Makeup trends – The Rainbow Highlighter!


Hello my little buttons!!

The past few weeks everyone and their mothers aunt has been talking about the new “rainbow highlighter” it was created by a small indie brand called which is owned by a girl named Jenna who lovingly makes each product by hand. For a small company to blow up the way it has is phenomenal and shows the true powder of the Internet. The beautiful highlight called ‘prism’ has been selling out within hours of release and restock.

Some HUGE people in the online beauty community have been posting pics and reviews about this product, the attention on this product has been insane.






YouTubers like grav3yardgirl and Jeffree star have been loving this product, that exposure alone can make a product go viral! Searching through instagram the past few days it also seems that many other companies will be producing their own rainbow highlighter, bit none are as stunning as the original.

I think this highlight looks amazing, definatly not for an everyday look but for summer festivals and crazy times I would happily rock this rainbow. Congratulations Jenna on your success! I’d love to hear in the comments below if this is something you think you would wear!

Becca xxxx

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