Freedom Makeup London Dramatic Sensitive Eyemakeup Remover


Hello my little buttons!

If you follow me on instagram or my blog you’ll know that I’ve been testing out the new range of skincare at Freedom Makeup London, so far I adore their moisturiser (review a few posts back) and will be blogging this week about their Oil Control Makeup Base.

Today, however were talking about their Dramatic Sensitive Eye makeup Remover. All the packing in this line is gorgeous, silver and sleek looks great on the vanity. What was quite different is that the product is pumped out of the bottle, which is very hygienic so I liked this feature. However I think I must of gotten a dud one as every time I pumped it squirted the product out sideways instead of straight down. This was easily solved by holding my cotton pad right over the pump so it couldn’t go anywhere other than the pad but was a little irritating. The product itself has a light fresh scent which you can smell on the skin afterwards. I have tried the product several times and I’m so sad as I seem to be allergic to an ingredient or two in it! It’s so disappointing as it removed my make up spectacularly quick, it felt cooling and I was really pleased with the results. Until maybe one minute later when my eyeballs virtually set on fire, they were streaming and stinging for hours. Even after washing them it was still painful, I wanted to really make sure it was the makeup remover that was setting my eyes off (as I was testing out other new products) I tried it twice more (crazy I know but I really wanted it to work lol). Sadly it happened both other times which ended in me taking an antihistamine tablet, so it’s definatly this! I do have to say my eyes are very sensitive so this isn’t the first time a product has done this, I have to be careful with eyeliners and mascaras as well as skin care products. Im not an expert in skin care or makeup ingredients so I have no clue what exactually it is my eyes don’t like about it. This was quite hard to review as although it didn’t work for me it could be someone else’s holy grail makeup remover as it worked really well until the reaction! It’s also very affordable, costing £5 for 30ml/1 Fl.Oz avaliable at: .Freedom Makeup London No matter how much you love a brand there’s always going to be products you don’t get along with, and this is sadly one of those products. Have you tried this remover? Did it work for you? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

Becca xxx

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