Rimmel Renew Sheer and Shine Lipstick Review


Hello my little buttons!

In the summer I love tinted lip balms and sheer lipstick, well I love them all year round really, but especially in the summer! They’re a great way to keep your lips moisturised with a pop of colour,  they’re quick and easy to apply too, the ultimate lazy lip colour.

When I saw rimmel had released Renew Sheen and Shine lipstick I just had to pick one up. On the boots website they’re described as:

“Rimmel London Moisture Renew Sheer & Shine Lipstick, a moisturising lipstick with a translucent, luminous, vitamin-enriched colour.
This gloss-in-a-stick moisturises lips, giving a radiant touch of juicy colour and energising shine.
Added SPF 20 helps protect your luscious lips from the harmful effects of the sun.”

Sounds right up my alley! They are priced at £6.49 and currently Boots are doing buy one rimmel product get another half price. It is avalible in 6 shades, I ordered mine online and went for the bright pink shade “pink rules.” I tend to go for calmer shades but was interested in how pigmented and “luminous” a brighter sheer lipstick would look so I stepped out of my comfort zone. The packaging is so cute, the bright pink see through lid almost glows and against the silver base it’s visually appealing.

I was not expecting the pigmentation and colour this lipstick gives off!!! Here’s a swatch on the back of my hand, it stained after I wiped it off too which I was pleased at as I love products that stain. It means even if I don’t have time to reapply my lipstick they’ll still be some colour there.


When applied on the lips it felt slick, smooth and balmy, the colour pay off is crazy, really bright and very noticable. I was worried it would slip about and stray onto my face and teeth but I was suprised after application when it stayed put. As I’m not a really bright lipstick person I was still very aware it was on my lips which wasn’t the best feeling but is definatly an issue within myself lol. Here is what the lipstick looked like on.



As you can see for a sheer lipstick it’s not overly sheer. One thing I found rather annoying was trying to get the line neat and tidy around my lips, it was impossible, where it is so glossy and balmy it wasn’t playing the game!! I don’t think it would be hugely noticable to the average person but it felt very noticable to me.

I think people will either love or hate this product, on the plus side it’s bright and summery, colourful, so comfy on the lips and it still does have a ‘sheer’ look to it and leaves an awesome stain. On the downsides you still need a mirror to apply it even though it’s technically a tinted lip balm, you cant do a nice crisp lip line with it and because it’s sheer it’s more patchy and wears off ever so slightly patchy through the day. I will continue to use this product as do like the colour pay off and it leaves lips feeling soft and hydrated but I’m finding it hard to decide how much I actually like it, I think I can see both the pros and cons and hopefully over time i can make a full on decision!! I’d love to hear in the comments below what you think of this product?!

Becca xxx

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