Tony Moly Pandas Dream Brightening Eyebase Review!


Hello my little buttons!

Today I’ll be reviewing one of my Korean purchases I made recently, this is the Tony Moly Pandas Dream under eye brightener. Let’s be honest here, the packaging is freaking adorable, it could of contained bum cream and I probably still would of bought it!!! I had high hopes for this product due to the fact it was so cute and that I love a bit of brightness under the eyes to reflect my tired old lady bags.


The product itself is a stark white cream stick, it did require some blending as although it was creamy it just didn’t want to blend into my skin. Once it was blended it settled into every pore, wrinkle and line on my face. It reminded me of a glue stick lol. It obviously did lighten under my eyes while I just had the brightener on but even on my pale skin it was very white. This product definatly wouldn’t work for medium or deeper skintones.


I have tried this product out with 4 different foundations and I’m pretty devastated to say… I don’t think it does anything!!! I’ve tried it on both eyes and couldnt see much of a difference. I then tried wearing the product on one eye and not the other to see a side by side comparison. Again, nothing!!! I’ll insert a photo here, can you tell which one has the product on?! (not the most flattering photo but you can see what you need to see.)


I also took another photo in more natural light too see if that helped, as you can tell, it didn’t! I’m wearing it on my left side btw!


I have seen zero difference, I’ve been asking people and they are seeing zero difference too. I keep wanting to try the panda as I love the idea of this product, I really want it to work. I’ve also got a sneeking suspician my determination has got something to do with the cute packaging, which I know is ridiculous but look at it!

I tried layering it up more, thinking maybe I didn’t use enough product. This caused serious concealer bunching through the day, it look awful, separating all the product under my eyes. Here is another unflattering photo taken only 1 HOUR after applying my makeup.


So with great sadness I have to say this product is a total fail, I’d love to hear in the comments if this product works for you?!

Becca xxx

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