Kiko Extra Sculpt Volume Mascara


Hello my little buttons!

I received the Kiko Extra Sculpt Volume mascara in my glossy box a few months ago. I had heard bits and pieces about the brand so was excited to try one of their mascaras. It’s priced at £8.50 and come with 11ml/0.37FL. The mascara came in a box which I think is a nice touch, the tube it’s self is rather different than your normal mascara tube. I’ll insert a photo here as it’s quite hard to describe, modern and chunky are the words that come to mind!


For the price it is cool packaging I do have to say, it felt more high end than drugstore. I was then in for a shock when I saw the brush, it’s HUGE. Now, my eyes are big so they can normally handle larger than average mascara wands but this was a beast.



I also thought it’s going to be tricky to apply as the end that coats you inner lashes wasn’t narrow and sleek to get right in there, but was also big and chunky. I tested it out today with a full face of makeup and was petrified of the wand touching any of it! The wand also had a crazy amount of product on it, as you can see in the photo.


Wasn’t overly impressed on application, as predicted it was a pain trying to coat all my lashes due to the wand shape. I found it dried very quick so I couldn’t really layer it up, it also didn’t separate my lashes very well and there was far too much product on the brush. There definatly wasn’t any volume going on my lashes looked more whisby and crispy! It’s very rare I give a total bad review as what works for some people doesn’t work for others and I tend to find the silver lining in life in general…but I just don’t see how this could work for anyone! Apart from the cool packaging I didn’t like the brush, application or formula. Sorry Kiko total fail for me!! Looking forward to trying some other products in the future but sadly this was definatly not for me.

Love Becca xxx

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