Younique ‘Addiction Moodstruck 1’ Eyeshadow Palette Review


Hello my little buttons!

As a palette junkie I’m always interested in new eyeshadow palettes, I have seen the younique palettes online but to be honest as the price is £38 and I know nothing of the quality I’ve not taken the leap. A close friend recently won the addiction 1 palette in an online competition, she was telling me how much she loves it and offered to lend it to me for review purposes (bless her) I jumped at the chance!

The packaging is nice and sturdy, I think it would get dirty quick but although it’s matte black cardboard, if you were careful it would wipe clean. It is a Nude palette so I was hoping for a nice selection of mattes and shimmers for day time as well as evening looks. The palette contains 7 shades ranging from a matte cream, to a deep rich brown, everything you need for a full eye look. The pans are pretty large compared to other palettes too which justifies the price slightly.


I’m being super honest here, I was not expecting the quality of the shadows to be this high! They swatched beautifully, really pigmented and super soft to the touch. In the pan the shimmers looked lovely but on the skin they were really something special, cool and warm tones with a micro glitter shimmer and very little fall out.

If your a real neutrals girl who wears makeup most days this palette could be your best friend. Even though there’s only 7 shades, there’s so many combinations. On application they blended absolutely beautifully, they were quick and easy to apply and each look was so pretty I was really impressed, they lasted really well with an eye primer too.

On the theme of being honest, which is what my blog is all about, I really didn’t want to like this palette (I know I’m so mean.) There are sooo many other palette options for the same price and cheaper I thought it was pretty ballsy for younique to charge nearly 40 quid for 7 shadows, bearing in mine they’re a reiltivly new brand, I did think the prices are more up there so the people that sell the products make a profit too, as it’s a multi level marketing company. Here’s some looks I achieved with the palette.






But as much as it pains me to say it….I love this palette! The shadows are a wonderful quality, pigmented, they blend like a dream, nice big pans and a great colour selection. Would I personally buy it? Hmm I’m not sure as there are many other palettes I’d pick over this this one for the price, such as urban decay shadows which are also fabulous and actually work out cheaper. But if you have a friend or family member that sells younique and you want to support them I would definatly recommend the eyeshadows. If you have any of the younique palettes I’d love to hear down below in the comments what you think!

Becca xxx


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