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Tess Holiday is one of the most famous plus size models right now, she was recently signed by  Milk Model Management making her the first plus model of her size to be signed by a main stream model agency. Its amazing! I think she is absolutely stunning and her confidence is something to be admired. She also started the #effyourbeautystandards movement on instagram

Recently Tess modeled for Cherchez la femme to promote a feminist body positivity event called ‘feminism amd fat’. She really is the perfect face for this kind of event as Tess herself is a body positive activist. Said company applied to have an advert which included this photo (shown above) on Facebook ads. There response was awful, in fact I’ll add the whole Facebook reply down below.


Wow I really could go on about this all-day long! Firstly, health and fitness policy?! The ad is to promote a body positivity event!!!!!! Big, small, short or tall everyone has a body and this event is to promote self positivity and loving yourself regardless of your “so called” flaws. Showing an image of someone who hasen’t got the “perfect” body but is still beautiful and happy within herself is inspirational, not something that could make someone “feel bad about them selves” as quoted from the letter.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and to refere to ANYONE as “extremely undesirable” is nothing more than nasty and narrow minded. Sorry, Jenny from Facebook but it’s true. The fact Facebook won’t run ads with “close up of muffin tops, where the over hanging fat is visible” is also mind boggling and hugely implies that there is something wrong with muffin tops. I know many women who are a healthy weight, even under a healthy weight and they have muffin tops, from child birth or weight changes muffin tops are pretty common to women over 21!

I think the reply from Facebook is so sad, it really is a disgrace. No one is saying “go put loads of weight on its super healthy” but everyone has the right to feel comfy in their own skin and this photo screams that right and who are Facebook to decided whether people should see this or not? She’s not naked, she’s not having Sex with an animal, she’s not molesting children so really how could this photo possible offend?

Facebook later did apologise, after the reply went public might I add, that this was an error and that the photo could be publishes as an ad. Too little too late Facebook.

It’s no secret that I am a bigger girl and have had my struggles. There is no point in hating yourself until your “perfect” as that day will never come. Life is about excepting who you are inside and out and these sorts of events are so important in the world right now. There is pressure everywhere to be a certain weight, do your make up a certain way, dress a certain way, the falsness of a virtual reality has taken over real life and showing photos of real people, no matter what their size, is cruital. I’m going to stop here as honestly I could go on and on. I’d love to hear your comments down below on what you think of this whole issue.

Becca xxx


  1. Totally agree with you, such an unprofessional response from Facebook! She’s a beautiful girl! Whether or not she was plus size I would still think she’s a stunner!xx

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