Avon Nutra Effects Active Seed Complex Skincare Review


Hello my little buttons!

I’ve been eying up some of Avon skincare lately, as I love a few of their products I thought I’d take the delve and try their Nutra Effects Active Seed Complex self foaming face wash and gentle 3 in 1 scrub. The face wash is currently priced at £3.50 for 150ml and the scrub is £3 for 100ml. Super affordable and really generous in size.

Changing your skin routine can be pretty scary, you never know how it’s going to effect your skin and as it’s on your face for all to see the thought can be quite daunting. Especially for a beauty blogger who’s face is always on show.

Both the face wash and face scrub are:
Soap free
Suitable for sensitive skin
Allergy tested
Free of parabens or dyes

On paper they looked great, really affordable, clean looking and easily replenishable. The first time I used the face wash it was quite disappointing, you pump out the product which is already foamy and apply directly to the skin. I found I needed to use quite a few pumps for there to be enough product to really lather it up. I also didn’t get that fresh clean feeling afterwards, I actually felt a tad greasy which I couldn’t figure out if it was an hydrating product within the wash or if my face wasn’t actually clean. Not a good start.

The scrub did feel like it did a good job, it wasn’t harsh on my skin and I felt nice and smooth afterwards. The products have a light fresh snell which was quite pleasant and wasn’t over powering.

After using these products for around 4 days I woke up to the worst break out I have had in forever, on my forehead were teeny tiny under the skin pimples but on my chin were 3 gigantic beasts that are impossible to cover up and are currently building their own town on my face. I’m not hormonal or due on and the only difference was using the face wash and scrub. Soooo disappointing, I could take or leave the self foaming wash but i really liked the face scrub.

I now had the dialema of, do I continue to use these products and hope nothing else erupts or do I quit before it gets worse?! After discussing out my options with a close friend (hey tanya I know you’ll be reading this!!!) I think I answered my own question, I know this is what caused the end of my months and months of balanced skin so why would I continue to use it?! Skin care is such a personal thing as what can be someone holy grail cleaner can be someone else’s face demon magnet. Sadly I have not continued to test out these product as I don’t want to risk any more spots, they are driving me crazy already and adding to the collection is not my idea of fun. It feels like such as waste as there is still so much product left so I will be passing them on to a friend, hopefully they’ll work better with her skin than they did with mine!

Have you tried out these products?! How did your skin react?! I’d love to hear in the comments below!

Becca xxx

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