My favourite red lip stain EVER!

Hello my little buttons!

Here’s a quick review on what I love about The Body Shop lip & cheek stain. I ADORE red lips, it’s a bold statement that looks gorgeous on anyone. There’s so many different reds with so many different undertones there really is a shade to suit everyone. Simple makeup with red lips you just can’t go wrong, so classy and 50s. Although I do have issues with red lipstick, when I wear it im constantly panicing is it on my teeth? Smudging across my face? Is it  fading and looking patchy? If it’s a matte liquid lipstick, is it looking dry and crispy?! Not a good look for anyone. So for me having red lips was few and far between as I didn’t fancy checking the mirror every two minutes. Until I found this lip stain! I got it as a free gift for spending over a certain amount at The Body Shop. In the tube it’s looked a beautiful red, but there was glitter in it. I was so disappointed as I have no desire to do the weekly food shop or school runs with red disco balls lips. I decided to give it a try anyway, to my surprise the glitter doesn’t transfer on the lips, not enough for me to see anyway! The formula is pigmented but not opaque which I think works in its favour. It’s a thin consistency so you have full control of how red you want to go, one thin layer is a more natural looking red. What I like to do is really layer it up, waiting for it to dry before adding more then as its setting rub my lips together to even the colour out and really rub it in. The doe foot applicator is fairly stiff so u can get a nice neat line around the edges so no need for a lip liner. It lasts for hours and fades fairly evenly too. It’s changed my life I can finally have red lips whenever the mood takes me!! It’s comes in 3 shades, the other two have no glitter at all, just incase that’s totally put you off. It’s available for £10 and is also beautiful on the cheeks, rosy and really long lasting. You can buy it from or in stores. 

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