Freedoms Makeup London ‘Pro Decadence Magic’ eyeshadow palette review!   

Hello my little buttons!

I received this palette while I was attending a makeup course at House of Glam Dolls in London. There is a review of the course just below this post if you’d like to hear more do have a read, now back to the palette. 

I want to jump straight in my saying Freedome have stepped up their game with these shadows. If your not familiar with my blog or instagram page I am an eyeshadow junkie. I love everything about palettes and really enjoy collecting and experimenting with texture, colours and different looks. As well as highend I do have a lot of affordable brand palettes, some of which are really big competitors against the more pricey palettes. This is one of those special palettes! I’m going to generalise slightly here, in most £6 palettes that involves mattes as well as shimmers there is always at least one dud that is just so disappointing. In this palette there’s not one single shade that’s disappointing, when applying on the eyes they are super pigmented, they blend beautifully and have very little fall out. Even comparing these eyeshadows to the Freedom mini palettes and 32 pan palettes these are defiantly a better quality, in the way they feel to the way they apply and last. I really think the colour selection has been very carefully thought out, you have your matte and shimmery highlights  base colours, matte crease colours as well as some of my favourite shimmers of all time. There are several shimmery shades I have not got in any other palette I own, and that is a rarity I promise you!!!! 


This was the look I was taught on the makeup course, it’s called ‘rose goddess’ I used a stunning shimmery pink all over the lid, a deeper matte pink shade in the crease, and a matte cream colour on my brow bone. I’ve tested this palette with several primers, patting on the shimmery shades then using my blending brushes for the crease and brow bone. 

I had so many compliments on this simple yet pretty eye makeup look, it’s like a goldy pinky creamy… Ok I can’t describe it but you have eyes so I’m sure you can see the colour for yourself! It’s not at all chunky or stiff it was smooth and really stuck to the primer lasting all day.

The next day I went for a darker look to test out some of the deeper shades, I chose this reddy bronzey brown. As you can see again it’s not glittery and chunky its smooth and shimmery and still I was impressed with the longevity with a primer. 

The last look I went for was using more bronzey browns, with a slighter deeper brown on the outer V, again loved this look really neutral but eye catching.  I find it interesting how each brand has different quality products within the brand, I’ve been happy with the other shadows from freedom but to me these are by far the winner!!!

Disclaimer: I did receive this item for free but that doesn’t remotely effect the honest review I have given I have not been sponsored or paid to promote this product. I would not sell my soul for free makeup xx 

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