Elf Lash tint mascara review


Hello my little buttons!

If you read my blog posts you’ll be aware that I’m working my way through Elfs new beautifully bare collection. The line is meant to be natural flawless looking makeup for your ‘no makeup makeup’ days. In this review we’ll be looking at the Lash Tint Mascara in ‘naked noir’. When I recently put an order in with Elf I received this for free as they had a special offer on, to buy it would of been £5.  I tend to go for big chunky mascaras that will give me as much length and volume as possible so I had to change my mindset when trying this product, I thought of more natural and fluttery lashes that would look nice with toned down summer makeup.


I really like the packaging is this line, the sleek silver mirrored tube looks great although the finger print aspect is starting to annoy me lol. The brush on this product is TINY, I mean really really tiny. Here is it next to a Freedom Makeup London mascara brush to show you in comparison.


Elf claim that “this innovative and revolutionary applicator expertly combs and coats each individual Lash for weightless coverage. The micro fibre infused formula creates buildable volume from root to tip.” I’m afraid I have to really disagree with that!!! The information is all very conflicting, by the name ‘lash tint’ you would assume it litrally tints your lashes black for a real natural ‘your lashes but better’ look. Yet on the back of the packet it’s claiming buildable volume? I wasn’t overly impressed with the brush, I found it actually started uncurled my lashes when applying. It did separate most of my lashes but there wasn’t any volume going on, I do have to say the mascara colour is very black which I did like and even noticed later on when I looked in the mirror. But even if I could get past the minimum volume and straight lashes, I hate to say it as I love Elf, the formula sucks. My lashes took about half an hour to dry, this is not exaduration even after the half hour they were tacky and sticky to touch. While they were drying everytime I blinked I felt like my top and bottom lashes were trying to stick together which was really irritating and uncomfortable. Here are some photos of what it looked like on.


It didn’t look horrendous and if it wasn’t for the sticky formula I would of proberly given it another few goes but I couldn’t stand the feeling of my lashes sticking together so sadly this is a fail for me. I recently review the Beautifully Bare Total Face Palette which I loved if you were interested in reading reviews on other products in the line. I will also be reviewing the beautifully bare blush this week too.

Becca xxx


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