Summer survival favourites


Hello my little buttons!

As the weathers heating up here in the UK I thought I’d share with you a few key items that help me survive the summer. It’s quite a random selection of makeup and general things that make my life that bit easier in the heat!


1. Boots Soltan Once Face 8 hour moisturising suncare cream spf 30 with gradual tan

This is my favourite face spf, priced at £9 for 50ml a little goes a long way and it lasts for most of the summer. I love products that combine several essentials in one. As well as being a suncream, in the summer this replaces my day moisturiser too. I find that even with spf on my body I will still catch the sun and build up some colour, although on my face under my huge sunglasses it stays pretty pale. As this product contains a gradual tan it helps my face catch up with the rest of my body! It also soaks in relatively quickly, I tend to apply it half an hour or so before I leave the house by which point I no longer look a creamy mess. I will say it does have that suncream feel when you apply it, but it’s more light weight. It ticks all the boxes for me and is my number one summer product as skin protection is very important to me.


2. Sunglasses.

If you know me in ‘real life’ this won’t be a suprise, I LIVE in my sunglasses, even in the winter but especially in the summer. My favourite pair at the moment are also from boots, the brand is Miss Kj and they cost £30. I normally buy a cheapy pair from Primark but they never last very long and don’t really protect my eyes. This pair is awesome, my eyes never ache with the sun shine anymore, they are sturdy and I adore the 50’s design.


3. Maxi dresses. (or summer dresses)

I’m a real dress kind of girl, no matter what the weather I’ll be in some sort of dress and leggings. But, my favourite of them all is the maxi dresses! I patiently wait all year long until it’s hot enough to get them out of their box and I will live in them until it’s too cold to pull it off. I tend to wear mainly black but for the summer I’m crazy patterned and colourful. They are super comfy and floaty to wear, they hide a multitude of sins and I always feel summery in them. A few of my favourites I actually got from Swindon Outlet they’re really unique and a total steal with huge reductions, outlooks can be a great place to go for clothes full stop.

4. Waterproof mascara.

Sweat sweat and more sweat. In the heat walking to parks and friends houses, days out, sitting in the sun, you know your going to get sweaty. There really is nothing worse than going indoors, removing your sunglasses, and your mascara being all under your eyes like a little baby panda. Not a good look for anyone! I don’t tend to wear make up if we’re going to the pool swimming or the beach but if you simply can’t live without mascara I would highly recommend a water proof version to save the panda embarrassment. It is slightly harder to remove but I feel the benefits out weigh the extra removal time.


5. BB creams.

Nothing feels worse in the summer than having heavy makeup on, everytime you touch your face it transfers off and in the heat it’s moves about creating a patchy and generally unflattering look. If I want makeup on a bbcream is my best friend. As well as acting as a moisturiser it gives me just enough coverage to even out my skin tone and cover light imperfections. If I want a bit more coverage I’ll also use a light dusting of a powder foundation which also sets the bb cream helping it last far longer. I have a few favourites, one being the L’oreal Skin perfection which has skincare ingredients helping keep my breakouts to a minium. The rimmel bb cream is a really good one as well, it has more coverage and with powder can really cover up those face demonds while still feeling light weight on your skin.

6. Water.

Last but not least is water, it is so important to hydrate through the day. I bring a bottle of water everywhere with me so there’s no excess not to drink. Your body is around 60% water and in the heat you need more liquids than normal. Dehydration can make your skin dry causing more wrinkles so keeping on top of your liquids every day can vastly help improve your skin.

So there were my top summer essentials, I’d love to hear your down in the comments below!

Becca xxx

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