New Moyou London Stamping Plates!!


Hello my little buttons!!

Just a quick blog post on my new stamping plates from Moyou London. Moyou is my all time favourite place to buy plates, they’re £5 each and have every design imaginable. They also have weekly new releases so there is never a shortage of new products. I noticed they had released some new nautical themed plates!!!! Although I already have a pretty good collection of plates, I love anything nautical so couldn’t resist. I always buy new products with my customers in mind but from time to time I do splurge on some thing for myself. I’m pretty sure they will be popular with my customers too but not gonna lie, they’re for me!!!!


Tried them out this weekend and as predicted they were spectacular, each designed stamped easily and looked gorgeous on the nail. I love the detail on some of these designs and find it amazing that with the right stamper you can capture that on a nail.


Please excuse my dry skin I’ve done a lot of cleaning this weekend! What are your favourite stamping plates? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

Becca xxx

6 thoughts on “New Moyou London Stamping Plates!!

  1. Oh my goodness! These are amazing! I always want to do pretty designs, but I’m nowhere near talented enough for it. I’ve never heard about these before. Thank you for sharing!

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    1. Stamping plates are amazing, I do a lot of hand painted stuff but plates are great when my time with customers is limited! Check out my instagram page I’ve got hundreds more pics on there of different plate designs. It’s buttonnailslovesmakeup. Xxx that wasn’t meant to sound like a self plug!!


      1. You do hand painted stuff? Wow! I have a hard enough time just putting a coat of nail polish on!
        I have to admit, not much of a nail person. But I just featured a Supernatural collection and I’m on a huge nail kick now! Lol. I’ve been collecting ideas, so I’m going to check out your Instagram- and no worries! Nothing wrong with a self plug 🙂 Gotta do it every now and then.

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      2. Yeah! I’m a nail tech who works from home, I love it! Been doing it about 3 years now, been a lot of practice lol. Never thought I could have a job that paid well n let me b creative. There’s so many ways of doing nail art that require very little skill, think I might write a blog on it actually! Ill check out ur blog!Xxx I’ve also got any page called buttonnails that just has nail pics on it. Plug plug 😂😂


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