L’oreal False Lash Sculpt Mascara


Hello my little buttons!

I recently purchased L’Oréal False Lash Effect Mascara after hearing the huge claims L’Oréal were making in regards to what this mascara can do. Allegedly in One STROKE it can tight line at the roots, volumize at the core and fan your lashes out at the tips. My first thought was no way, in one stroke is that possible. After purchasing the mascara I straight away checked out this ‘magic’  wand, it was not what I was expecting at all. It’s quite hard to explain so I will add photos down below, it’s a long cone shape with two small combs next to each other. I was genuinely expecting a big chunky bristle brush or even a Benefit There Real! rubber brush dupe.



On first application I have to say I was really impressed, the bottom comb almost hooks on to your lashes at the root causing a ‘tight line’ effect, it did add volume and fan my lashes out as promised. I used a few coats as I wanted to reposition some of my lashes but it really wasn’t 100% nessasary. I was very happy with the end result, although do be careful the first time you use it as it does feel different compared to a generic mascara, I did jab myself in the eye!!! On the photo below I litrally have eyeshadow and mascara on, no eyeliner at all.


But second time round I was prepared and sculpted my lashes like a pro. It built up beautifully and I easily could of added more. When you first pull the wand out there is quite a lot of product on there so I recon it would work with one stroke for big punky thick lashes, I wiped some off for a more defined look. It’s also super dark which throughout the day has been one of the things I really noticed and loved. What I think is super unique about this formula is your lashes stay exactually where you want them to, as an example, I had curled my lashes but thought they needed an extra umph so after application I gently pushed my lashes up in hope they would stay there (which never happens) but omg they did stay up!!! Even when I moved them about to even out the fanned effect, once positioned they didn’t budge at all. It’s almost like hair gel for your lashes!!! Another bonus is later on in the day I could actually add more mascara on top of what I already had on and it looked gorgeous. I’m so impressed with this mascara, my new magic weapon for sure.

Love Becca xxx

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