The Body Shop BB Cream Review!


Hello my little buttons!

I love a good bbcream and have been on the lookout for a new one, in comes The Body Shop BBcream in the shade light. It cost £12, is avaliable in 6 shades and claims to be light to medium coverage. The cream itself is white and adjusts to your skin tone. The packaging is cute, it reminds me of a tube of paint!


As you all know I’m brutally honest in my reviews, and this will be no exception.. I hate this product. It’s rare I hate anything as what doesn’t work for some works for others but I honestly don’t see how this could work for anyone. It had zero coverage, I literally mean zero coverage. Here is me with just the bbcream on. (I am slightly sunburnt lol)


There wasn’t even a hint of colour, I looked like I’d applied a really rich greasy moisturiser with mini telescopes attached to my pores. My first reaction was hell no its coming off!! But for the benefit of you lovelies I tried to make it work to really test it out. I left it to set thinking it might oxidise and mattify.

When I looked back in the mirror 10 mins later it looked the same!!! Greasy but this time with a tinge of orange. Never a good look. I applied the rest of my makeup as normal but it applied patchy and I look ridiculous. I then applied a powder foundation over the top as there was no way I was leaving the house looking like that.


Even with the powder foundation throughout the day it’s has separated and sunk into every pore line and wrinkle. And after 4 hours of wear I look like I’ve rubbed butter over my face, it looks terrible.

The Body Shop actually add oil to all of their foundations, which for most skin types is going to be way too heavy. The bbcream contained marula oil which I think might be the culprate here.


Do you like this BB Cream? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

Becca xxx

3 thoughts on “The Body Shop BB Cream Review!

  1. thank you for the honest review, I was looking for a new BB cream and was thinking of this one. Think I’ll be avoiding it now, thanks for saving my money haha!

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