Burts Bees Matte Lip Crayon and Lipgloss


Hello my little buttons!

Here’s my review of Burts Bees Matte Lip Crayon in the shade ‘Hawiaiian Smolder’ as well as a lip gloss in the shade ‘Spring Splender.’ The Crayons are priced at £8.99 and avalible in 6 shades, the Lipgloss is also £8.99 and avalible in 12 shades. The packaging is adorable, I love how a bee hive pattern has been incorporated into the lids. The formula of the crayon is pigmented, smooth and feels comfy to wear, very creamy like a lip balm. The quality of the product really speak for itself, the colour lasts for ages, it doesn’t bleed out all over your face and unlike most lip Crayons after an hour or so of wear it doesn’t bunch up on the lips or leave that dreaded ‘lip linner’ ring around your mouth. The colour sinks into your lips gradually which is a lot more flattering and natural looking! The colour itself is pretty and perfect for spring, it would also look great on nearly all skin tones. I usually feel a bit self contious wearing bright colours on my lips incase they get on my teeth but I didn’t get that feeling at all with this lip crayon, it stayed nicely in place where I wanted it to. Another bonus of the lip crayon is how handy it is to pop in your handbag and use on the go. It also contains 100% natural ingredients, some of which are very nourishing such as shea butter and kendi oil which is great as I know my lips won’t become dried out and sore. It would say it’s fairly matte but there is still a slight shine, although i don’t mind this it’s almost as if a matte lipstick and a lip balm had a baby! I really enjoyed this product and had to hold myself back from buying all the colours. Pigmented comfy colour with lip balm properties, perfection! In my eyes these are a total win, I would recommend to anyone and everyone. Here are the swatches of the Crayon and Lipgloss:


Now onto the Lipgloss! It does have a slight pearl shimmer to it but doesn’t massively transfer onto the lips, it can potentially be seen close up in natural light if you were really looking for it but you won’t look like a disco ball in the slightest. The formula is shiney and slick, it feels more balmy than sticky which is a big thumbs up in my book I hate super sticky lipglosses! It contains 100% natural products and has a big boost of natural oils to leave your lips feeling hydrated and nourished as well as super glossy. It has a nice wash of colour that would look good over most lipsticks but also can stand on its own as a subtle sheen balmy product. It lasts fairly well as far as lipglosses go so I was pleased with this product too, it’s great to throw in my handbag if I need a light, pop of colour or if my lips are sore when im out and about. I really love that these products are helping my lips not hurting them, I have noticed my lips haven’t been getting as sore and peely even after spending all day out in the cold.

I think by now you can tell how much I love these little beauties!!! Here’s a few photos of how the colours can look in different lights on the lips!

Becca xxx






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