Rimmel ‘Brow This Way’ Styling Gel – First Impressions


Hello my little buttons!

Here’s a quick first impressions on Rimmel Brow This Way styling gel. It is avalible in 4 shades including clear, I bought the shade blonde and it cost £2.99.


The packaging itself is a small mascara style tube with a chunky bristle brush. Once opened I noticed the brush had quite a lot of product on it, which on my small brows was going to get messy. So that was a bit disappointing as I didn’t feel I had as much control as I would of liked without wiping off the excess. On application I noticed a few lumpy bits sticking to my brow hairs, and the more I tried to brush them out with the wand the more product got stuck to my brows which created a big heavy mess!! Second time round I was armed with an extra spoolie which did the trick with the excess product and occasional lump. After lightly running the product through my brows I left it 10 mins to set before I had a good look and I have to say they didn’t look half bad! Most of the hairs were smoothed down and they looked lightly filled in for a natural look.


The colour is quite a good match too, there was a touch of red in it before it set but that seems to have gone now it’s settled down thankfully!



As you can see from a distance once the gel has set they look natural filled in, which for “light makeup in a hurry” days is perfect. You don’t get the same results as you would with a brow pomade for example, but from what I’ve read about the ‘Brow This Way’ line the brow gel is the most natural-looking brow product. Designed to smooth and lightly fill, which is something this product does do!

Overall I have to say for £2.99 it’s not a bad product at all. I think once I’ve used it a few times I’ll find it easier to distribute the product evenly and get quicker on application. This is perfect for those days I’m in a hurry or want a light natural brow. I’d love to hear what you think of this product in the comments below.

Becca xxx

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