Makeup trends – Eyebrow wigs?!


Hello my little buttons!

Yes you read that correctly, there is such a product as eyebrow wigs! I saw a video on YouTube by the lovely Stephenie Lange where she tried out stick on eye brows. It was rather hilarious, the colour of the brows were wrong and were a cheapy set off amazon so look pretty fake, clearly it was an entertaining disaster!


Although stick on brows are quite an interesting concept, drawing your brows on day in day out can become a little tedious. Especially if you’ve not been blessed with big beautiful brows naturally, could this be the solution? There appears to be a large range of stick on brows avalible ranging from £6.99 to around £65 depending on the quality and type of hair. There’s also a huge choice of colours and shapes to suit all hair colours and face shapes. To begin with I did find this quite a funny idea as I can imagine glueing brows to your face would feel….well, like glueing brows to your face!


I then thought for people who don’t have eyebrows this could be an amazing solution. For example if you’ve had chemo or suffer from alopecia stick on brows could make you feel that little bit more ‘normal’. From the look of the better quality human hair brows they look incredibly realistic and if used with the correct glue stay in place all day long and are reusable for 6 months, which if you think how much you might spend on brow products in 6 months they’re not that bad a price.

I’d love to hear what you think about stick on brows in the comments below!!

Becca xxx

Photos from: eyebrowz
                         head covers
                         you tube

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