Makeup trends – peel off makeup from Korea?!?!


Hello my little buttons!

The world of Korean makeup is taking us by storm, I’ve been seeing and reading more and more reviews on products and am becoming increasingly curious. There is a company called Meme box which specialises in Korean make up and skin care. Last year I ordered one of their boxes and was extremely happy with the quality of the products inside, although this is the only contact I’ve had with Korean makeup.

I recently saw one of my favourite YouTubers Tati from ‘glamlifeguru’ make several reviews videos on a new trend hitting our screens, all the way from Korea – peel off makeup. From what I have found on instagram everyone seems to be loving the lipstain as well as the eyebrow tint. Both products apply like a thick gel, once dried you peel it off and it supposedly leaves a 12 hour stain. The novelty alone would sell this product, but the fact the stain lasts 12 hours? I need this in my life!! I was that interested i have actually ordered the whole set of lip stains from as well as many other Korean items I have been looking at for a while. As soon as it arrives I’ll blog the haul!

I’m not overly excited about the eyebrow tint, from what I’ve seen the colour pay off can look a tad orange and I’m petrified it’ll go wrong and I’ll be stuck with wonkey dark brows for days so I decided against buying this….. for now.

The tints I bought are from the brand Berrisom, I have heard that there are quick a few “knock off” peel off lip stains that can contain some dangerous chemicals. I’m not sure how true this is but I have heard it several times which kind of persuaded me to stick to the Berrisom brand even though they were harder to find and a touch more expensive. I’m so excited to receive my Korean haul and try some new products and brands, testing them out and sharing my opinions with you all is going to be so much fun too. I love trying anything new and different when it comes to makeup! If there’s any other items you would like me to review please leave a comment down below.

Becca xxx 

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