Avon Glimmerstick Flick Eyeliner Review


Hello my little buttons!

I bought the new Avon glimmerstick flick eyeliner pencils in the shades Mulberry and Sky, the stick of eyeliner comes out of the packaging in a rectangular shape to help create the perfect flick. As they’re a new product, Avon had an offer of 2 for £6 which I thought was a pretty good deal. I was quite intrigued by the packaging, in the photo in the catalogue the liner tip looked really small so I thought this might be a nice quick and easy solution to eyeliner.

When I saw them in person I was quite disappointed, the rectangle was rather big considering your going to put them on your eyes to create a smooth sharp flick. I didn’t see how this would be achievable with these eyeliners as to be really honest they looked chunky and blocky, which are not words I would ideally like to use to describe an eyeliner.

This review is going to be quite interesting as I have different opinions on both colours. I would assume the formula would be the same for both liners, however this wasn’t the case.  The purple formula wasn’t as pigmented as I would have liked but after using it I actually like the soft smokey affect it made. It blended nicely into my eyeshadow and lasted fairly well throughout the day for a £3 eyeliner. By the end of the day there was noticable fading but as my shadow had started fading too so it was no biggie. It was also not as hard to create a wing as I thought but I think by blending the edges this made it easier.


The blue on the other hand was far more pigmented, which I was not expecting as when swatched on my hand it wasn’t all that. I didn’t think the colour would look as good smoked up like the purple so I tried creating a small flick and the line my upper lash line as well as my waterline. It was a lot harder to get a neat line, I think it is because of the pigmentation and the fact that the tip wasn’t fine enough it wasn’t very forgiving. The purple was a lot easier to use and felt softer on the lids. There was also something in the blue liner that irritated the crap out of my eyes, not just on first application, but all day. They were watery and itchy and I just didn’t feel comfortable, I was also rather self contious that my wing wasn’t how I wanted it to look. I did get a lot of compliments on my eyemakeup that day but I really didn’t want people looking too closely! On a positive note the blue did last better through the day than the purple.


I found with both of the liners that the packaging really let them down, after you turn the barrel to push up the product out of the top, it slips back down. Every time I tried to reposition my hand to steady myself to draw my eyeliner on it kept retracting at the lightest touch. It was incredibly frustrating!

I will say if you’re into a really sharp wing this probably isn’t for you. As I said a soft wing was achievable with both products but I don’t think it took me less time using my normal eyeliner to be fully honest. I will be using the mulberry liner again as it was very pretty amd shimmery and overall easier to use. Sadly I won’t be using the blue for the reasons stated above.

I’d love to hear in the comments below what you think of these liners!

Becca xxx

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