L’oreal Nude Magique Cushion Foundation Review


Hello my little buttons!

I have been dying to get my hands on a cushion foundation since Lancome started the trend over here in the UK. I was tickled pink when I heard l’oreal were jumping on the band wagon as I really like their foundations so I had high expectations. The price of this foundation ranges between £9.99 – £19.99 depending on where you buy it from and is avalible in 7 shades. I bought mine online and chose the shade 04 Rose Vanilla, bit of a gamble but I was relieved to see on arrival that it was my perfect shade. Another huge selling point for me is that it contains Spf 25 which is really good for a foundation and means I can skip on the sun cream on ‘makeup days.’


The packaging is simply adorable, pretty and pink with a metalic pink lid. Once opened there is a good sized mirror and a compartment for the little sponge applicator pad. Underneath is the foundation soaked sponge, it says in the instuctions once opened make sure you pop the top down tightly which I assume is to stop it drying out quickly.


I was worried the foundation might feel slightly watery or dried out but I was wrong! It has the consistency of a normal creamy foundation and i was suprised how much product was soaked into the sponge, one dab with the applicator went a long way. The foundation is advertised as a summer glowy foundation, glowy foundations aren’t usually my thing. I tend to lean towards matte foundation formulas and add some highlight but in the summer this can feel a tad heavy and look fairly unnatural. On first application of the Nude Magique Cushion I decided to tap it on as specificity in the Instructions for a natural light coverage, I was slightly freaked out as I starting applying the product as it looked pretty shiney but as I built up more coverage and left it to dry I was pleased with the results, it had evened out my skin tone and given the skin a radiant healthy looking glow. I used a light dust of powder to set the foundation and after applying my usual makeup I was incredibly happy with the results, it’s looks natural and sat really well over my primer. (Freedom Makeup London priming water)


Through the day the foundation wore really well, even after my natural oils started flowing it didn’t look crazy greasy. I took a photo after about two hours wear in the sunlight to show how it had settled into my skin and trying to capture the summer glow the foundation gives. Not sure if I achieved that but I did try lol!


Maybe I do like this glowy skin thing after all?! I feel like I’ve had a really good skin day which is 100% down to the Nude Magique Cushion Foundation, here is a photo after 8 hours of wear, two of those hours were doing hardcore sweaty house work. As you can see it has moved about a little bit, but for a light coverage summer foundation I’m more than happy with that!


The only thing I haven’t mentioned which I feel I must touch on is how the product is applied. Yes I love the formula, the package speaks for itself and I love the novelty and convenience ….but hygienically I’m not sure how I’m going to feel after using it several times. It’s going to be a pain having to wash the sponge after every application, even though my face is clean when I put my makeup on dipping the applicator in and out of the sponge it’s still mixing up product with my face germs lol. Im sure I’ll be able to get over this by keeping the applicator clean and only using it when I first apply my makeup, not dabbing in and out throughout the day. I had to mention this as I know it would be a real deal breaker for some people whereas other people wouldn’t even think of it like that.

Overall I think this is a great product I’d highly recommend, even with the applicator washing!!! The final result is so pretty and summery, it quick and easy to apply and you have great control over the coverage. I’d love to hear what you think of this product in the comments below.

Becca xxx

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