well as tonnes of hair and skincare.


3. Outlets

If you don’t mind not having the latest products then outlets are a good way to go, you can get up to 70% off highend brands. The colour selections might not be as vast either but if your willing to have a good look through all the products you can save a lotta money.


4. Deals in store

Last but not least is keep up to date with offers in store, boots have some amazing offers such as buy two get one free which from what I have noticed is on most of the time. Lots of brands also have deals in store such as buy one get another half price or buy one get one free. This is a great way to save money as your buying what you would of bought anyway and not compromising because of the price.

I hope this tips and tricks were helpful on saving you some money, I’d love to hear if you have any more tips in the comments below!

Becca xxx